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Hello, I completed the game and I must say it was impressive on many levels, I could not really suggest how to improve it but when more is completed I would love to play it again. 5/5.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

Anyone not played it yet, try it, its more scary than you think. And its only the first chapter.

I was able to get a pretty big army in this after a while, it is harder but simpler than it looks, I recommend it. I rate this 5/5.

I was pleased to play the demo for this, I was aware of this game a short while ago and I hope it helps the support for this game.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

True I know you can buy stuff but since when does a indie developer live in luxury, hehe. maybe if I had a bit more time I would but having just a couple of minutes I had to click fast.

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I finished the game, I really enjoyed it and look forward to the full version. Gameplay video is online now.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

Its very hard to balance working, and earning money and buying stuff while making a game, but I am pleased I did well even if I live in a terrible building...haha.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

Just to let you know, someone put this on the gamejolt website, I have reported it just to be sure as you explecidly said its only available on itch. http://gamejolt.com/games/raft/232547

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If you have not put this on the Gamejolt website I suggest you do, I know it will be really popular there.

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not sure if you know this but I say what errors I found.

Sometimes the money is not taken for purchased items so I can order infinite free supplies.
When putting pre-made items on the inventory they do not pick them up, I have to take them off and put them back on.
It does not happen often, but sometimes the ingots do not heat up when on the fire, I have to remove them and start over.

Apart from that pretty good game, I already posted my gameplay but that video doesn't show the bugs it was a pretty smooth recording, again I look forward to any future version released.

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Hello, I love the game. It is simple and the music matches well and is something I can play a lot. I want to play the full game, let me know how it goes.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

That was a fun game, there is lots to do and the random generation is very good. I think I will stick with this and look forward to online.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

I believe it is the Unreal Engine. But the trade off is you need a powerful PC for this engine most of the time.

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I did not experience crashes in the game and I did need to figure out the keyboard settings as it is for a controller first, but I think you just need a good PC for is because of the Unreal Engine. Certainly on of my favourate games so far.

Hello, I was able to complete your game, took me a while but I was glad to do it, it certainly is a puzzle and a few scares for me that were not expected.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

I saw the game, for a beginning it is ok. It of course will need more development however I did find your game Azure Drive to be better as it is more my style, let me know how it goes.

I don't think there is much to do after a short while, I cant get any more people in my settlement and resources are very limited, eventually I die being overrun by the enemy. I hoped I could get more settlements but I'm afraid I think I got to the limit. I wish it was still being built it could have been tonnes of more fun.

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I think it was a good game overall, need some better form of a save function but apart from that I liked it.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

I'm pretty much assaulting people to get a score. Haha. But it was fun.

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That was a load of fun, I loved it all. Is this on gamejolt too? I can see myself playing this a long time.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

hello, great I will follow on gamejolt, as I use unity for my work I can see this is a good example as an engine for games and I would be happy to resume my play of it when more is released. for game play suggestions I use my email: lukecripps@fellowplayerstudios.com

Let me know how it goes if I miss it. I look forward to it,

I finished a gameplay of this game. For a Unity Development I am pleased with the graphics but I did feel it was short, will there be more of this game so I can follow and update my videos?

YouTube: Fellowplayer

is this the final version or is it a demo that you will build up on?

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Hello, I have been gathering a small force for a short while and I was pleased to have over 2 BILLION bones in my collection, but when I clicked on the bonus box it suddenly became -2,000,000,000. How could It suddenly go into the minus? All my collection of bones is useless. This is a pretty big error, can you let me know if this will be fixed or should I just give up?


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Updated video for you, I believe I have seen enough for a good review and recommendation to others to play.

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I am a little at a loss as to how to play the game. its extremely dark for one and do I have to collect keys or something? I explored everywhere but apart from a taking obelisk and a shaking pad I couldn't do anything else.

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Bug Update.

For some reason the last minion in my list is never the same when I leave the game and replay it. I upgrade the last one in the list to say 100 seconds / 10 bones. But despite saving my progress several times after during a 1 minute period, for some reason the minion resets. sometimes all the way back to 120 seconds / 1 bone. The others seem fine, its just that last one.

Also, your bonus multiplier. it goes up to 3x but it gives the impression it multiplies by 3. it actually does 3+ so only adds three.

eventually I will do an update video, I will see how it goes.

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ok, because I have to say if the scores can be manipulated like that, it pretty much kills the spirit of the game, almost makes me not want to even try to play anymore keeping a high score if anyone can change it.

If there was a bit of fun sounds and music and a little more gameplay mechanics, it would make a great video.

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Hello, a few issues with the game, some are bugs others are general issues.

Your minions sometimes do not do a walking animation when moving, sometimes the code to animate them does not work but they do "hover" from A to B.

Do they collect bones while you are not playing the game, my bone count did not increase while I was away.

I though I couldn't have more than 8 minions because it goes off screen, but I found out I can drag the mouse to see them all, I didn't know that at first. could you add a menu so people can see all the controls.

Also, suddenly the 1st place has 2147483647+ skeletons and new insane scores keep on appearing. This was not there earlier but it suddenly appears. Is this fake or a genuine score?

Still love the game though.

Created a new topic Gameplay Video


There was more to this than I originally thought, I will be spending some time on this, what is the goal exactly or is it just to get as much of an army as possible to be the highest on the leaderboard, also when I saw the leaderboard I think I confused your name with mine, hehe.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

This is harder than I thought, but it was a lot of fun, many bad bananas here.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

This is harder than it looks but I gave it a good go, you really need to think on how to do this game.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

That was fun and exciting, I think one of them escaped me and fell into infinite safety but I lasted longer than I thought.

Youtube: Fellowplayer

Hello, I finished the game demo and that was excellent, the use of graphics and animations is impressive, I will wait for the full release of this game and hope to continue from where it left off. 5/5.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

is this the full working demo? I played this a while back but it was still at an early stage?

I completed the game, I hope my conclusion was correct i was not sure but i enjoyed the game, I hope there will be more development or another game like it.

Youtube: Fellowplayer

I finished a gameplay, I enjoyed the game a lot and the music was pretty good. There was certainly a lot of red...hehe.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

so far its good, I would like to see it when it is done. Let me know how it goes, I would keep an eye on it but I'm assuming the name of the game will change.

I like this game, I can see how it was developed and I am happy to support it on greenlight, I left feedback about how the game could be improved mainly about light but as a demo I enjoyed it a great deal.

YouTube: Fellowplayer