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I think it happens around day 12 but I woke up, went into my shop, the noise for a new customer would sound, I'd turn around and they would just walk away strait after the walked in, so I've restarted my game and I haven't noticed it happening again(I haven't got back to day 12 yet) so it might have been a fluke, but t I was just wondering if that has happened to anyone else? Also I think the pay for great swords should be higher as I spent $308 on making a tin one and I only got paid $9? And just as a question, do the times you get to make weapons shorten deliberately or no? Also I'm sorry if I have posted in the wrong place for my issues.

(edit) don't mean to be annoying but I'm posting this at nighttime so I can't check my computer, I will in the morning, but I don't know what spec my computer is, I know it has 2 terabytes of space, I do not have any photographic evidence and I do not know what version of the game I am running. And again sorry for seeming or being at all unhelpful but if you would like to know anything, ask away.

Wow that was quite a mouthful from me:)