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Donut Studio

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Thank you for your feedback and recording a gameplay video!

It was really fun to watch you complete the levels (or die close the the finish xD).

Thanks for your feedback!

I've noticed the problem with the pinboard.
Fortunately, this is no issue on you end,
I forgot to change the font and thus the japanese characters are not shown.

I'm going to change it in the next build!

Thanks, have fun with the asset :)

Yeah, sounds like a great idea. If I have more freetime, I'll probably going to adress this enhancement xD

I thought it would be great for others to create a game with those assets as well.

Perfect, now this game has a real purpose apart from our collaboration xD

Thank you :)

Well, how did you found it "again"? Nonetheless thanks :)

I'm glad you liked it, thank you :)

Thank you very much!

Thanks, after submitting I've experienced some bugs myself. It's just how it is :)

Awesome small game! I really like the mechanics and movement, great job!

Thanks for the feedback! The time limit was pretty tight that's why I couldn't add all the mechanics I'd like to.

Wow, amazing game. Simple graphics and gameplay but it's also challenging to find the right dices fast. Good job!

I like the idea of combining a golf game with some randomness by changing the environment. Well done :)

Awesome juicy game! Love the animations and mechanics, well done!

This game is wonderful! The graphics, sounds and effects are amazing! Easy to understand. The dialogues between the characters remind me of the dialogues from banjo kazooie. Well done!

Thanks very much :)


Thanks for your feedback! You got a really high score at the end :)

Thank you :)

Hey, thanks for publishing this wonderful soundtrack. I've used it in my game for the GMTK game jam since I'm not a great music producer. Of course I gave you credits! Try it out here:

Damn, this game is really fun. Great mechanics, simple to master and the shake, sounds and particles are amazing! Overall a wonderful submission!

Good small game with great accessibility since the mechanics are easy to master. The only thing I wish could be some more feedback like particles, movement, screen shake or whatsoever.

Anyway, great job!

Awesome looking game with a great balance between introducing new mechanics and combining them. Had a great time playing :)

I had a great time playing this game. Understanding the mechanics was done quite easily, simple but effective! Great job

You're welcome :)

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Well, I thought of creating one but I haven't started yet.
I'd like to have my own bot then.

I'll invite you if it's live :)

You're welcome, have fun with them :)

Thanks ,

I really appreciate your feedback :)
I've added your suggestions to my to-do list  and try to tackle them as soon as possible.

Thanks :)

Sorry for the really late response...
Thank you :D


Thank you! 
Try it again when it's completely finished :D

This is a pretty cool generator, thank you so much :D

This is a great asset pack. I'm using this for my game pixel escape: Keep it up :D

The donuts look really good, did you made them with inkscape?

Fits my profile very well :D

Wow this sounds awsome :D well done OwO

I tried your game and it's just amazing. The mechanics for the kills are juicy (I like the grapple kills). You really made something great.
If you expand your game you can create something fantasic.
Thank you for your feedback.

I really like the 3D Graphics (I cant make 3D Assets :(  )

but anyway this is a great game.

Heheheh, i like your game...the sound effects are great. well done :D