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Played it already buddy, and you posted this link on this thread twice before... really is a good game

Great concept! I feel a little polish is still needed, but overall was really good jam entry!

Really fun game and cool looking pencil graphics I would love to make such games in future! Thanks for sharing your games link

Really great concept in the game! I loved the puzzle level design! Well done

Well I guess I should have kept my debug script XD, I had a script to skip that particular location and get that special item... oh well may be I am lying and the script still works and you just have to find a proper key code to access it ;)

I consider myself as a kid too XD, not all adults behave like adults... anyways here's my game's link :

Pencil drawn animations always intrigues me! Well done on the game! It has perfect amount of gameplay needed to fell fun to play!

Nice game! I assume you used a look through shader for scissors! which made the botom of the plane glitchy, would have really felt nice if I had a map to know my position and the targets position! Nice concept though! Best luck

The teleporters were quite random unless I knew which teleporter teleports where except for that, the game concept is really unique to not go back from where you came from! Well done

Thats oddly specific... May I know the reason for only under 18 ;)

PS I am not under 18

You posted this games link before on this thread

I can see the amount of work given into this game! That too in a week! Amazing accomplishment well done!

Nice game, perhaps a little more polishing and game can work really well for a casual gamer!

Really nice of having multiple endings! Really neat

May be more like waves of them coming and some music to show some force acted upon them will make the game more strong! The concept was really nice! Played and enjoyed, well done!

The multiple endings was cool, but I didn't quite liked the random appearance of black holes... you mean to say after 2-3 tries I finally manage to kill the shooter and he places a blackhole due to which I cannot reach the end? I would have raged quit if it wasn't for all the fun and curiosity seeing all the endings

Absolutely best pixel graphics and character design! I really like the gameplay! Well done

Yup... just a hole XD well done pranking people

Wow it was really a hole! Neat

Enjoyed the game! The game can be random at some points but if random luck is with you the game can feel really nice!

It really felt good playing the game, but I must say the animation speed for background was little to high as compared to platforms, and the slime doesn't loop well when falling, the graphics for the game really look nice and overall was really fun game to play! Well done

The game runs and is amazing to play, I was looking forward to play you game based on screenshots and was feeling like, hmm the game looks surprisingly well and I was not disappointed! Well done!

This game is addictive! I really like the sound and the story for the game! I really enjoyed the game and hope you will be making such amazing games in future!

The games difficulty level is really nice, not too hard and not too easy! Really loved the stars revolution around the "dark" hole when close to it! Well done

Really well done with physics simulation for when star is near a "dark" hole it revolves around it! Liked the games overall mechanic! Really interesting to play, well done! Best luck

This game has really unique concept! Well done on your first game... Looking forward to your next games!

Really nice entry! Well done with the level puzzle designs, the concept is really unique, build more upon that! Best luck! Music would have been nice

i worked on pixel art by considering fore ground and background... Background has high resolution and fore ground had less... I thought it looked good aesthetically (Thats what my personal taste)... Anyway thanks for trying the game and thankyou for  the feedback

If you are in middle of conversation, the button won't be clicked on... Other wise everytime it should be clickable... If you experienced a bug please let me know how it was being experienced

Can you please elaborate what you mean by portal gun bugged?

sure, I'll do it when I reach home

Really nice instructions XD! Tried passing level 2, could't after countless tries... well made game though!

Damn those are some awesome commands bro! XD Enjoyed the game and the difficulty! Glad I could play it

Quit spamming on this thread! you linked this game here thrice now

You already posted on this thread before, check the thread  first before spamming, sorry for being direct

You already posted on this thread before! Look at the thread first before spamming the link... just a helpful suggestion

You already posted the link on this thread before

The art style is really interesting! More puzzles would be appreciated!

The game is really fun to play! That can be one of the major reason for popularity! Well done with the game, best luck

Procedural games are really dynamic! I loved the pixel art style in the game and melody is still humming in my mind... well done game!