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Muchas gracias :D

Thanks you very much for the review, I posted a detailed answer in your comments :D

Am I the only one who tried to catch the phones when our character dropped them ? 😂

I love your visuals maaaan, so good looking !

I found a cheating enemy !

I wish I was able to use the space key to jump :x

By the way, I see you're using Unity so let me give you a tip. When you spam the right click button to throw lightening bolts the sound is odd, that's because you ask the Audio Source to play everytime you click. So if you ask it multiple time the sound will be stopped each time you click again. To fix this instead of using "yourAudioSource.Play()" you can use "yourAudioSource.PlayOneShot(yourSound)" :)

Thank you for your comment ! 

The card behaviour can be weird sometimes but the main bugs are happening if you play in higher resoltuon than 1920x1080, I'm glad you appreciated the experience !

(I can't beat on you on design, your game visuals are outstanding :p)

I'm not gonna complete this project, but in the future I definitely want to take the time to make something cleaner !

Completed in 02:02:65 !

Even if the game is really simple I lot of fun to play. At first I didn't find where to hide the boxes and then I accidentally threw a box through the window and I was like "no way". Thanks for your game !

I waited, I realized I can move and I leave these strange peoples, took me long to realise that our character was changing color, does the color reflect his/her emotions ? That's how I understood it !

Visuals are amazing !

(When I clicked Play the game told me I can dash with the mouse, so I clicked, fall, and died xD)

I'm really glad to see another card game ! I like the different types of cards, especially the bow ones to shoot enemies without allowing them to hit me. My only concern is that you can use your attack with no ennemies nearby, I can't count how many times I missclicked that way.

Overall the sprites are incredibely good and the sfx are fitting really well, congrats mate !

With over 130 hours on Slay The Spire I add to try making one despite of the scary number of bugs I have, I'm really glad you enjoyed playing !

I can understand dealing 0 damage when you start can be fustrating, to be honest I didn't noticed because during the playtests I spent most of my time taking damage. But yes I should have done something about it, thanks for letting me know !

I have over 130 hours on Slay The Spire, I really enjoyed the game too and I had to the experience of making my own version, but the game has so much mechanics so I wasn't able to do all in one week ! Thank you for your comment :D

Bugs... I don't know what you're talking about 👀

Seriously, each day I had to repair the cards mechanic because it not longer worked, but that Nurse Call bug is new to me, I checked the data of this card and the energy cost is 1 so it's odd to see 0 on the card. Same for the vampirism card which is not supposed to heal more than 5, I guess I messed up somewhere... I apologize for my mistakes and hope you appreciated your experience overall !

After playing more of the game your biggest fear is to accidentally pick up several bottles at once and seeing everyone running away 😂

Yeah, I saw some pugs stalking me over the sea... too bad I can't reach them 👀

I wish I knew how to draw like this, I definetly want to see more like this !

My only concern is I broke the game (the witch don't like me :c) I started the game walking around because I couldn't find the interact key so after figuring out it was the space key I talked to the limb seller, then to the essential snake oil seller. And I ended at the wolf maket but I cannot interact with the coupons so I had to wait until the time was gone. I think I was supposed to start at worlf market first but I never do what the game tell me xD

Interresting idea, it remind me Undertale, you control something on the screen and avoid enemies, feel really good to play, good job !

(don't mind my english :p)

Hey, thanks for you comment, at first I wanted to change tue blue color for the armor but I realized a gray armor bar on a gray background wasn't the best choice !

I've quickly implemented a tooltip system, you can hover on some things with your mouse, so if you hover the armor icon you see that it is removed the next turn. In roguelike deckbuilder games the armor never last more than 1 turn, that's why I didn't made it more obvious, in future projects I will pay more attention on details like this :p

I didn't expected this kind of movement, feels good to control, the only thing missing is rotating the camera

I can't stop staring at the water 😯

I enjoyed playing it even if I'm a terrible player, the game is missing one thing : a visual feedback when you successful hit a enemy.

And sometimes the enemy is stuck in walls and can't get to the player position, but I know pathfinding in 2D is very tricky !

Thanks for the comment !

I'm sad I can't test your game because I can't pass the game logo :x

Ahhhhh man, I had this bug when I was trying to upload a WebGL version of the game, that's why there is only downloadable versions. I tried several fixes with my friend but the only thing I know is there is something with the screen resolution and the fullscreen. I wish I knew why the other UI parts are scaling properly but not the cards, I'm really sorry for the inconvenience !

Thanks for the comment, the cards you get in reward after winning a combat are totally random. And in combat the cards are given randomly too, I just tried to make some kind of discard pile and draw pile, in most of the time it's working and you can get the same kind in the row (except duplicate cards). But the code is far of being perfect and sometimes you get the same card after ending the turn.

Why not working on something in the future, since I started I work by myself

Try to change the sounds volume and close the game, when you come back theses settings are not loaded

When you change the sounds volume and close the game, when you come back theses settings are not loaded. Thanks, I don't have ears anymore xD

No you can't because I've managed to block the usage of the grappling gun and the light is just a simple plane with a glow material :D

Hi guys, I've uploaded a little behind the scene video if you want to see the process of the game

Hi guys ! The making of is uploaded ! 

It took me a few minutes to understand the game controls and the camera smoothing is a bit too much in my opinion, but I liked the atmosphere you gived to the game. Good job !

It would be nice if you have some time to also rate my entry :

Have a nice day ! ^_^

The character move a bit too fast I think but yeah great game ! (I liked that epic music)

It would be nice if you have some time to also rate my entry :

Have a nice day :p

Hey I've seen some great ideas like the reverse gravity and reverse controls !

It was nice to play, the only complain is that the character move a bit to fast. However, great job !

I would appreciate if you have some time to also rate my entry :

Have a nice day ! :D

For some reason Google Chrome refused to download your game but I managed to fixed that !

Also I don't know why I have to move with the F T G H keys, that's a bit weird :')

And the end... good job :')

Can you also rate my entry if you have some time ? It woold be nice :

Have a nice day ^-^

This game remind me the game that Brackeys made for a game jam !

I loved the zen atmosphere and the lose screen is funny :') Great job !

I would appreciate if you have some time to rate my entry :

Have a nice day :D

The character controller is great and I really liked the idea of the glasses.

The only thing missing is a quick restart button ! Good joob !

I would be nice if you have some time to rate my entry too

Have a nice day :p

This game remind me a bit of Astroneer, I really liked this strange atmophere, good job !

It would be nice if you have time to rate my entry too

Have a nice day ^-^

It was really fun to play, I don't liked when the instructor reseted the game, you're mean ! :')

The only thing that annoyed me was the little resolution of the window but that's not the most important thing, good joob !

If you have some time, I would really appreciate if you can rate my entry too Have a nice day !

Great idea, I'd like to see that !

Music is nice and the water shader is really great, but I don't have friends so I played alone :(

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You can't make a minecrat style game without the appropriate sounds, if you don't agree with that juste rate 0 stars on the audio and don't annoy me.