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There is no planned release date at the moment. I will publish a release date when I finished the basic functionality.

The focus will still stay on the ancient times. There will be much more content for ancient eras than for today.

There will be better combat:



The first devblog is about the combat and the second about the new terrain generation.

There will be content from stone age to today

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Nothing. I've started to redevelop the game from scratch.

Unity engine, Monodevelop for c#, Visual Studio for c++ and xml, Blender for modelling, Paint.NET for icons, GIMP for Textures, Audacity for sound, Trello for planning

Not at the moment. It's far away from release, but I'm working all day and sometimes at night.

Please follow the troubleshooting guide above the comment section in order to get help. Especially the last point with the output log.

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To the unit spawner:

1. Place a unit spawner

2. Drag select the spawner(Click and hold the left mouse button and drag the rectangle above the spawner, then release the mouse button)

3. A window should pop up.

4. Click the green "+"-Button and select a unit.

5. Add more units or play around with the settings of the window

The game series is not finished yet and maybe I will add ocean/land battles in the future.

Can you give me a few more details about the message please? Maybe with a screenshot. (Email: janniknickel.info@gmail.com)

I'm testing and developing the game on windows 10 and all is working fine.

No there is no beta and there won't be a beta. It will be released when it's finished.

Thank you very much! If you don't have created any custom unit, the problem will occur... I will build a hotfix now.

The display name is wrong because I changed to itch.io's refinery system in update 4. You will download the update 6 version. I got an output log with the problem, which I will fix now.

I'm not working on the game at the moment. I'm working on themodern spin off or Ancient Warfare 3. That's not sure at the moment. Next week I will continue the development of Ancient Warfare 2 to prepare update 7

Hi, I have reuploaded the game. Can you try to play it please.

Can you please send me the output log? The description for that is in the troubleschooting guide.

Which version did you use?

I can try to reupload the game later. I have tested and extracted the game with winrar. I have none of the problems you descriped.

Maybe there was a problem with itch.io because the server is responsable for create the zip file

That's nice to hear! I'm working hard tofinish the first release of the modern spin off

It is fully working... How do you extract the game? With winrar? Windows explorer?

Which version do you use? I have downloaded the windows files and all was working fine....

You have to extract the game before starting it. This bug is caused by running the game out of the archieve

Thanks for sharing your video!

It is implemented and should work. I will test it.

I would recommend winrar for the extraction.

You have to extract the game! Allthose bugs are caused by running the game directly from the zip file

To run the game you will need:

Windows XP SP2+, Mac OS X 10.8+ or Ubuntu 12.04+

GPU with Direct x9 (Shadermodel 3.0) support or higher

1gb free ram

A cpu from this century(better cpu=larger battles)

Thank your for sharing your video :)

Thanks for your report.

No date, butI started to work on it. Ancient Warfare 2 is paused for 2-3 weeks to develop the base of the modern spin off. I just have to finish a small side project today and maybe tomorrow. After that I will continue the modern spin off.


Hi, I want to add beach battles, too, but they are really difficult in terms of performance. There will be a modern spin off for soldiers with thompsons and other weapons.

Not in this game, but there is a zombie mode planned for the modern spin off.

My plan is to replace the animations with some procedural attack in one of the further updates.


you are not the first one who wants to see this feature, but I probably won't implement it, because all parts of the game are build to only use two factions. To implement this feature, I would have to rewrite most of the core...

Maybe that's a feature for the modern spin off.

If ypu lose an arm you will die, because nobody would continue the battle if he lost a body part...

Some of the othet things will be in the modern spin off

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Thanks for sharing your video!

I can't help you without your system specs. The game is very performant if you don't place hundrets of units...

Thanks for sharing your video!

Thanks for your kind words. If you haveany suggestions, feel free to post them here. Maybe you will fin them in game.