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Sorry for it being so tough! Balancing was super tough for us haha!

Thanks Sam! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. The artwork is very awesome looking, I agree! We appreciate you trying out our game!

Browser has a known problem, might be worth trying the build if you can!

Hahaha! Thanks for playing! We did think about doing that but it was pretty tough to implement with the short timeframe. Glad you enjoyed it otherwise!

Thanks, Ivan!

Thanks for playing our game in the first place! Sorry to hear you had a bad time. If you want to try again, hold spacebar to propel yourself upwards. Also, I think the browser version is a bit broken.

Thanks for playing!

Thank you so very much for this! Loved it! :D

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Thank you Spitzy

Thanks Jalecko! And congrats on that haha!

Thank you haha! :D

Hey man: deeply apologise for the delay, I was so busy and completely forgot! It's now available for download :D

Of course! The build will be out tomorrow by 7PM BST! Sorry for forgetting!

Oh no! It's just a matter of being quick enough :D

Still glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the kind words! :D

Try replaying it! The post jam update makes it a LITTLE easier: maybe you can see the ending? :D

It's out now! Go ahead and play it! Best of luck :D

Sorry about it being boring! And yeah, the second level is supposed to be like that (it's all about learning how things work etc.)

Haha: well, it was fun working on! Thanks for the kind words.

Thank you :D

Our artist is mainly to thank! He is incredibly talented. Thanks for the kind words and thanks for rating, means a lot to us!

We will be sure to give you a rating when possible!

Thanks for the comment! Apologies for it being difficult, we wanted to do something different (none of us had done a difficult platformer before!). A post jam update will make the game a tad easier. Also, there are around 7 levels too haha! Still glad you enjoyed yourself: that is the goal!

Woop woop! I found the game, finally! I caught you on the livestream and loved it.

This is superb and it's so hilarious! Good work, guys!

Feel free to check out our game!

I was a bit lost on the objective at hand. Maybe a tutorial would be nice?

Also, I was unable to go into fullscreen mode... so I couldn't play it :/

Feel free to check out our game! It'd be greatly appreciated.

I loved this, good work! Although, I suggest that you make the notes a bit simpler to understand to begin with (I got stuck on the "What is the meaning of life?" part).

Feel free to check out our game, we need a few more votes!

The post-jam update fixes almost all of those issues aside from the difficulty! We decided to make it hard >:)

Thank you for the kind words! :D

I am glad you enjoyed it! The story was fairly rushed and I came up with it in around 5 minutes. 

Yeah, second level is fairly difficult but sets you up for the final level! 

The post jam update will fix player colliders which should prevent the sliding behaviour! 

Sorry for the inconvenience man! But thanks for the kind words!

Wow! You put ours to shame :D (Feel free to play/rate it!). It's good you managed to polish the existing ones: I wish we had done that now but we went for quantity over quality :/

That makes sense but for gamers: not being able to look up is really disorienting.

At least you learned a lot, though, that's all that matters!

Woop woop! I'm glad I could help you out :D

No worries mate! :D

This messed with my brain! I LOVED IT! Couldn't get past the colour puzzle because my brain turned into a peanut..

The audio is super spooky, and makes you feel alone.

I loved the graphics: they were simplistic enough to look clean. Maybe some reflectiveness on the walls would look cool!

Overall, super enjoyable game YaHub! Can't wait to see what else you make :D

Feel free to check out our game too, whenever you can! :D

Try making their transform.position.y into 0 so it always stays at 0 rather than setting it to transform.position.y (itself).

Best of luck! :D

That.. was made... in a week!?

This is INSANELY beautiful, I love the style of it and it's astonishing! It looks better than a lot of games out there! Although, the reflections could be dimmed down a little bit.

Also, my mouse wasn't locked to the window, and I would end up having my mouse on the other monitor a lot of the time. On top of that, you can't look up which was super irritating; I felt like I didn't have as much control because of it.

Other than that, this is fantastic so good work man! Cannot wait to see what else you make in the future.

The music is amazing! I loved the voice lines overall, actually. Super hilarious!

There was a lot of content: super amazed by how much you did in such a short time!

It feels like a game called Ben and Ed but in it's prototype phase! :D

Feel free to check out our game and rate it when you can, it'd be much appreciated :D

Rated! I wish I could have enjoyed the game a bit more but sadly, I cannot play browser versions as it lags out my browser. (I added an extra star to each part to compensate). 

Although, one thing I can say is that the audio is super sharp and horrid. It is painful to listen to. Try making the audio a bit softer whether that be through fades or through lowering the volume.

Feel free to rate our game too, whenever you're available of course! :D

No worries! Thanks :D

Rated! I like the idea of this game, it goes to show you can make something without good graphics; but here are some suggestions in future!

- Try to soften the audio so it isn't so sharp (fade in etc.)

- The jumping force could be lowered and you could also make the character a circle to make it feel more juicy with the trail.

- Make some arrows to make it a bit more obvious where to go or you can zoom the camera out a bit so we can see further!

Other than that, good work. It's difficult to make a finished game in a week, so congratulations!

If you could, please play/rate our game, we'd greatly appreciate it! Have a good one, mate!

Rated! I loved the idea of this game, and it fit very well with the theme! I didn't end up getting to the end but I might replay it some time to hopefully end up saving the little girl!

The parallax is quite sickening because it always centered around the player; when you jump, it doesn't feel nice because the trees etc. follow you. They should be stationary!

The music is so cute, and very relaxing.

Great job on this, looks really well-made and polished; would like to see this become a fully fledged game, honestly! Especially if you can do this much in 1 week!