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Should I continue? Any feedback is appreciated.

A topic by PseudoDuo created Jan 29, 2017 Views: 772 Replies: 23
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Developer (Edited 2 times)

This was a 6 month long project for me. Its obviously got a long way to go before it is worth buying for any amount of money.

I created this early demo to see the response, and answer the question of killing the project or putting it away the and continuing it later. Constructive discussion and criticism is very appreciated.


Personally i like this game. It has a lot of potential, but yes, it's a long way to go. Uno, give those poor little people textures, some armor, a face at least. Secundo, you can't win a war by throwing stones at people with sticks :P. An upgrade screen perhaps? Think about it this way: you capture an armory of some kind, and from the money you get from capturing other stuff you buy better weapons and armor for your army or yourself. Three, It just feels weird and a little bit casual to have a person pop out of thin air when you destroy ten trees. Four, I have another idea: you start with (for example) two people. One of them dies. The next time you start a level you only have 1 person. This would make the game a little bit less linear and harder. Before i go i have to report a bug: enemies sometimes go inside locked cages.

I think that's it. Keep up the good work.


Thanks for the feedback. These are very good suggestions. I"ll keep some notes for when I return to working on this game.


I saw the game, for a beginning it is ok. It of course will need more development however I did find your game Azure Drive to be better as it is more my style, let me know how it goes.


Thanks for replying. I really didn't expect you to favor Azure Drive over this. Oh well. If I develop it further I will update you. Good luck.


You should continue.


Alright! Thanks for the reply its really encouraging.

I covered your game. If there are more levels, I would love to try them out. :)


Wow, thanks a lot! There is nothing more encouraging than someone putting the effort into making an entire video! : D

i really loved the game, but please please please add more levels, and maybe give the option for melee troops, so that way you can defend yourself at close range. but please keep going forward with this game!


Thanks for the enthusiasm. I'll continue working after a break of a few months. If I start developing this game again you will hear it first on https://twitter.com/EdwardUnkown

I definitely think you should continue working on this game! I played it for a YouTube video and I had so much fun, even when it's at such an early stage. There's definitely a lot of things to work on, but for what it is, it was great.

(If you want to hear my commentary on it, the video is here and will be up at 4 p.m. EST tomorrow, February 16th.)

I wish you nothing but the best. There is so much potential to this game and it was awesome!


Thank you very much! I can't wait to see the video. Thanks for the encouragement! Because of all the support I decided I will continue this project after a few months of game jamming.

No problem! Feel free to update me on any stuff you make, I'd love to play more!

Hey, i downloaded the game and had a blast. I was wondering if you were looking for some help in further development of the game and if so i would love to help!


Thanks for trying it out glad you liked it. You can always help with future playtests and give suggestions. Currently, I am leaning to make better concept art in order to create a more defined art style. Any suggestions on that would help. Other than that all our bases are covered and I can't afford to hire.

Hey, i will defiantly continue on play tests. As far as helping i would love to work on art and maybe 3d modeling. I wouldn't require any payment working for free would be just fine if you need the extra help.


Join me on here when you feel like it. https://discord.gg/SRNJRdy I am the guy named Paladin. You will see me in the roster on the right.


this game looks like great fun to play (I saw gameplay video above). I think that people will enjoy. I think you should continue now or later. If you feel you have not time, you can release it as opensource and let someone else to continue. All possibilites are better than throw it into trash.


Thanks for the reply. I think I will continue. Thanks to all you lovely people I have a clearer vision of the game.

It's very good, but... There just not too many content. It has many potential, but there not many to do, and even don't many levels. I very want to see this game complete. I'll will be hope you continue this project.
(p.s. - sorry for bad english, not my language)


I see what you are saying. I will develop it further, but there won't be any playable updates untill its done. I will release a demo of the completed game, but the final full version I will sell for $1-5 dollars. Thanks for the Feedback :D

When/if this game is further along, i will definitely buy it for at least 10 bucks, KEEP GOING and great job so far.


Thanks that's inspiring.