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I got to 11:31 then it crashed on web :( I should have listened to the warning. XD

have you tried to lower the settings?

my avast anti virus won't let me play it :(....

my avast anti virus won't let me play it :(....

also RPG's?

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https://mrmoevie.itch.io/kealans-journey It's my first game would be nice if you would take a look at it (it's a rpg)

oh and Healthbars!

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easy mode is sooo easy

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If you disassamble a weapon then it will glitch and you will have to buy a new grip and the other thing (I'll edit it if I remember how it's called and if you take a ingot from the anvil it will glitch and you will get a dagger wilst trying to make a shortsword etc

enjoyed the game ALOT

had my first glitch now :'(

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I have the problem that I almost can't see anything at night I only see my ingots :'( I can't even find my bed.... edit1: nevermind found it :)

edit2: found a GLITCH in the matrix of my smithy I found out that EVERYTHING including ingots is not useable after you erased them from the anvil (taking ingots from the anvil and they won't work) ( disasembling a sword and nothing fits into eachother anymore) I hope YOU can update it couz this game is too much fun to have such stupid glitches

yay It could get great in the future

there allready is a system now you can make copper, tin, iron etc.

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maybe that some adventurers also sell a weapon and they can be more or less expensive then how you make them depending on the adventurer.

some sort off dungeon wich you can get in too to get ores maybe.

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also had it but I instantly gave him and I only recieved 20 coins :'( all my money gone.

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hmm then I don't know it anymore :( let's hope the developer solves it. I believe he will!

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I like my little blacksmithshop more it has a little more to offer and none spinning stuff in your hands

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try to slap the blade again at the anvil and it will do it again atleast that was what happend in my smithy.

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I sold my 206 worth off stuff sword for only 20 moneys :( and that's how I lost my money....