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There are 2 hints around, they might be too small though. They say "ASCII" and "word", just in case you wanna try to figure it out :D


It was a really great experience, but some more interaction would have been really great. Good job on presenting what you had, it looks really good up to here :D

The mechanic is different and cool, but it feels a bit odd. Good game though :D

If you play with lost controls, you only have to press two buttons next to each other! That's why I added those controls as well, they were the ones with which I developed the game. Glad you enjoyed it though! Thanks for playing it!

I know, I was afraid it would be too hard for some people since I'm already decent at platformers so my difficult judgement isn't the best... Sorry for that!

Hmmmm, I'm sure it's in update so there shouldn't be any delay. It might be the mechanic itself, though. Thanks for playing :D

Pretty short but fun and tense game :D Good job ^^

Really great job! Try to fix the enemies being stuck because it was kind of annoying, but otherwise it's a really solid game :D

The physics are kinda scuffed, but it was an interesting experience, specially guessing how to do the huge jump hehe. Great job!

Lovely game, one of the best I have played in the jam. Congrats!!! :D

It was a really nice and fun game, I really enjoyed! Good job :D

What's up with the colors, the numbers and level 4? I couldn't figure it out :/

Really good game. It has a few flaws in terms of the design but other than that it's near perfect. Good job!

At first I thought it was kind of repetitive, but looking at it from more of a "film-like" perspective you did a pretty good job :D Also the plot twist was pretty intense there :O

It looks really great, but some colliders seem to slide you off the platform when you land on them. Really great game though!

The game is really original, but it still needs some work on it. Like, instead of putting black squares, put arrows pointing to where you have to go. It could have been way better if the execution had been more worked at. Great game, though!

This game is one of the best I've seen in the jam so far. The looks, the music and the story itself feels pretty great and cohesive. Really good job :D

I'm streaming again :D

It was pretty fun, the game itself seems to have quite content and that's always a plus :D Good job!

This is amazing, it looks really good and the music is amazing as well, but I think I got stuck in the vents. Amazing work though, really enjoyed it :D

It was interesting, and the fact that you made so many levels means you could have also worked a bit more in the visual aspect of the game. It's still a great game, though. Good job :D

It was quite annoying that the text didn't really fit with the game style, cuz it looked pretty good. I didn't have much fun, though. If the text and the riddles were more incrusted in the game and didn't feel like an external part of it it could have been a really good game :D

The idea of stopping the player mid-air while the enemies attack you is pretty bad, it makes the game not the best experience. Seems like a fun game except for that. Good job though!

The game feels really unique but I found it to be a bit annoying. Good job though!

It's interesting, but it was a bit weird. The text was not shown properly when you skipped, and that was kind of annoying. But other than that's it was fun. Good job :D

It was a pretty fun experience, but I felt like the boss was a bit too hard and the movements, a tad unfair. Other than that, pretty cool game! Good job :D

This game's awesome! The experience is pretty much flawless, even though the mechanics aren't the most original. Even then, it looks awesome and plays awesome, so congrats on the game :D

This is a really great game, flawless in many aspects and with a lot of work clearly put into it. I was missing the "lie" part a bit though, even if you mentioned the huge pants were lied to at the beginning. Still, a really fun game :D

I got one by saving 17/20, it was fun but I missed some music. Great game though, good job :D

The game was fun, but the music was a bit too repetitive. I had a great time, though. Good job!

The game was fun and pretty addicting, it looked great and had a great experience overall. If I were you, I wouldn't use the same thing (the ground button) for more than 1 thing, as it may get confusing. Also, I got stuck in a room where the door just wouldn't open anymore, the one with the three buttons and a kind of reverse C shape. Other than that, I had a great time :D

It was a really fun game :D Maybe I would have designed a few more enemies because it got a bit too repetitive, but nonetheless it was a pretty great experience. Great job!

The game was interesting but I feel like it was too RNG-based. Also, the sprites could have used point filter, as someone already said. The music was great and comforting, so that's great :D Good job!

Well I just started LMAO

I'll be streaming now, come by if you want to see me playing your game :D

Thanks a lot :D

Did you have problems with the jumps? If so, let me tell you that you can only jump when you are highest! I'm sorry for not saying the mechanics in-game, I should have :/ Thanks for playing it though! If you come back ot it and try again just hit me up and ask me anything you may want to know :D

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I'll be streaming this afternoon playing CGJ submissions, so if you want me to check yours out, leave me a comment with the link here!

Here's mine in case you would like to try it out:

Thanks! :D

PS. This is my stream link: