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Clouds Don't LieView game page

An arrow key clicking game that is surprisingly confusing.
Submitted by PiFox
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Game Design#4002.8572.857

Ranked from 7 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Nice game, it reminds me of the Stroop Effect where reading colored words in another color is really hard. The text was a bit hard to read so maybe a different font or a gray background could help. I also found the multi-press didn't work the best for me; maybe checking if the player has all the keys pressed at any time could fix that (not too sure though lol). I really liked the cloud's faces in the story and the gameplay was pretty face paced, so that was awesome.


Thank you very much the feedback. The text issue is already fixed in a future build of the game! Also the multi key press is very finicky and im still trying to figure out a solution, their is however an option to disable it in case it annoys you!! The praise about the faces is much appreciated and my artist will be very pleased as a lot of time and effort went into those. :D Once again thank you for the feedback!


I wish I had the willpower to patch my games after the jam. I always lose all motivation after grinding for a week staying up too late the night before the last day. Then I forget how any of my code even works the week after T T


Well theirs a lot of little things i had no time to implement at the end of the jam so i was keen to add them post jam. I just kinda want to wrap the project up and have something im proud of at the end of it. I was genuinely proud of me and my partner's work so i don;t mind revisiting it, even if their is a lot of code spaghetti to wade through xD.  I hope if you want to develop your game further you get the motivation too at some point and i wish you the best of luck!!!


Thanks, I'll try my best ^^ Be sure to check my game too!


Was getting to it! Just was a bit busy

Submitted (1 edit)

The core concept is really addicting; there's a really satisfying flow to getting multiple correct in a row very fast. That being said, having to wait for a bit because of a "Press Anything!" prompt was a little annoying. Other than that, this was a great game! I appreciate that you took the effort to include both a story mode and an endless mode.


Thank you for your feedback. I implemented to try and break the flow a little bit and maybe force people to lose their concentration a bit but I will look into speeding the timer up so you can get right back into the action!

Thank you again for the feedback it is much appreciated. :D


86 points! Took me a few tries to get that far... this is trickier than it looks!  Nice idea, sort of a reverse Simon says :D 


Thank you I really appreciate the comment. 

Hope you enjoyed your journey to the 86 points!!!


Nice work but i can't read what the cloud said ! maybe because i play on a 4K screen ! Realy innovative

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Yeah apologies, i run out of time at the end of the jam. So i had to just remove the background. However it is fixed in the current patch that is not on itch as of current Thank you for your feedback :D.  Also how did you find the multi press feature? I personally think it could do with some work but id appreciate feed back!!!