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That is one of the aspects of the design of the game, given it's randomness, you'll have to wait sometimes more, sometimes less in order to get a road towards that gem. Also, there are ways to predict where lava spawns, specially the proximity sensor to the left and the fact that lava usually appears next to already existing lava.

Thanks for playing, I really appreciate it!

Ohh! Well, try it again. You will enjoy the game much more!

Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot! I did want to make the difficulty ramp a bit like a sawblade (_/|_/|_/ kinda), having the higher numbered levels being harder than the easier ones. I wanted to ensure that the player would master the mechanics, and specially got some practice with rewind, so that whenever new turrets or different level designs appeared, the player could handle themselved easily. It's more of a set of levels and mechanics than a continuous flow of gameplay from 1 to 15, that's why the levels are both separated in 3 different menus and why completing level 1-5 doesn't take you to 2-1.

I'm glad you had fun with it, thanks for playing!

That's great to hear! Thanks a lot for giving our game a try!

Thanks a lot! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. <3

That's why you need to use the rewind! Thanks for playing it, I really appreciate it :D

Hey! Thanks a lot for the thorough review, they're always welcome!

First, I know it's not the typical bullet hell and it maybe shouldn't be called as such, but it does involve some bullet-hell like mechanics with the turrets so that's why I addressed it as such (also because bullet-hell is more attention-drawing than random-lava-avoider lmao)

Second, the music was done in FL Studio 20, but I did one or two sond effects in bfxr, which is a simple but convenient tool to make 8-bit sound effects and which I really recommend using for this kind of sfx.

And about the rewind mechanic, you actually get punished in several ways for using it, the most relevant being that the turret's fire rate goes up to balance it against them not shooting while you're rewinding. I ended up nerfing this a lot, but it can still be seen pretty easily if you play levels like 3-2

Thanks a lot for giving it a try, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

This game is actually amazing. The rewind mechanic is implemented flawlessly, and the game itself plays really, really well. I had a lot of fun with it and it's probably one of my favorite games of the jam so far. 

Also, the fact that you built it in monogame with such little time is really impressive, so props to you and your team for this! Truly a masterpiece.

I'd appreciate it if you gave a try to my game, thanks!

This game is so great :D I had a lot of fun playing, specially with the songs changing which are a really great addition to the game itself. Also, thanks for putting the instructions below, I almost missed them. It would have been nice to have them in-game. Great job! You did really well.

If you could give my game a play and a rate, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

The game looks amazing, plays amazing and sounds amazing, but I fail to see an active implementation of the jam's theme, which is a big pity. I feel like the notes going backwards is just not enough, you can't interact with it, it just is there. Nevertheless, every other single aspect of the game is outstanding, and I say it as a veteran rhythm player. Good job!

If you could give my entry a try and a rating, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

It was an interesting play, but I think you should have given more clues about what to do in the games since some were a bit clueless. Not bad, though. Good job!

Could you try out my entry? Thanks in advance!

It was a nice experience, I can see that you worked hard on it. The mouse moved too slowly and some more FOV would have been nice, but overall it was a nice and fun experience. Good job!

Could you try out my entry? Thanks in advance!

Thank you!

Yeah, I did beat it myself and I had some people in my discord server playtest it as well, they said it was hard but doable. It was much harder before, and I did have to nerf it a few times. It's quite hard to get it right, but I think overall I did a great job at it.

Also, I know it can be a bit frustrating but I think it's also part of the charm, trying to "outsmart" the noise. There's some patterns that you end up catching after a bit of playtime, but they're not trivial at all.

Thanks a lot for playing, and thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, it's my first time building for WebGL and I already knew there were some problems with resolution, but I had no idea about the control one. Glad you enjoyed it, though! Thanks a lot for playing!

Thanks a lot :D

Yeah, but that's part of the level design. You also need to beware of big empty parts which will soon have lava, as well as using the bar at the left. It is what it is with this kind of randomness, I've tried to implement that mechanic to reduce the effect, but it doesn't happen that often and it doesn't take too long to get back on track and try the level again. Sorry for that though, I'll try to think of a better way to tackle this kind of problem in the future. Thanks for playing!

Thanks! Really appreciate it ^^

Thanks! I used a noise map and the time was the z axis, then for every level the resolution, x/y/z speed and the threshold were varied so as to make it easier or harder. There's a lot of game that can be made playing with that, and it was really fun setting it up!

The game was really nice overall; nice music, nice art, nice mechanics. I'd say that the levels felt a bit too long, but it might just be my impatient self haha. Overall, a really polished game with a nice mechanic that fits the jam pretty well! Good job!

As everyone else, I'd appreciate it if you'd give my game a try, thanks in advance!

The game looked really nice, but I feel like the player movement was too slow even with the sprint. Even then, it was a fairly enjoyable experience. Good job!

The game looked really nice and it was a fun little experience, so that's really great. Congrats on pulling this off!

It's an interesting game and although the ship movement felt a bit wacky, I enjoyed travelling around for a while. I feel like the problem was that the ship kept moving forever in the same direction,  maybe some way of stopping the ship after releasing would be nice. Good job though!

Yooooo thanks a lot! We had some concerns because our music man's PC broke the last day so we had to improvise a few SFX but I'm glad it all turned out great! Thank you <3

HAHAHAHA Thanks a lot :D I really appreciate it <3

Thank you! I really appreciate that ^^

Yooo! Thanks :D I will do so right now <3

Just that, I might submit now and if there's anything I need to improve I'd like to update it but I'm not sure if it can be done.

Hey! Sorry for not responding before, but I wouldn't mind seeing your work, be it pixel-art or "flully-like", that sounds interesting as well! Send me a message at hawkyre#8081 in Discord and we can talk there :D

Hey there! We're a team of 2 people, programmer and musician, each with around 2-3 years of experience in our fields. We're looking for someone to help us out with 2D art for the jam, preferably pixel artist. This is our second jam so far and we're eager to take part, but we need someone to help us out with them visuals. Thanks for reading!

There are 2 hints around, they might be too small though. They say "ASCII" and "word", just in case you wanna try to figure it out :D


It was a really great experience, but some more interaction would have been really great. Good job on presenting what you had, it looks really good up to here :D

The mechanic is different and cool, but it feels a bit odd. Good game though :D

If you play with lost controls, you only have to press two buttons next to each other! That's why I added those controls as well, they were the ones with which I developed the game. Glad you enjoyed it though! Thanks for playing it!

I know, I was afraid it would be too hard for some people since I'm already decent at platformers so my difficult judgement isn't the best... Sorry for that!

Hmmmm, I'm sure it's in update so there shouldn't be any delay. It might be the mechanic itself, though. Thanks for playing :D

Pretty short but fun and tense game :D Good job ^^

Really great job! Try to fix the enemies being stuck because it was kind of annoying, but otherwise it's a really solid game :D