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My lowest score was -1556!

The graphics and music were quite nice, but otherwise it didn't feel that great to play. I might have completely glossed over the correct way to play the game, but it felt like the only way to approach combat was to dash backwards a bunch and shoot arrows at the melee units that ran towards you. Getting to the ranged units made it somewhat tedious dashing around and poking them with arrows one by one. Using the player's melee attack felt like a death sentence.

I do think a single change could have made this game really engaging to play, though; if the arrows you shot went in the direction your camera was pointing rather than the direction your character was facing, I think there could have been a very satisfying combat system involving dashing around enemies while shooting arrows at them. Particularly with the ranged units, the game could have been centered around avoiding their arrows while making sure yours land.

Wow, this game was phenomenal. The detail in the art, music, and animations are all incredible, and the gameplay loop of getting from one side of the screen to the other is satisfying. Once I saw the ending, I figured there was a pacifist ending, which I really tried for. Preventing slimes from falling off the edge, however, proved to be quite difficult. The later levels were also incredibly difficult to do without killing slimes. I wish I could have seen what the ending was like for not killing any slimes, but it was too difficult for me. Not that that's a bad thing!

One criticism I can think of (and I'm really scrounging for something to say here) is that the platforming controls feel a bit bad. Specifically, if there was maybe a quarter of a second of time after leaving a ledge in which the player is still able to jump, I think the game would have felt a LOT better to play.

The only other thing I can think of is that I didn't really understand the purpose of the coins. I felt inclined to avoid them because the pink slime told me to collect them, but some of the coins were placed in places that forced you to pick them up. As such, I went the rest of the game disregarding them entirely, neither avoiding them nor seeking them out, and they didn't appear to change the ending. Were they intended to incentivize players to kill slimes in order to collect them?

Overall, phenomenal game. This is easily one of my favorite entries I've played thus far!!!

It's alright. Given how fast the player is able to move and how floaty their jumps are, I definitely feel like the camera could have been pulled back a bit and the levels could have put less focus on precision platforming and more on large leaps and bounds to create a more satisfying experience.

With that said, I did put quite a bit of time into the game and I had a good time!

I really liked this one! The platforming backend felt rock-solid, and the magic stuff played off of eachother to create satisfying puzzles to complete.

The prime feedback I'd like to give is that I didn't find the non-puzzle elements particularly enjoyable. Starting over after being hit by a turret, or falling into a pit that I couldn't get out of forcing me to restart the level, didn't add anything to the experience for me. Avoiding those obstacles felt moreso annoying than it did satisfying.

I also don't think the tutorialization of how the player is able to jump after moving off a ledge was done well; unless I completely missed something, it seemed like the level in which that mechanic was necessary to complete put you into a pit that you can't get out of if you fail to realize that you can do that, which was kinda annoying.

All that said, given that you started late and that this was your first jam, I really really liked it! I put much more time into this one than I do on average with other submissions.

I do appreciate games that go the extra mile to include cooperative elements into their submissions! The central mechanic of parsing the text felt innovative; while it's not my cup of tea, I definitely think it'll appeal to the players that enjoy the mental effort it takes to keep tabs on everything within the game.

I greatly appreciate the in-depth critique! We're really interested in revisiting the idea after the jam and improving upon it for potentially a full game, so feedback like this is extremely helpful.

The bug with the character not moving out of the doorway was unfortunately a bug we discovered after release; if the character is currently paused and the restart button is used, we neglected to properly set some of the flags in the character. This causes them to not leave the doorway upon the first time the play button is pressed; however, if the game is subsequently paused and played again, the character will start moving. I'm sorry to hear that you had to restart the webpage entirely, I'm sure that was fairly annoying.

As for the second bug, we never encountered that in our playtesting, so again I'm sorry to hear that you encountered that :(

We tried to address the convenience of re-placing arrows by letting players pick up already placed arrows and move them around; perhaps it stopped working when you played? 

Lastly, we did try to design the tutorial to be as hands-off as possible; the first level was intended to provide a safe space for the player to learn what all the UI buttons do, how to place arrows, and also hopefully teach that allowing the character to see a pot is bad, and that the line of sight to a pot can be broken by rocks. We tried similar hands-off approaches to tutorializing the other aspects of the game, such as the level where you're forced to pick up the ladder to cross the one-block-wide gap, thereby teaching the player that that's what the ladder does.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game regardless! Again the feedback is incredibly appreciated, thank you for taking the time to articulate it.

The polish is great! Both the art and sound design are on point. The controls are tight, and the physics make the game fun to move around in. For the life of me I could not figure out how to get past the chests, though; I very likely missed the tutorialization on how to deal with them, but it prevented me from seeing more of the game, which was really saddening :(

This game is an enigma, and I kinda love it. The game title is called Bob's Adventure, the file name is called BearAttack.exe, it throws you into a bullet hell, and then throws you into a top-down perspective. I was unable to solve the three cave puzzle, but I really wish I could have so I could see what else the game had in store.

Trying to incorporate a narrative into a game jam game is always a hefty task, and I think this game pulled it off well. I like the meta-glitch aesthetic, which provided a satisfyingly unnerving atmosphere during the first half of the game!

Mechanically, I also think it was adequate. The controls were fine, and the variety in the platforming challenges is always appreciated. My biggest complaint on that end is how it left me wanting to play a lot more! The new platform types were properly introduced, and I was hoping to experience full levels with them, but the game ended fairly soon after. It's understandable though, as this is a game jam.

Good game overall!

I love the teleportation mechanic; that's something I haven't really seen done in a platformer before, and I would have loved to see the levels designed around that mechanic! My only real criticism of the game is that the physics felt a bit awkward. The player had a lot of inertia, which made me misjudge a lot of my jumps. Otherwise I really enjoyed it!

The game feels exceptional to play. I'm extremely impressed by all of the small details; the way it has a small animation when stopping its movement, the small animation for when it transitions from ascending during a jump to descending during a jump, the fact that it can't jump at all when inside a two-tile high space; all of it adds up to make the game feel INCREDIBLE to play!

I'd hate to be a broken record, but I do agree with everyone else that the lack of checkpoints does not compliment the trial-and-error punishment design.

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The core concept is really addicting; there's a really satisfying flow to getting multiple correct in a row very fast. That being said, having to wait for a bit because of a "Press Anything!" prompt was a little annoying. Other than that, this was a great game! I appreciate that you took the effort to include both a story mode and an endless mode.

The polish in the game is EXCEPTIONAL! It feels incredible to move around and shoot the guns, and the art style and music are on point. I chuckled when I shot the tutorial person and the music instantly cut to silence; I adore little details like that.

The gameplay loop was fun, but once you realize what the enemy AI is, it becomes a little easy. I know you can't have them just shoot you the moment they can see you, so I suppose the current implementation was a decent compromise.

went to hell :( i missed some of the important clues

Absolutely phenomenal game; the gameplay loop is satisfying, the graphics are appealing, and competing for the highscore on each arena is very addicting! When I first saw this I thought it was just going to be a one-off joke game, but this was a genuinely great experience.

God this music is going to be stuck in my head all day, it's so catchy

This game was SOLID. The physics and tight controls make it great to move around, and each mechanic is properly tutorialized in such a way that there's a satisfying climb in difficulty as the game progresses!

I enjoyed it a lot! The ending really got me :)

Lovely art! I liked all the monster designs a lot

Being able to name your sheep was such a nice feature

Ahh, alright. Thanks!

I know we can't use Asset Store stuff, but I wasn't sure if Text Mesh Pro was considered an Asset Store thing, since you can import it directly within Unity. Thanks!