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The music had a few bugs, it was supposed to keep looping without delay, but I got that and a weird crack noise at the end of each loop, I also made the mistake that when you die the scene reloads and that makes the music restart too.

I'm working on an update to upload after the jam rates end, there I will solve those things and more, and also add the stuff I didn't add during the jam.  (Here is a devlog with the stuff i already did.)

Thanks for your feedback, i already did the game a bit more bright, but adding a setting for that would be great, i will add it to my "To do" list.

Sure i will, thanks for your feedback, this morning i added some extra details to the level design and did a rework on the sprites of the platforms.

About the audio as i said in another comment i will ask a friend to help me with it, so it will probably sound much better than what i have now.

At the start i was a bit confused but after i started running and getting momentum i was unstoppable, or at least i thought that, then i realized that i was hitting every hazard in the level and that my hp was very low, tried to be a bit more careful, but wasn't enough, i already was too low of health. 

Those graphics look really smooth and awesome, great game, nice work!!

Great game, nice level design!

Thanks for your feedback

Right now there are only two lineal levels but i will add a few more and sub levels.

In the first one after you reach the part with the spikes there are some platforms at the right (is kinda hard to see them), in the second one you can reach the end but it doesn't send you to another level, that was all i could do for the jam.

Thanks for your feedback , right now the only way to make them reappear is killing yourself, but i'm already working on an update where they will reappear after some seconds, also i already adjusted the global light and did a few more details on the level design.

Those white particles come out of spikes that are on the ground and have a small hitbox, the actual particles are making hard to see them (the opposite purpose of why i have them there), i will make them a lot more visible when i change the global light and add them  a small glow (and probably delete that particle effect).

About the platforms i was going for making them reappear, but i got scared by the jam time and did the function only delete the object.

I will work on a dead feedback, at least a sound and a transition.

The music glitch i don't really know what is making that happen, i believe i have null musical skills so i will ask a friend to help me with that.

Loved the sounds, great job!  (there was no escape for me)

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Rate mine too, I will check yours (Done) Dust

Is sad to see that people isn't replying this topic...

My two favorites are  End me and Lyre of truth, i think both are awesome games with awesome art.

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Check mine Dust (web based), i will check yours after i leave to home (im in work rn) Edit: now at home time to check that game

Wasn't a problem shifting to here, i'm here to learn so now i will give a good read in the replies here (shh don't tell anyone,  i'm in workplace).

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In my case I didn't experiment with the mechanics or anything like that, but had some failures in time management and planning, I started working on a platformer based on DuckTales, spent near 3 days working on the sprites, then I realized it was too much time and if I kept going wasn't end like I wanted or even wasn't end at all, so I changed to a new concept that ended in the game I submitted.

In my next jam i will spend a few times before start working, making a schedule and planning everything in advance.

Also, i'm using all the feedback you guys are giving me to improve not only the game, but my skills, all this helps me.

I hope you guys share your experiences with me, and if possible rate and  give me feedback about my game.

- I deleted the post i did about this and switched to here.

Nice game, I like how you used particles for the ambient, you did that for the hit effect too or it was sprite based?

Thank you, I will keep working on it and one of the things I will change is that, I have been using a global light with 0.1 of intensity now I will change it to 0.2 or 0.3 so it will be also possible to notice more details that I'm planning to add.

And I will probably add a small glow to the traps

Great game, played it until it re started, the art is excellent and the use of the flashlight as a mechanic is really  neat

Here is mine Dust 

Here is mine, i hope you like it - Dust

For the 2D lights I used Lightweight Render Pipeline 6.7.1, Brackeys has a video about it, I did just a few basic stuff with it in this project, but if you need you can do a lot more even using scripts, i will try to do one later to change the lights radius based on the flame sprite so it will feel a bit more natural.

Thanks, that worked!

I already checked your game and left a comment there.

About the platforms i will probably go for full blocks, im thinking in change a lot of the background and all of my tileset maybe going for something like this thing i did for another project About the music i did it using BoscaCeoil and it was looped, but i dont know what happened with it ingame, got that harsh crack that Angelbait was talking about in his comment previously.

The game has a solid concept and a lot of work done for a week, about the audio it was nice but maybe you can try using some addition to it, like making it faster when monsters are near.

For your first time doing pixel art it was really good, i remember my first ones and they were awful.

If you want to keep going with pixel art i recommend you to start using (if you already dont) a software like Piskel (this is the one i use) or Aseprite and working with layers, that will help you a lot with animations, also try to check out Pedro Medeiros tutorials they are awesome.

Good Work! keep going!

Loved the art but wasnt able to play, my cat was stuck under the ground :c 

I was working on dialogs but i had to cut that because of time, theres still a small remain of that in my  game, and i didnt finished all the levels i had in mind.

I hate veggies, but that boss... i hate him more

Here is my game, already played yours

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I already did, but i gave it a fast look, later i will play it more

Edit: well i just played it, nice work!!, my first ending was neutral, also the narration was really cool.

Hope you like it :)

This was my second jam, but the first one in which i was able to upload something, here is my game Dust

Check mine Dust and let me know what do you think of it (that is the most valuable part of the jam for me)

Here is mine, it only have two levels so i can't said its finished, but i hope you like it.

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Mine only have two levels so isn't really finished but i hope you like it

Thanks for your feedback, i added the music a few minutes before uploading the game so when i noticed that, it was already too late to try to fix it for the jam.

The game was originally intended to be a story driven platformer, there i was going to add a bit more "lies” and do more around that, but for the time i ended without adding the story and working more around the lights.

After the jam rating i will keep working on this and i will try to fix that and add more of what i originally intended.

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As i said in the jam submit i wasn't able to end it, but after the jam rates end i will keep working on it, there is still a lot of stuff to add and a lot of stuff to fix.

Thanks for your feedback, it motivates me to keep working and doing  my best.

I couldn't finish it, I only did two levels of the 5 I had thought, probably will keep working on this in the future, had a lot of unplanned stuff this week and also some problems while making the game, realized i was going for something that was to much to end it for the jam, changed my scope at the middle of the jam and then rushed to have something to share.