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Thank you very much for the feedback and rating it is much appreciated. Unfortunately i run out of time to get the multikey disable to work in the main game but it should work in endless mode. Also the cloud had a speech bubble but once again no time!!! I have already updated those two features in the upcoming update!! I am still working on making the multikey press more consistent and easy to use. Thanks once again for the feedback it is much appreciated!


Unfortunately in the current state of the game. The arrows have to be pressed almost perfectly which takes a while to get used to. I have not encountered an issue where the game stops responding. However if its causing an issue for you in endless play their is an option to disable them in the extras menu. Thank you for the feedback it is much appreciated! Sorry for the inconvenience.  

In the future im going to look into making it a web game so stay tuned!!!

No Problem xD i know the feeling just thought i'd point it out just in case A simple arrow clicking game for you to try!

Ill check it out, should be an interesting watch!!!

Im more than happy to give feedback especially when you gave me great feedback as well.

I didn't realise you could pick the arrows back up, that made my second play through a lot easier!

As i say the tutorial wasn't a big issue just thought it would be nice to have a few more obvious cues from the get go but obviously thats a personal opinion. 

The bugs also didn't bother me much either just thought I'd flag them up.

Once again well done on the great game and i hope you continue to make great stuff in the future!!!

PiFox :D

Really cool concept and great art style to back it up. Although it went over my head to start with :D

Was getting to it! Just was a bit busy

Well theirs a lot of little things i had no time to implement at the end of the jam so i was keen to add them post jam. I just kinda want to wrap the project up and have something im proud of at the end of it. I was genuinely proud of me and my partner's work so i don;t mind revisiting it, even if their is a lot of code spaghetti to wade through xD.  I hope if you want to develop your game further you get the motivation too at some point and i wish you the best of luck!!!

This is very similar to the classic card game "Cheat" and i wouldn't be surprised if this was very heavily inspired if not just a version of the game. Although not very innovative it is executed generally quite well and is worth a play to kill some time :D

Thank you very much the feedback. The text issue is already fixed in a future build of the game! Also the multi key press is very finicky and im still trying to figure out a solution, their is however an option to disable it in case it annoys you!! The praise about the faces is much appreciated and my artist will be very pleased as a lot of time and effort went into those. :D Once again thank you for the feedback!

Really nice concept and generally well executed. 

I encountered a bug a couple of times where the character would not move out of the doorway after playing the stage. I tried retrying the stage and exiting to the menu and trying again but the only thing that worked was restarting the  web page entirely. No idea what caused this but it happened multiple times. Another bug that i run into once was the arrows wouldn't appear on the ground when pressed and once again i had to restart the game.

A few general gripes: It would be nice to have an undo key for if you misplace an arrow but with the level restart system that would only be a minor improvement. Another thing would be that i really like the style of the tutorial however it didn't in my mind make it clear the aim of the game but after a couple of tries i figured it out anyway so again not a major issue.

Overall really well made game with fun mechanics. Sound design is good and the graphics serve their purpose well. Although not the most fun iv'e had in a puzzle game definitely is a solid submission :D

Cheers!, Really appreciate it! Hope you enjoyed it

Thank you I really appreciate the comment. 

Hope you enjoyed your journey to the 86 points!!!

Thank you for your feedback. I implemented to try and break the flow a little bit and maybe force people to lose their concentration a bit but I will look into speeding the timer up so you can get right back into the action!

Thank you again for the feedback it is much appreciated. :D

The controls are responsive and easy to use and the art style is interesting and fun to look at. However i found the gameplay not so great as their was a complete lack of visual or audio cues for which way to go or if their was enemies firing at me. With the speed of which some the projectiles approach the player it just feels unfair when you die from it shooting into the screen and immediately killing you.

Overall a good game just needs a little more thought on the level design front. A simple arrow clicking game, hope you enjoy! A simple arrow clicking game. Hope you enjoy!

A little bit of advice. You should zip all your files together before uploading using software like winrar. It makes it far easier for people to download and play as the files are altogether. Hope you get this sorted!

Good start but a lot of stuff needs work for it to be enjoyable in the slightest.

First of all im not sure if any of the difficulty settings work because their is no visual tells of which you are playing and if they do im not sure what they affect. 

Secondly their is no introduction what so ever and you have to grasp the game by yourself.

The health bars don't seem to work, either that or hit detection is really bad.

