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Is it free?

A topic by TreeTrunk Mercenary created Jul 23, 2017 Views: 732 Replies: 6
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When the game comes out will it be free to play? If so will there be any aspects that have to be paid for to access?


The game won't be free. It's planned to release the game on steam after early access and people who bought the game on itch.io will get a free steam key once the game released there.

Oh. There will be steam release after a week, or game will be first on itch?


Steam release will be at the end of early access.


oh, okay.
Anyway, i would buy it! Gosh, so many good releases this autumn.

Will it be free on itch and how much will it cost in steam?


It won't be free on itch. The price is 6,95$. On steam the price will be a bit higher, but people who bought a copy on itch will get a free steam key after the steam release.