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I think I found the problem!
If you will alt+enter and then alt+tab to another window, then game scales up a lot and makes screen to be a lot bigger than it should be. My resolution is 1680x1050.

Working now! Thank you!

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Can I somehow transfer PC version to iOS version? I bought it for PC, but can I get also iOS version with it? I would gladly pay $2 for it, tho!

Also, i'm experiencing same problems with resolution of screen. Waiting for fix!

And a suggestion - add a button that's leading into main menu, because sometimes i want to restart the game losing my character on purpose, but game doesn't let me to do so.

Getting white screen when running it. So, what i have to do?

Replied to JNI in Where is my key?

I don't have "claim steam key" button.

Created a new topic Where is my key?
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There's no key on email, and on download page. Where do i get it? I got game as a key from dev, not bought it.

Created a new topic Possesion idea!

Hey, JNI, i have one idea.
What about function of watching units, and, if we want, possess them? I think it's not an bad idea, it would be funny to watch "regular day of AW 3 soldier", and, if our character got dead, to posses another unit in your army.

It would be useful, than searching custom units in "All", especially if you're fan of "custom" battles.

Btw, i found one bug - if you'll pause the game (with pause button on top, or with esc - no meaning), bodies and weapon will be flying on the map, like there was an explosion.

Replied to JNI in Character models

IMO, problem is only head, make it smaller <_<
In other, i think that this is great model, haha
But blocky guys is good tho

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Sended on mail.

I would show you, but someone can download it then xd
this is why i want pm to jni

Created a new topic Game got pirated...

Game is cracked. How can i pm you, JNI?

We need to pay 7$ just for modern soldiers and terrain editor? :/

Replied to JNI in Make it free

Ancient Warfare 2 was free - and there's many kids, that don't have money to pay for games.  That's why they're want free game. But as i think, 6$ - pretty fair price for game like this :)
(But fights are still not better tbh, just a crowd that goes in one big stain, and fighting with another stain. I would pay even more for better AI and animations! :c)

Just you mentioned that game will come to steam after early access here. So, early access version will be paid too, or this will be free some time?

Then, create chariot. xd

Maybe, make something like roll, to dodge from enemies and "cooldown" to not abuse it? I think it would be good.

Replied to JNI in Is it free?

oh, okay.
Anyway, i would buy it! Gosh, so many good releases this autumn.

Replied to JNI in Is it free?

Oh. There will be steam release after a week, or game will be first on itch?

And please, make option to make colors less saturated. This acid green in Ancient Warfare 2 was hurting my eyes <_<

Add more modern objects, to build military bases!  And planes/heclicopters, but it would be hard.

You can't. Wait for game release - it's 8 days.

wow, really? it's very cool! hope there will be better combat system and better ai :)

it's still alive?

It's very good, but... There just not too many content. It has many potential, but there not many to do, and even don't many levels. I very want to see this game complete. I'll will be hope you continue this project.
(p.s. - sorry for bad english, not my language)

Release date for modern spin-off? I reaaaaaally want to play modern version of this!!