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Nice game :) Some knockback would've made this game so much better than it is, it was fun I liked it :D

Nice graphics. Lot of clipping through walls but I liked the atmosphere. Rated :)

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Thanks! When I failed at drawing the graphics, I said "Thomas all the way!" and made everything a rectangle :D
Also, I've already played, commented and rated your game :)

Not as good as yours! I really enjoyed your submission :)

Cute graphics. I loved the cape animation. Music was okay :) An overall well made game, good job!

A fun runner game I enjoyed playing. Well done!

Thanks for playing!

The voiceover was amusing and the levels were fun :) But it was a bit short. Well made!

Tebrikler! I loved the mechanics, I wish you had more time to finish the game. I was really intrigued. Text could have been a little bit faster though :)

Already played and rated it :) Guess I forgot to leave a comment, there are lots of games to play and rate in the jam, I'm sorry :) I liked your game a lot, mostly the art! Gameplay is fun but the camera is too close you sometimes don't see where you are going :)

This game had the best mechanic I've seen in this jam! Played till floor 16 and enjoyed the puzzles. Great work!

Cool game! Reminded me of 'Her Story' a tiny bit :) Audio didn't work for me, but I'm guessing it's not that bad so I didn't rate low :D

Thanks for playing! I wanted to give something to the players at the end :)

Nice game, I liked the ambiance :)

Thanks and thanks for playing! :)

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Ah, that was a bit intentional as I wanted the player to restart if they wanted to hunt for secrets :) Thanks for playing and rating!

Cool game, I liked it. Played for 8-10 levels :D I liked the reveal mechanic. Even the tutorial text fits the theme, well done :)

Thanks! I'll check it out!

Well I'm pretty used to playing platformers with smooth following camera and this one felt a bit rougher than the rest of the games I've played. And it was the only single criticism I could think of :)

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed my game :)

I got it working by opening up the menu and restarting the level :) I guess the character was loading in faster than level could load. I finished the game and enjoyed it quite much. Reminded me of my cats, roaming around and pushing stuff off shelves and making a mess :D I loved it, good work!

This game is very pretty looking. Gameplay feels like a troll level in mario maker :D I had fun. Only problem for me was the rough camera made me dizzy after a while.

Nice idea, I liked the graphics :)

It was simple and meaningful :D This is 100% what happens to freelance devs out there :D

This was fun but platforming was a bit weird. I enjoyed it though!

I went ahead and re-played it to try to do that :) It was quite difficult but I managed to get the good ending. Nice one! There's some grammar errors but it's fine :D

Best game I've played from this jam! Absolutely loved the story, the art and the music! This is just mindblowingly good!

I really wanted to, but I couldn't figure out the solution to 13 :D I'll maybe have another look later :)

I enjoyed this game, really fun, but powerups were a bit buggy for me :D Still managed to get to wave 4.

This was fun, it reminded me of the impossible quiz series. I gave up after 13 though, had no idea what those vectors meant :P Overall it was really fun to play!

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Argh, I really wanted to play this but at the start of the level, it pushes me down into the level and I cannot play the game. I'm stuck at below the level :( I'll rate if I can figure out a fix.

Cool game, I loved the animations :D Ended so quick though, I was expecting more awesome levels!

My brain hurts :D Highest score was 9. It's quite fun to play!

Thanks man, much appreciated!

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This means a lot! Thank you <3

I finished the game and I must say I loved the graphics. It's like a clicker game, but instead of clicking, you drag and drop. There's also buttons become available after playing for a while which is quite handy to manage everything :) I also loved the ending, it fits well to the theme. I didn't understand why we were able to do 0 damage to the guy, maybe an unimplemented behavior or an unused asset :) I'm not sure. Overall, I liked the game good job!

Nice platformer puzzle! I enjoyed it quite a lot :) definately deserves to be one of the highly rated games in this jam. Needs some quality of life improvements like skipping the text, but it's just a small thing :)

I loved the ambiance in this. I wish I could've seen a happier ending. I guess it was just a LIE :)

Nice graphics and sound. It's really fun to play. Nice work!

Oh god what have I done D: Nice game, I enjoyed it!