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Thanks man, glad to hear you are excited! :D

Thanks for the really kind response. Glad you enjoy the game! The art was intended to be detailed but I cannot do art haha!

Hey Kris!

Thanks for the touching reply - I will be sure to give your game a look when i get the chance (sorry for the late reply btw!). I look forward to trying it out.

Have a great day!

I probably won't be expanding on it; this was done just for experience and overall expand upon my skill. Also, I need to focus on my main project(s) so I don't plan on working on smaller projects. Then again, that could all change!

Yeah, exactly! The pain of game jams and being a game developer (whilst focusing on schoolwork as well)!

Is there any other way I could contact you, would be awesome to get to know you a bit better!

Anyways, have a fantastic day and best of luck to your game development, and life in general!

That could be the case. I hope it goes better :D

I loved the game! The extreme mode was fairly buggy because everytime I teleported, it would stop planets from going towards the sun.

Yeah that was one of the bugs that I encountered after the deadline. Thanks for giving me feedback anyways! I deeply appreciate it, sorry for not getting back to you faster -- had a busy day yesterday haha! Anyways, I will go play Solar Panic, it looks great! :D

Much appreciated, hope you liked the music! I will play your game when I get the time!

It was to represent space but there is actually some music, just turn it up! :

There is music, just turn it up :D

Thank you  :D

Art isn't my strong suit but it was fun making it. I apologise in regards to you not understanding the rules - I will make sure to make it clearer when I next make a game. Thanks for the feedback!

You have to 'infect' every planet, each planet has it's own side effects -- you can hover your mouse over the planets to view them. After 'infecting' every planet; you win. I hope that this is helpful - sorry for being unclear :D

Thanks man, more games coming soon!

Really great concept; cannot wait to see what the future holds. I actually began to dance to the music. Just a suggestion though; try to turn down the volume slightly because most players would be pushed away because of it.