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0.062 IS AWESOME!!!

A topic by Redbaron14n created Feb 14, 2017 Views: 580 Replies: 8
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Thank you so much for making this update! It fixed ALL of the problems I had! Now I can finally enjoy the game I always wanted! Thank you so much!!!


Awesome. I'm glad to know it's working!

had my first glitch now :'(

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Same, the locking on the anvil makes it think that there is only one ingot. 9/10 times it makes a dagger blade even if I have more than one ingot on the anvil. This is worse than the Greatsword or the day 12 glitch.

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If you disassamble a weapon then it will glitch and you will have to buy a new grip and the other thing (I'll edit it if I remember how it's called and if you take a ingot from the anvil it will glitch and you will get a dagger wilst trying to make a shortsword etc

However, I do think this will be easy to fix.

People really like the game :D

So many Glitches srry not trying to be mean

Then maybe tell him/her what they are instead of just saying "glitches not mean i swurr".