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The steam api is integrated into game. The api protects the game against distribution to other platforms and adds functionalities to it. I thinks it's also against the legal agreement to put the game with the api in this store. However, since you can claim a free steam key on this platform its not that unfair.

The music is from Ross Bugden.

No, you can claim your steam key. THis is a turorial about how to it:

The steam key will not expire. There are steam keys in the database, so that there shouldn't be any problems.

Maybe this blog post will help you:

If you are still having problems, please contact the support.

This article should help you:

Otherwise, please contact the support.

No problem, I'm glad you enjoy the game

Hey Wrenchzzz,

I do agree with most of the things you suggested.

The thing I'm waiting for is the next engine version, which is planned to be released in april. There will be some changes to navmesh navigation and other things that will hopefully give the developers a bit more control about what will happen. I that new system doesn't work, I will write my own solution, but for now, implementing some of those behaviours would just kill the engine, because raycasts at runtime are quite expensive.

Just imagine every unit has to "shoot" a ray at their target to make sure that nothing is between the unit and it's target. I would end up having like 50 to 100 raycast (worst case 100 in one frame). However there will be changes to raycast in the next engine version, too, so that the AI can be improved.

Next update will be all about vehicles and air vehicles, but after that, the new engine version should be stable and I can start working on the AI behaviour.

This article explains how buying works. There is also an image with the steam key button on it. But if you haven't bought the game, you shouldn't receive a steam key, because the steam keys are for the full version only. (Not the demo)

That's a bug in the current version, which will be fixes in the next update.

Thank you for reporting that problem, but I can't replicate it.

Could you send me the battle file please?

No, you won't loose your steam account purchases.

All you need to know should be explained in the official documentation:

Just click on the get steam key button and follow the instructions.

This article describes how you can get your steam key:

This is the article about how purchases work:

Your email is unrelevant, because you have to connect your steam account to your account to get the key.

This feature is already available. There is a button in the upper toolbar of the spectate mode

This article describes how you can get your steam key:

This is the article about how purchases work:

Thank you for reporting the bugs. I tested and verfied them and they are going to be fixed in the next update.

Thank you very much for suggesting this. I already had this on the todo list, but I changed my todo system and lost. It will be in one of the next updates, for sure.

I wrote this article about how you can claim your steam key:

If there is something wrong with the payment, you have to write an email to the support.

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The version isn't being updated anymore and I can't add the requested feature, because the steam workshop requires steam, of course.

However, you can get a free steam key if you bought the game on

This is an article which describes the procedure to get your key:

Air vehicles are planned and will be implemented in the near future.

I wrote this article. All you need to know to get your steam key is in it.

Thank you for your feedback.

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You don't have to delete the answer, maybe other people have the same question. The steam version is up to date and the version won't get updates anymore, because there are steam features implemented which require steam.

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Exactly. And you  will get a steam key to download the newest versions on steam

There will be more content for future and different timelines, but first I need to update some mechanical things.

I will update the Ai, but it will take some time, because the there are new engine technologies on the way in early 2018, which will offer new possibilities for the AI development

You habe to claim the steam key. I wrote an article about how you can get your steam key:

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Can you can write me an email ( with your key, so that I can check out what's wrong?

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Actually keys are handled as defsult purchases. Please follow this guide to get you key:

No, read this article, please. All you need to know to get access to the downloads is in it:

You have to download the right  version. There are 8 versions to download. 4 demos, which have "demo" in their name and 4 full versions. If you download the right one, you have the full version. features an option to sell a game with steam keys. Even if I add the steam keys after someone bought the game, he will still get it from the download page. But there will be more information soon.

No, the keys will be available with the steam release.

Yes, buyers will get a steam key

No, it will be in the steam sale, but not for free.

If you have already bought the game, it is linked to your account. The app should download the updates for you. If that's not working, you can just reinstall the game without any trouble.

Just in case you are using your browser to download games, you have to log in with you account and you can redownload the game again.

If you have bought the game without an account, check out this link:

Thanks for your report, I will check it out again.

At the moment, I'm working on stability improvements, bug fixing and general improvments for the steam release, but there will be added more content after the release. The steam release isn't the end of early access.


The zip file will be at your download folder, if you downloaded it to the default location. You can open all downloads from your browser. But I don't know which browser you are using

That's a very good idea. I will think about a solution to improve the unit decisions.