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I have tested the version and it is working. You could try to redownload the game.

Which OS?...

Which version are you trying to use?

Yo have to make sure that xou have extracted the zip file and that the .exe file is in the same directiory as the Ancient Warfare 3 Data folder

Very good idea! I will add it in the next update. The pause bug is a engine bug, but I think I know a solution for a workaround

And why? A few more information would be helpful...

It's not easy to add a game on steam. Much of paperwork to do in germany and after that, steam will wait 30 days to validate all data.

That is really annoying.

I don't want to delete it because new people might start a new discussion... Now they can read this thread instead of complaining in a new thread.

Flamethrowers are on the content list and will be added soon.

Thank you for sharing all those great ideas. Most of them will be implemented in future updates.

Can you please explain what is happening? I have some buyers from the EU, but if there is any problem, I would like to report it to itch.io.

@fenos thanks for messaging me. Can you please pm me on twitter(https://twitter.com/jannik_jn) or via email adress(janniknickel1997@web.de)? I don't know how I can contact you.

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I will add the attack keys to the options in the next update, so that you can choose the key you want to press.

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Thank you for your support!


It will be added to your itch.io games collection... You won't receive an email

Hey, both versions(demo and full) are available in 32bit. On windows, there is an extra version for 32bit computers and the MacOs and Linux files are universal(32bit and 64bit)

Hi giantboss10, I hope you have learned your lesson and try to keep calm in the forum.

The idea is good, but I habe to think about it, because tabs.

I really like the idea. I think that I will add those kind of units to the game.

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The question has already been asked, but that's no problem. This is the link to the thread: https://itch.io/t/130113/character-models

I thought about that yesterday. But the engine version is very different from the current one and I would have to update many things to keep the functionality. At the moment I'm too busy with AW3 and an AW2 update would be too time consuming.

But if I find some free time, I may create an update.

Here is an instruction video for Ancient Warfare 2, but it will work for Ancient Warfare3, too.

If you buy the game you won't get a key, it will be added to your account. If you get a key, it is a link which will link the game to your account

Maybe a month or two... There is much paperwork to do to get on steam.

Yes, it will be added to steam at the end of early access.

I'm using itch.io' refinery to upload the files. The refinery creates zip files and I can't change that. If you don't know how to open/extract a zip file, that's your problem. You should ask for help and descripe your problem instead of claiming that I am a scammer!

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That's not how it is supposed to work of course :D

There is an engine problem which sometimes causes this bug, but I will try to find a workaround for this.

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At the moment, ships are not planned, but maybe I will add them in later updates, because we already have a new water system.

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It would be possible and I might add an option to change the size.

But why do your want smaller maps?

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All medieval weapons are unlocked and a few modern weapons, too. You can play the custom battle editor and

conquest, but the other modes are locked.

I had already implemented other models, but they didn't look very good, because they didn't fit the style of the game. Maybe I will change the models some day, but at the moment, I think that will continue with the block guys.

Experimental unit model

This is how they look like
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Maybe I can do that kind of giveaway, because a free demo version will be released tomorrow.

Thanks for reporting it. I will add it in the update tomorrow.

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Yes. I get your email address when you buy the game on itch.io.

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You will get a free steam key after the steam release.

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thank you for your feedback! Tanks and other vehicles will be added in future updates.

Have a nice day, too!

Have you read the text? You pay the money for a complete redevlopment with content from all kind of eras and more new features, which are on the way in the game

I would say in about two months.

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The price will be 20% higher, because steam takes more money from developers.