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Nice, I'm sleeping with the fishes now =P

I see now I didn't realize I could maneuver the light after I throw it, because it's initial speed was so slow it didn't look like it was moving! I'm continuing onwards!

Love the atmosphere in this game! I got to the octopus tentacle and wasn't sure what to do, I kept waking up at that point.

I tried so hard I just can't do it. I wish I could just try again immediately but there's a lot of stuff to sit through between failing and trying again

Thanks for the info that'll be useful for trying to re-create it. One of the lose conditions is that the first couple comes in and sits on the left table and your date will say "that other table is actually my favorite seat here" So then if as a ghost you sit on the left side when the first couple decides where to sit they'll choose the other table allowing your past self and the date to sit in her "favorite" spot. Seems like the bug your getting is somehow one of the groups is changing their path correctly but the other isn't

Oh one thing I forgot to mention is that there is actually a point to sitting in the chair it's just really not clear enough at the moment.

Hey thanks so much for the feedback, I really appreciate it! I love the heartbeat idea I might try something like that for sure, I agree about the rewind speed and I've already begun working to fix that for a post jam launch. Also good point on highlighting intractable objects I will look into adding that as well. The bug you found does sound hilarious, I haven't heard about that one I'll have to look into it, thanks for pointing it out!

He's one of my favorite game developers

aw man alright I'll give it some more tries I'm curious now

Thanks for taking the time to play the game! That second obstacle is definitely not very obvious why you lost, I didn't have a good animation for that fail state, hoping to fix that after the jam. But I'm glad you enjoyed the music and concept!

Well you're a little closer now! I just rated yours!

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Jokes on you demon computer disk, I love Galaga. Although I will say galaga where the enemy bullets follow you like that and your shooting is that much slower is WAY harder lol. I really enjoyed your take on the theme and the game gave me some Daniel Mullins vibes. I wasn't able to get past the point where the face appears on the galaga screen it's impossible to dodge those sideways shots and you just die. I also noticed a bug, it seems like you are still able to look around in 3D space while 2D screens where up as I could see the "insert disk" prompt while playing galaga. Overall great job though!

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Mine isn't a great one but I would still like to make it to 20! lol here it is

Thank you so much!

Thanks so much for checking it out!

I loved the environments, voice acting and the narrative was intriguing. Especially burning all the documents with the dudes banging at the door that moment in particular was really strong. Couple of things I noticed was that I actually didn't notice the bag at first and ended up back tracking to pick it up after i noticed I needed a coin. On that note it would have been better if the coins would de-spawn with the bag I was a little disappointed I couldn't also pick those up. Secondly the firing of the gun seemed to use WAY more ammo than I would have thought based on the visual and audio feedback, but it wasn't too big of a deal. I really wished it was longer and that the story progressed but believe me I understand how hard it is to fit content in for these game jams my game is absolutely lacking in content and is even shorter than yours! lol Overall great job

checking yours out now here's mine

Yeah it took me a couple of tries to get past the llama spits but once I realized the auto target was a thing I was able to get past that part way easier!

I liked the art style, atmosphere and the kickback on the weapons. The game is overall fun however I don’t see that there is an actual end to the game, but it seems like that’s kind of the point. Correct me if I’m wrong but the game is supposed to simulate actual hell. If that’s the case the theme is really strong especially with the rewind mechanic as the death so you just have to respawn and die over and over and over again with an endless wave of enemies. I sadly did not get the joke on the wall though… lol 

I noticed that the melee enemies seemed to glitch out my movement especially if there were a lot of them on me at once. Overall great job the usage of the theme is really good too.

I totally agree I've been trying to do that with every game I've reviewed. Here's my game although you won't need 20 minutes for it and there won't be a to say about it, but I would appreciate thoughts and suggestions from different perspectives anyway..

Also I like that you fight a virus in this game lol. The big boss battle was pretty cool as well.

I really liked the way you handled the rewind mechanic! The game gave me old school playstation vibes back when they made games like Jak and Daxter and Ratchet and Clank and stuff. My one suggestion is that it wasn't immediately apparent to me that there was an auto target system maybe have some visual indicator of what enemy I'm currently "locked on" to. Overall great job though! 

FANTASTIC! I loved everything about this game the super jamming music the beautiful pixel art the wonderful and hilarious animations, the game play mechanics, the use of the theme. You nailed everything. Solid 5s all around. I did run into a bug where one of the caretakers went to jump onto a ledge but got stuck on it and I couldn't proceed I tried like jumping into it as an adult and changing back to gramps mid air but I still got caught. Other than that one bug though it was a perfect entry

Here's my game! Checking yours out now

I'm so glad to see someone went with the detective idea, I had something similar up on my idea board when I was trying to decide what to do. The voice acting is actually REALLY well done, I'm super impressed. The story was simple but good. Overall I really enjoyed it. Couple of small things I noticed was that the character says 21st but the dialogue box says 21th lol (pretty insignificant) the other thing I found funny was that was the biggest Hard Drive I've ever seen! lol

Here's mine! playing yours now

This game was actually super fun! It really opens up on level 5 and that's when I fully grasped how the rewind mechanic was necessary. I played until I 3-starred every level I love it! although on the last level I ran out of time while rewinding but it just restarted the timer so I guess it worked out lol.

Here's my game

Playing your game now! here's mine

Love the creative take on the theme. This game is super relaxing and stressful at the same time lol. It controls so well too you did an incredible job!

Playing yours now! here's mine

The fact that you've created a game that allows you to go in depth about the strategies to max efficiency like that is so awesome! lol 

Such a great and adorable game the rope mechanics are super impressive too! Overall a really unique take on platforming that does a great job incorporating the jam theme!

Me too... lol Thanks for playing it though!


Fantastic game! I actually had a lot of fun with this. Those damn customers bringing in 3 tapes.. who do they think they are? lol I really should have started with the returns upgrade I started with the TVs but I don't think that was the most efficient route to go. 

Great concept and take on the theme. My few suggestions are the aiming seemed to be further to the left than recital and I also think that once you shoot the missiles and rewind them they should explode the turrets.

Really cool game I loved the aesthetic and the reflection in the TV, really sold it! 

Puzzles are hard to make just right but I would rather have a hard puzzle over a puzzle that's too easy any day!