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Submitted by Timbelion — 5 hours, 52 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#4772.6822.682

Ranked from 22 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Submitted (1 edit)

I really liked how silent the game was. This made it feel really tense with the only sound being foot steps which lead you into a sort of flow state of focus. Really polished movement and graphics too.  Great job :D.

It was a different experience. Fits the theme. Very cute graphics tho. Rated!

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 nice game, played and was difficult to understand I ran into a wall first. missing some creepy sounds :). all in all, good game, nice play with the theme.

Please feel free to try out my game and rate it here:

Many thanks,


I definitely kept trying to follow the instructions and had to take this very slow because of that. Its good at tricking the player! haha

I love the simple and cute design of the character, and its animation! :) I think having some music or voice acting for the evil voice would have added a lot. It was fun to play, although sometimes difficult! Nice work! :D

If you have time, I'd love to see how you'd rate our entry as well!:


The game idea is really funny, and the game is okay fun to play, but it is also a bit frustrating to play. Overall a good jam game. Well done.


Nice job! It was definitely different than all the other games, but I could never tell if I was progressing in the level or if I made a mistake and got reset. Works with the theme great. I’d love it if you could rate my game too


Nice idea but I was confused on how long was the level. I understand that I need to do the opposite of what i am told. Also nice game art.

It will be nice of you to check out my game too


Thanks for playing, nice entry also!


Nice little game, it is very charming! I really like the style, great job! :) 

Please Rate:


Nice game! It fits the theme well! I really like the ghosts graphic. Some more feedback like occasional bursts of light to know what is going on would really improve the experience. Anyways great idea for a game. Well done!

If you have time maybe check out our game :)



ute graphics, nice idea     good job !


Good job !


I like the idea! fits the game theme. Simple elements to improve the gameplay would be voice overs on "go up" "go down".


I don't know if I'm seeing the whole game correctly.  I see the instructions 'go up, go left, go right, go down' but that's it.  Am I supposed to be seeing other things?  I see the logo of the pixelated character so I'm assuming I should be seeing more.  I'm on Safari browser - I'll try a different browser.


Yes, you should also see character in the middle. Try reloading or switch browser or download game. Thank you for playing the game !:)


Ah, I figured so.  ty!


I like the graphic and the idea.

it and it was quiet intresting how often I followed the command even though I knew that I should do the opposite^^

One sugestion from me would to add an idle animation for the character the next tim, becouse its looking like he's always running.

Good job on the game! :)


Thanks for playing :D

I wanted to add Idle animation but this looks like something from old pixel art games style so I left it like that!


Good game and good graphics !


Thank you :P


Neat and challanging game. I realized that you could play it either by going through the levels carefully, or by just running through them and trusting your reaction time (like I did). Thumbs up 👍



Hahaha yeah I now but it's harded trusting your reactions.