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What new things you learned during the jam?

A topic by Rhang created Sep 03, 2019 Views: 201 Replies: 26
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As this was my first game jam I learned quite a few things...

I myself learned a quite important thing, people will judge the game only based on the start, no matter how much you put in end, if begining is boring people will hardly reach till that part. As it is for my game, the real fun is when one enters the cave, but none reached that far, cause my beginning was seemingly repetitive... This is major thing I learned. (Thankgod I had theme throughout the game, or people would have not understood the theme relation of the game)

Second is the publicity which is major topic going in community right now (rate for rate) as one said PUBLICITY IS EVERYTHING!

Do check out my game if interested


Our designer had not used the 2D side of Unity before this Jam. There was a lot of crash course learning there. One of our artists hadn't touched pixel art in 10 years, so she had fun getting back into it. As for publicity, with over 1000 entries, getting your name out there and people trying is important. We've also learned that our scope of game may have been too large for the Jam for some players. They want short and sweet, while ours takes a while to set in and show itself. This is our first Game Jam and we've learned a lot along the way.

Here's our game. It's a longer submission, as we've mentioned, and has a story and quest line leading you to the ending. Give it a try and let us know what you think:


I am on mobile now, added your game in a collection will definitely check it out when on PC,

Congratulations on your game jam and being in top 15 most rated game!

Do consider playing my game do and rate for it aswell


I like threads like this. Thanks. It's my first game jam!

In my case, I rarely use Unity. I mostly program without game engines in Java, C# and also making websites in html, css, javascript. So I had to learn a lot of things about Unity:

  • The animator graph and animations
  • The tilemap with the tile palette and the grid
  • The pixel perfect camera
  • Camera shake
  • A little bit of new unit UI I did not know about
  • How to get pixel perfect fonts with Unity
  • The rule tiles (Saves a lot of time)
  • How to make top down player movements
  • How to make a dialogue system
  • How to make a spawn system
  • How to place things in-game

That's pretty much it. You can see how it turned out, here is my submission

PS: The link to your game goes to Half life 3, I don't know if that was intentional XD

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oh god! Thanks for telling me about the link, no it was not intentional but very well could be XD, I'll update it now 

Really loved your game congratulations on achieving to learn so much in so less time

Well i picked up pixel art landscapes and character drawing for the first time so experimenting with that was soooo much fun. Also learned loads about time management, organising a group of people and we learnt shout the flaws within our game! This jam was so much fun, definitely will be entering more jams.. check how my it turned out here!


How big was your group? Thats a quite big success if you managed a team! It doesn't matter if you win/not win, I feel managing a team is quite a huge success!

Only 3 people but it was very much a big team effort. Honestly had so much fun and was very proud of what we managed to make!


I played/(watched it on twitch) you game really liked concept, need to ask! WHY KILL THE PUPPY! THATS SO UNFAIR

HAHAHAH, you coulda not killed it :P

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In my case I didn't experiment with the mechanics or anything like that, but had some failures in time management and planning, I started working on a platformer based on DuckTales, spent near 3 days working on the sprites, then I realized it was too much time and if I kept going wasn't end like I wanted or even wasn't end at all, so I changed to a new concept that ended in the game I submitted.

In my next jam i will spend a few times before start working, making a schedule and planning everything in advance.

Also, i'm using all the feedback you guys are giving me to improve not only the game, but my skills, all this helps me.

I hope you guys share your experiences with me, and if possible rate and  give me feedback about my game.

- I deleted the post i did about this and switched to here.


1) Thankyou for sharing the experience here, I hope you don't feel bad about asking to shift the thread, but it would have caused a lot of inconvenience.

2) I really appreciate the efforts put into the game, the time management agreed is the major factor in this game jams, glad you could complete game, in the jam period!


Wasn't a problem shifting to here, i'm here to learn so now i will give a good read in the replies here (shh don't tell anyone,  i'm in workplace).


This was our first Game Jam, and we tried to cut down our ideas, and we still ended up with features that didn't make it in. We spent the first 5 hours after the theme announcement working on design and iterating on our ideas. What we produced is actually significantly different than what we started designing at first. Our coder didn't even touch a keyboard until after 8pm that night. It helped in the end, because we had a solid plan for the project, and knew we have no room to stray from what we finalized. A good experience all around.


I played your game some time ago and already rated it and commented on my thoughts.

The game was cool and I pretty much liked it and the idea, really.

What I've learned is, as you said, publicity is a huge part of the game even if it's finished already and that most of the people don't care about the other games or rating system.

But the best I learned by far is how other people work, the ideas they have and to see these ideas in other perspectives than mine.

With your game, for example, I'd never thought about a mechanic of trust with NPCs, and it can be applied to a seller on a game what just sells x items if he trusts you, for example.

And that leads me to the previous point. Really people, play other games and try different things. I created a post where people posted games and I'm just playing all of them (in fact, that's how I discovered yours) and it can be a f*****g horror sometimes when you see +130 replies with games, but it's totally worth it.


Nice experience you had, as I can see, I really appreciate you liking my game and using it as an example, it gives me an immense pleasure to see so.

I really like the selling x items idea, work on it! It may end up really neat!


that you can't say your personal things to everybody


What do you mean EnzoUP? I remember you in twitch on very first day after submission of the jam playing my game, whats up, and why you can't say personal things to everybody?


I learnt that aiming for making a story based game in a game jam isn't easy...


Isn't easy in what way? Implementing it, or making people like it? I implemented a story in mine, true that it wasn't easy, but wasn't that hard in implementing... Again we are different people.

Do tell more on the experience though, really interested in learning all sorts of things from you guys!


This was my first game in unity not following a tutorial, so I have a better understanding of c# now (JavaScript was my first language). I also learned some new functions that will come in handy.

And as you said publicity is everything so:

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Nice to hear from you about this, and yes do keep publicizing, as publicity is everything!!!



This was my first time making something without any help from anyone. So I was on my own. I learned a lot about how much time things take and that no matter what I do I will never get everything I want to get done, done. Scope is key. And though I didn't learn this in the jam I learned it before I wanted to share something with everyone, as the start make a list of pillars you want your game to achieve and when adding stuff to the game or adjusting take a second to look at your pillars and ask if the thing your doing fits the game. This is something I found myself doing a few times like 'ooh combat would be fun' but it wouldn't help anything I was trying to achieve.

Here's my game if your at all interested.


Really nice advise, people will be thankful for sharing your insights!

Do consider playing my game too, it would mean a lot to me...


I learned alot about the unity post processing stack this gamejam.  As well as how to make cutscenes with the timeline animation thingy.  I made cool intro and outro animations after you defeat a boss / enter a new scene.  I also learned alot more about art and animation!

please rate my game!

I did this by myself while juggling my first week of classes back at college.  

Its a super cool bullet hell boss rush against the gods of trickery!  


What is unity post processing stack? And how did you used it in 2D, I'll like to know more about it, do you have some tutorials on YouTube you would like to share?

I feed you buddy struggling with college, I had to do same too, I used to only get time between 10pm-4am every day, man I swear how much I slept after submitting the game :p


I learned a lot about particle effects and how to begin and stop them through scripting! It was really fun adding them into my game