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A hidden gem of the "web" section. There are so many small but great things about this. First of all: you may think that each character is just a reskin, but they all have a different play style. For example:

Cdr. Jeff is a good all-rounder / offensive character with great potential;

Koral is very defensive relying on the back of her trident to... beat her enemies to death with? idk;

Cpt. Beard is propably the most offensive, being small and having a great range, but his giant sabre gets stuck when doing an "uppercut" and is incredibly slow when doing a swing from above the head;

Dr. [insert robot name here]: same as Beard, but with more slashing potential;

The Alien: Just wiggle his tentacle in front of him. Next;

The Bunny guy: Simpe: charge and swing your carrot a lot of times;

This just asks for a character select screen, but this would ruin the next aspect of the game: it's incredibly quick. Max 2 minutes for a max 17 round game is so quick that i played this around 30 times already, and i'm still having fun with it.

About the 2-player mode, i don't have friends to play with ;-;

The bots are also great, changing tactics each round, and genearlly being good, but still easy enough to win against them.

And most importantly, the game is incredibly stupid in a good way. You ever wanted to see paper pirates and bunny people fence in space? Now you can, thanks to Shadow Fencer Theatre.

It's really all i can think of right now. This may feel small, but it's still a lot for a web game. Keep up the good work.

ONLY 9 MB? 9 MB? How did you... Nah, as long as it's good i shouldn't care.

Impressive, really impressive. The only problem being this is more of a "am i skilled enough to make a full game" test. Congratulations, you passed it.

I think i found a pattern. The suspect is always the first person your "starting point guy" calls. Got pretty easy at this point. Still a great game tho.

Side note: spears are useless. I'ts end is simply too small and i'ts too hard to get the exact distance required to kill somebody by swinging. Plus the idea of a spear (and a spear wall) is that your opponent can't get to you without impaling himself. It would be cool if the player had very similiar mechanics to the bots (for example: you could damage enemies by simply walking into them with a weapon)

Side note 2.0: Horses are useless. Any short weapon is too short to damage enemies standing under you. Plus they just die in one hit from anything, so they're even more useless for the player.

Besides that i have no side notes. Keep up the good work.

I may have to disappoint you

Someone was faster with this concept.

Is polska! Is pierogi and flaczki! Ja polska too! Is gut engrish.

Personally i like this game. It has a lot of potential, but yes, it's a long way to go. Uno, give those poor little people textures, some armor, a face at least. Secundo, you can't win a war by throwing stones at people with sticks :P. An upgrade screen perhaps? Think about it this way: you capture an armory of some kind, and from the money you get from capturing other stuff you buy better weapons and armor for your army or yourself. Three, It just feels weird and a little bit casual to have a person pop out of thin air when you destroy ten trees. Four, I have another idea: you start with (for example) two people. One of them dies. The next time you start a level you only have 1 person. This would make the game a little bit less linear and harder. Before i go i have to report a bug: enemies sometimes go inside locked cages.

I think that's it. Keep up the good work.