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Donut Studio

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Well, I thought of creating one but I haven't started yet.
I'd like to have my own bot then.

I'll invite you if it's live :)

You're welcome, have fun with them :)

Thanks ,

I really appreciate your feedback :)
I've added your suggestions to my to-do list  and try to tackle them as soon as possible.

Thanks :)

Sorry for the really late response...
Thank you :D


Thank you! 
Try it again when it's completely finished :D

This is a pretty cool generator, thank you so much :D

This is a great asset pack. I'm using this for my game pixel escape: Keep it up :D

The donuts look really good, did you made them with inkscape?

Fits my profile very well :D

Wow this sounds awsome :D well done OwO

I tried your game and it's just amazing. The mechanics for the kills are juicy (I like the grapple kills). You really made something great.
If you expand your game you can create something fantasic.
Thank you for your feedback.

I really like the 3D Graphics (I cant make 3D Assets :(  )

but anyway this is a great game.

Heheheh, i like your game...the sound effects are great. well done :D

Big thanks I will also try out yours

Hmmm, I have tested it out but there was no problem.

Maybe the "PlayerPrefs" funktion hasn't been set.

Thanks anyway that you played my game. I'll try yours too.

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This is a great asset pack :D

I've used this in my mobile game

Thank you so much.

Space Shot

≧◡≦ they are great!!!

This looks so great, can't wait to make a game with this!!! ≧◡≦

Cool these sprites are inspired by Castle Crashers :D. But anyway they are great

This is a well made asset I love it. Keep going!!!

Is this asset pack free for commercial use?

Yes of course. You can download the new sprites again. 

Pretty cool, thanks. But I will program my own :D.

Hey can I use your pack for a mobile game? I will sure give you credits. 

Fun concept the animations of the player are great

anyway a good game. Please try out my game...thanks

The particleeffects are really great. A lifebarwould be cool.

Anyway a cool game idea. Can you please try out my game?

A cool detective game but I've found a bug: When you quit

the conversation the box is still there. But anyway a great game jam game

Can you please try out my game?

This game is one of the best I've seen in this jam...

Good job - keep it up. The art is great

Can you please try out my game?

Cool idea...the screen effects are great, good job.

Can you please try out my game?

I like the pixelart so good game jam game :)

The barson the top are really cool.

Ok thanks for you feedback, I don't know why the game crashed... :( 

I will also try out your game.

Cool game...keep it up. With what engine are the models made?

They're looking nice. Good job. I think you can make a pause menu it would be better...

(watch a tutorial xD) Please try out my game

Goob job. This game has potential to make export it on android or ios. Keep it up.

Can you please try out my game?

This is a really fun game. The art is nice good job.

Can you please try out my game.

Good job. I think you looked tutorials from Blackthornprod :D (Me also)

It  would be great if you can make a pause menu(Watch a tutorial from Brackeys)

I really like the combat-system.

I know but I also need to learn for school. I'll try out your game. Thanks, I think my result for my second game jam is pretty cool. Thanks for your feedback.

I extremly love the art and the gameplay, please try out my game.

This is an really interesting game, good job. Please try out my game: