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Yeah, the text was just put up in the last couple of minutes, so I didn't really have much time to make it more readable, but I'm glad you liked the style of the game, and yeah I could definitely see some improvements in the riddle implementation, so thanks a lot for taking your time man, means a  lot.

About the visual style, I didn't really put much time into it, and tried to create a unique style without really caring about the effectiveness, and you are actually supposed to be playing the game with a friend, so they are the one actually solving the riddles while you fight the enemies, but anyway thanks a lot for taking your time to check my game out, means a lot :).

Thanks man, means a lot, and I definitelly will!

Hi, thanks a lot for your feedback, and for playing my game it means a lot to hear that you had fun :), and I did make a tutorial level, but had some logic flaws and in the final build it was impossible to go through it, but anyway thanks a lot.

You won't BELIEVE the ending!! :D

Here is mine:

You won't BELIEVE the ending!! :D

Here is mine:

Appreciate it mate :)

Done mate, nice game btw

Here is mine:

FUN, CHAOTIC, Beat 'em up with some tough riddles to solve, Best played with a friend.

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Just trying to break the monotony, tell us something about your development environment?

I use a shit ASUS laptop, connected to a shit old ass fucking VGA Samsung monitor, and use the classic Duo of Unity+Visual Studio, I use my bedroom as the main studio office, but occasionally I might use the kitchen, that's about it..

Hey man, It truly means a lot you played the game, and yeah writing the commands is a good idea, I had some trouble in the last couple of minutes before submission, thankfully I managed to submit it :), and nope didn't have time for sound, so there is none.

Honestly the gameplay is a lot of fun but I did not have enough time, to design the levels, there is some shitty bugs, but please keep going because I think It's a lot of fun especially with a friend :), thanks for playing.

You used Unity didn't you?

Added some basic AI for the main enemies of the game, the mighty turrets!

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First DevLog video ever, watch it here and drop a sub if you like the game :)!

You play as a treasure thief, who seeks gold and precious gems.You have to accurately aim at castles,

shoot yourself and burst right into them to steal their treasures, but be careful the castles are heavily guarded

with robotic machinery of all king, so choose your weapon carefully…