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Beautifully polished game. Clearly, you can see that you gave a small chunk of content packed full of love.

Great job!

Wow, the artwork in this game is beautiful. The sound effects were on point, the narrator was funny and led you through, I just wish the platforming didn't feel as topsy-turvy. Great game!

That was pretty slick. The guns felt POWERFUL, and I loved that. Would be awesome if it had some sort of tracker to track kills, or some sort of progression. Awesome job, really fun.

Man that voice will haunt my nightmares forever.

Well made game with cute sound effects, and a solid difficulty curve. Bravo.

LOL That was great. From the artwork to the theme and the GTA wanted system I enjoyed it thoroughly. Awesome job throughout!

The shooting in your game feels awesome! I would have the shots go a little higher to be more in line with the cursor at farther distances. The bass groove was fun and it was frantic. Fun game!

Adorable little concept and sound effects! I would recommend a floor texture just so I knew that I was moving. At first I thought I was stationary and the walls were coming at me. I would also allow for a full-auto gun so that you don't have to SPAM the shoot button, as things have a lot of hp.

I liked that it was made in Blender! A nice change from most of the pixel art that's on here (Even though it's my favourite.)

I loved that the game was intuitive enough to speed the timer up after the first play, otherwise I wasn't going to wait for it again. I don't feel like there was a correct path though? I died every way I could possibly go.

It was clearly well made. The sounds were awesome - I loved the intense heartbeat when it became crunch time to make a decision.

I didn't enjoy that the game only lied sometimes, and that it became a guessing game as to whether it was or not; your only saving grace being that you could actually see the truth a select number of times. Once that expired, it's just a crapshoot, which doesn't make me as a player feel like I actually accomplished anything.

Was the music supposed to be cutting out, skipping and looping after about 7 seconds? It felt a little strange if intended. The artwork and glows were really cute.

Once I got the hang of the float mechanic it was actually pretty fun. The umbrella is unpredictable and will sometimes keep me afloat while closed. By this logic, it must also be magic. (Or bugged). A neat twist on how the light was the liar and didn't help.

I liked the atmosphere; cool ambient music played a nice part into that. I had a few issues getting thrown in and out of the same door a few times, but it wasn't major. It seemed really cool and I'd definitely play it again when the skip feature is implemented!

It was very hard to tell what to do, and it was a bit hard to see. Could have done with a seizure warning. Was there a mechanic to do with changing the boundary colours?

Not much of a "game", as I really only pressed D, but it was a very nice visual novel. The artwork was very appealing, and especially as the artist for my game I ADORED your colour palette. The ending was very neat and unexpected, nice job!

This was a bit confusing... nothing seemed to work to pick up the cable, and you could only move horizontally when the cable was a vertical movement away, so I didn't really understand the point?

Interesting game. I didn't quite understand the overall objective; is it just achieve the highest score? (In money$)? And bringing up the mini-map completely defeats the whole purpose of the navigating system, so that seemed a touch counter-intuitive.

I enjoyed the concept. I loved how Gary left the game and explored the real world. I felt no remorse gassing my brothers.  Just like a real video game character. I wish movement wouldn't be paused during the dialogue, that was rather frustrating, or just be able to skip once I'm finished reading.

I'm sorry my dude, I don't own a Mac. :(

I really enjoyed the intro to the game, music piece was awesome, the mood was set with the prologue, the game looked nice with glows, and then the "you have no way of knowing this trap is here" gameplay came in, and I was disappointed; it's very much not my cup of tea.

Still, great job, and probably a great game for those who do enjoy that.

Awww Billie was cute! The music was adorable and the underwater sound effects were nice. I didn't enjoy how zoomed in the camera was; it made it very difficult to navigate.

We already did and rated!! I personally enjoyed it very much.

I enjoyed the personality of the cloud very much. The premise was new and refreshing, but my game seemed to stop responding once the purple arrows came into play?

Fantastic job man! I love the premise! I've never seen someone do anything like this before. Good use of little cutscenes and a story.

Awesome job!

Do you have anything that's not just an .exe? Which software did you use to build it?

I'm awfully suspicious and typically won't play those, sorry!

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That's a really neat concept! I love how you can choose your weapon loadout! The movement feels a little bit clunky, and the combat feels brutally unfair, but I love the whole idea of it. Polished up, it could be a really fun game!

However, when I was selected on the spear, every time I hit "back" upon reading the notes it would throw one of my spears uselessly into the ground in front of me, making me reload and waste one.

That was neat! It's an opposite of the usual game style. Could have used some audio and sound effects however.

Cute little space shooter. It functioned well, though there didn't seem to be any lying going on?

Wow, what an innovative mechanic. I laughed and yelled a ton trying to navigate this roly-poly-Pinocchio along.

Really neat idea and execution!

The audio was a bit distorted, and I wasn't crazy about the main theme.

The gameplay was very smooth though, and the intro cutscene really made me laugh.

Well, it certainly makes me feel like a fool. I'm not huge on "you can die without knowing now start from the beginning" games, but the audio footsteps and animations kept me going. I liked the feeling a lot.

Aww congratulations!! What a neat way of going about your situation.

That was really neat!

The level swapping mechanic was awesome and very unique! The spooky atmosphere was a nice touch!

The graphics looked a little bit blurry, and I don't really know what I was supposed to do.

If it wasn't for the bugs, this would be a cute solid game! I loved the sound effects and the premise, but the bugs became too much for me.

Awesome first attempt guys!

It had some cool industrial music, and I liked the theme of the whole game.

The ending is sort of feels bad when I said to do one thing, which made me just start over to get another ending that was also just the ending. Oh well, tis part of the lie.

Neat game!

Troll-y. I was warned, and I was satisfied.

I like your Jeopardy-esque music and the title screen is adorable.

Strange, I did that a few times. Spammed it even. I'll have to try again

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Very well polished! It just needs a restart level button and it would be stupendous. I adored the grid movement system; it made it very easy to accomplish exactly what was needed.

Adorable arcade-y sounds, cute pixel graphics. Big thumbs up from me!

LOL I absolutely adored all of the cars zipping around and crashing into stuff! The movement speed was out of control crazy and it fit so well!

Really fun silly game; I'm gonna order me some Papa Bob's tonight.

I loved the homemade sound effects, and the music was driving and heroic.

I didn't enjoy the fact people could shoot into your current frame from outside, and it seemed to randomly game over me sometimes?

It was a cute, simple game.