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Thanks for feedback. I'll continue development after a hiatus. Sticky

A topic by PseudoDuo created Feb 04, 2017 Views: 430 Replies: 9
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This was a very emotional release for me. Thank you for all the feedback and replies. I will continue developing this game after a hiatus of about 6 months. Hopefully the game doesn't get cloned by then :D.

I need these months to develop my skills a bit more through game jams and networking.

I'm excited! This game has all sorts of mayhem and destructions!


Yeah this demo launch really showed me that its possible to make fun and deep game out of this if its refined a bit more and expanded. Thanks for the reply. Its people like you that keep me going. I"ll just need to take time off to get better and not screw up the final product. :D

It needs a bit of optimization, but this is one of my favourites. Cant wait for updates :D


Feels really good to hear that. Makes me feel like getting back to work sooner. Can't promise anything but, If you use twitter then that is that is the best way to get updates when I get back to work https://twitter.com/EdwardUnkown.

I may have to disappoint you


Someone was faster with this concept.


I saw that one. I think the difference is large enough to continue. I think hey released it to early. Even for early access there is too little original assets. I"ll keep an eye one it. Thanks for the link to the steam I only saw some videos on youtube.

yay It could get great in the future


I hope so :D

It'll be great! Take your time and relax.