The game tells me  to use the 'B' key to interact but i don't know what with nor do I have time to find out do the constant onslaught of projectiles.

The art and music isn't the worst I've seen but definitely nothing that was worth sticking around for.

I also don't see how this fits the jam's theme but oh well.   

That all being said with some hard work Little Dungeon could be something worth playing and i sincerely hope you work hard to improve it and take my criticism on board. 

From PiFox.

As said below it's unfortunately not playable.

Hope you get it fixed! 

As plenty of others have said. As of now it is not playable as it needs the rest of the build folder. 

Hope you get it working soon!

No problem! :D

Hopefully I've helped with some of my suggestions. Would love to see the game reach it's full potential! 

But definitely a good start especially considering the limited time frame. (I fully relate to having to cut corners!!!)

Once again well done on your creation and i hope to see it reach new heights in the future! :D

This game is fun, looks good, has catchy music and it's mechanics are simple and well implemented. I think this game is a great take on the theme and it's hard to find fault with it. The only thing I would suggest is a high-score system. But it feels wrong to even suggest an improvement with such a polished game.

Really enjoyed the game, keep up the great work. PiFox :D 

Game, Music and Story were all really good and i genuinely enjoyed my time playing through. The controls felt smooth and the environment and atmosphere were very well executed.

However i did find a bug to do with the door section. First time playing through i imputed the pieces in the wrong order, i then went away from the door and tried again this time in the right order and they went bright red. However the door did not open. It was only after a restart that it opened. 

Bug a side it was a great although short play through and i wish to see more of your work in the future. From PiFox :D 

I don't know if i am missing something but I don't understand what to do after defeating the first three enemies. If their is more game i'd like to be pointed to it. If their isn't i'd like to be told I've finished. 

The enemy design seemed alright but the game has no introduction to either the enemies mechanics or the controls and everything seems a bit fast paced for my liking. It was more about holding an arrow key and pointing my mouse in the direction of an enemy then any actual strategy.

The sound design definitely got on my nerves a bit and the graphics could be improved.

Overall good start but could do with a lot of work.

From PiFox :D

I like the general premise of the game but in opinion was not executed to its full potential. The floaty platforming was fine at points but then in sections later in the game it just felt like a burden. Although the general atmosphere felt good the game environment felt empty and after running through it several times it got boring. The jumping sound also got on my nerves after about my second attempt. It is okey in isolation but when constantly jumping it can be really annoying. On top of this it basically just becomes a memory game later down the line.

Some suggestions: 

- The sections that were the easier path could have some obstacles littered in just a bit less. After a few play throughs it just became a running simulator. 

- A checkpoint would be nice prehaps because as i mentioned running back through the game was unenjoyable

- It would also be nice to have some inclination whether the wisp was lying or not and not just guess. (By the end of the game i just guessed instead of taking dialogue into account)

A couple of issues i found:

- Jumping sometimes wont work on the edge of platforms i think due to the colliders.

-Occasionally I got hit by spikes i seemly didn't touch. So some hitbox tweeks might be needed.

- Sometimes the door way to a new section would close on me. Although i could go back and trigger the area to open it, it was still slightly annoying.


I enjoyed the game to start with but it quickly got annoying and somewhat uninteresting. With some adjustment to level design and game mechanics this could have been a nice platformer but currently it falls short in my opinion. 

All the best of luck in the Future, PiFox :D

Very Concept with a lot of potential. Personally i didn't really understand the story but that might just be me. I did encounter one bug where it wouldn't allow me to jump even though i had one left and i was required to move one step away and then back to do so. Apart from that very seamless game play and satisfying aesthetic. With a few more levels would have been a really great play! :D

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Yeah apologies, i run out of time at the end of the jam. So i had to just remove the background. However it is fixed in the current patch that is not on itch as of current Thank you for your feedback :D.  Also how did you find the multi press feature? I personally think it could do with some work but id appreciate feed back!!!

This game is pretty fun but can be on the verge of annoying. The platforming feels really nice but having to search for the right exit left me feeling a bit unrewarded when i finally found it. Apart from that the music is amazing and visuals are quite stunning. The only other issue i had was occasionally foreground pillars would obstruct the view of a platform which would be a bit annoying when trying to pull off certain platforming sections. Overall nice game! :)

Im having the same issue. Guess have to wait for another 4 mins