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i really like this game. 

i like it. fit the theme. shoulda let the game continue no matter the score until the player do something.. i dunno what to when cleaning up the trash though.. 

really good. so who kill the first one? 

woah.. that really nice. love the audio/sound actor. 

my only wish is that the spawn of creep and take damage to be faster. it take a while to start new round. other than that good job.

i like it fit the theme really well. 

short but fun! 

I was like whutt.. how to control this.. lol. But it was a fun game. i Finished it. 

I fell down at some level and it stop. no respawn. no restart. 

lol. fit the theme well. 

i Like it. was confusing at first. but once you know what you need to do..  it is really cool. 

cool concept. But i couldn't pass second level. where is the button in second level??

Good overall game. just wish the respawn time and chat box be quicker.

Love it! 

in the top bar where there is file - edit - build - window. click on "window" on the top bar. click resources. it should give back the sprite, room, etc. 

I like the egyptian artwork. Trading bees while learning egypt.