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I love your reference to the good old Lucas Arts games. I missed those game too! I had a great time playing your games as you put tons of easter eggs in it :)
I was expecting to click and play with the mouse, not with the arrow key when I started. I got confuse ;)

The pixel art and sounds are great.

It seems there are some bug with the event system... like I had to go outside a room and come back before finally get the piece of pictures the polaroid shown.
How does the magnyfying glass in the inventory works? It looks a bit random, I opened and close the inventory and it just move from polaroid to polaroid pieces... I didn't undestand how it worked...

However, I managed to get to the end, and I found it a bit abrupt lol, I expected a piece of hilarious dialogue here. I think there is a missed opportunity ^^

Thanks for making this game, it was great ! I hope you make more, and revive the genre!


Thank you so much for playing and for the feedback! We're working on ver1.1 to fix most of the issues you mentioned. The biggest one is that you need to interact with the picture to get the new clue. And now after you get the pieces together and fix each pic, the game auto interacts with it. I think the biggest issue was that we clearly show the clue in the pic, so players thought "oh, I got this" and went ahead to investigate the place without actually interacting with the picture first, we're updating the game as soon as the jam ends : )
The inventory should be straightforward to use, just move the magnifying glass with the arrows and then interact on the pieces or pics with Ctrl. if that doesn't work let me know and we'll check it out!
We do plan on expanding this game/story, so make sure to follow us to get the latest updates! : D

I'm playing your game right now, will rate it as soon as I finish it! 


oh, I couldn't move the magnifying glass in the inventory... so I just open and close the inventory, and eventually, the glass was a the right spot lol 

I am looking forward your next update !

Weird, we're looking into it, so far no one reported any issues like that. We're trying to repro it so we can fix it. Thank you for mentioning it!