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The Lying KingView game page

Play as a compulsive liar whose only goal is to get people to love him!
Submitted by VidovicArts (@VidovicArts), heatblayze (@heatblayze99) — 2 hours, 5 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#1533.4093.409

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Woop woop! I found the game, finally! I caught you on the livestream and loved it.

This is superb and it's so hilarious! Good work, guys!

Feel free to check out our game!

Submitted (1 edit)

On the technical side, very well done and polished. I didn't quite get the point, though. The dialogues felt rather random and repetitive to me

Played and rated! It's a cool game!

Don't forget to check my game and rating it, please.


I like the game idea, and both the voice acting, music and graphics is all pretty good. The dialog system is okay, but I often find the dialog to be a bit random. Overall a good and ambitious jam game. Well done.


Here is the making of this project, feel free to check it out and subscribe for future creative gaming projects!


Really awesome work! It could have been a bit shorter - because of the repeating dialogues it would get repetitive towards the end. But overall it's very interesting, clever and fun. Very nice graphics and great dialogues. Awesome job!


Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it! <3


nice one

i rated 


Impressive work. Thats really a lot for this short time. If the characters could get more of "their own" dialogues in the future, and answers couldn't be used twice in a conversation could be something to think about. Loved the world you created, and your dialogue System. Very cool game.

If you want you can check out our game aswell.
It might look like a platformer, but there is more to it then it looks like.


Thank you! It was my first time working on a dialogue system so there's bound to be areas I could improve. Thank you again!


This is a fun and funny game. Played the entire thing and now I know how the flatearth society started. The game is fun to play. The game world looks so nice. Music and environment went well together. Overall a good game.


I love cats ! :D

Very impressive amount of work, I really liked the idea that you lie to people to improve how they see you, it can be a nice mecanic for a narrative game !


Feels great, it's impressive that is was made in only a week.


this is pretty impressive for a weekly game jam game.  well done. even though it was a bit repetitive it was still a fun/silly game.


Well my dad works at Nintendo so I told him to put this game on switch. Lol seriously though super impressive loved it and it was hilarious.


great fame even if a little repetitive and good graphics,audio and level design.


I Loved the 3D graphic.its awsome

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Great game. Somehow you made a somewhat functional fluent conversation system. That is quite the feat. Very funny game as well. I must say this game was very well made. Good job. The voice acting was awesome and humerus as well, tho the music was a bit on the annoying side. The last boss fight in the toilet was really well constructed as well.

Somehow this game still has less ratings than my unfinished mess. This game deserves more.


The graphics are great and I really loved smashing the tables in the bar :D
However the game is a bit repetitive.

The music fits perfectly the game, congrats !


This game made me a better liar... Thanks!

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