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Thank you. The output_log doesn't show any problems. Which version are you trying to use(OS and demo)?

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I will add both of your suggestions in the next update.

Edit: Zombies can't be added to spawners at the moment, because they are attacking all kind of buildings. They would just destroy their own spawner

If you want to create maps for Ancient Warfare 2, you will have to host it on dropbox and create a folder for all your levels and I could add a link to the Ancient Warfare 2 page. 

I'm planning user made bundles for Ancient Warfare 3, but not before the steam release, because I will have to use the steam servers.

Could you send me the output_log.txt, which is lpcated in the Ancient Warfare 3 Data directory please.

Email: janniknickel.info@gmail.com

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The level bundles won't be finished before the first november, so I won't upload any bundles from other users until all is working.

After that, I may upload a tool that allows you to create your own bundles.

Would you send me output log, please?`It should be located in the Ancient Warfare 3_Data folder.

Email: janniknickel.info@gmail.com

Will be added in the next update.

If you have bought the game, it is linked to your account and you can download it as often as you would like to. Otherwise you have to write a message to the itch.io support, which is very good or if you can prove that you have bought the game, I will send you a new key(I would just need to know your email address to validate your purchase)

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Could you send me the map file please? Email: janniknickel.info@gmail.com

EDIT: I've found the bug. Thank you for report!

Are you sure that you are using the latest update? Because I have fixed that bug 2-3 version ago and I could replicate the bug.

Thanks for reporting that bug. I will fix in in the next update.

No, itch.io buyers will get a free steam key.

That's on the todo list, but it's delayed, because maybe I will add this mode with multiplayer functionality.

Thanks for sharing all the ideas. Looks like I have much things to do now!

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Thank you for the feedback! I will fix the problems with the window as soon as possible.

But which resolution is full screen for you?

Replied to EstDaniel in help

No, you won't have to purchase it again.

This is from the itch.io support:

After the purchase

The download page is the first thing the buyer sees after buying a game. Here is what it looks like:

itch.io's purchase dialog

At the top of the page is a detailed description of the transaction and any important information regarding how the download page works.

It reads:

This page has a unique URL for your purchase. You can always re-download the latest files from this page. You should have also received an email with a link to this page. If you ever lose the URL for this page you can request it to be emailed to you from the support page.

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Actually it sounds like a resolution problem and not a problem with the linux version itself. Which screen resolution are you trying to use?

Btw, I am testing the game on linux.

Have you tried to redownload the files?

Sorry but I can't imagine that this is true... Btw zero star rating because the game isn't free isn't very clever ;)

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Hi, you can find all information you need to know here:


The link also helps you to get the latest update without an account.

If you still need help, you can write me an email(janniknickel.info@gmail.com) with something that proves that you have bought the game to get a new key from me.

If you are logged into your itch.io account, you can download the full version without paying again. You are the first one who have trouble with that. Can you please descripe the problem a bit more detailed, so that I can help you? Or you can still write an email to the itch.io support, which response very fast.

And which version are you trying to use?

Thanks for sharing your ideas! You can rotate a wall while connecting if you press q or e.

Thanks for reporting the problem, I will fix it asap

Thank you for reporting that bug. I will fix it in the next update

Thanks for your kind words. The steam prose will be about 20% higher, but I don't want to make it too expensive, because I want many people to buy it for a fair price.

In the newest version, the Generate Castle button isn't available, because with the new castle building system it's very easy and fast to build a castle.

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If you have already bought the game, it is linked to your itch.io account. The app should download the updates for you. If that's not working, you can just reinstall the game without any trouble.

Just in case you are using your browser to download games, you have to log in with you itch.io account and you can redownload the game again.

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If you want to talk private, you can write me an email: janniknickel.info@gmail.com

Replied to Darkbutcha in For JNI

Which amount is it? Or are you placing units in the editor instead of the unit settings panel?

Replied to Darkbutcha in For JNI

No, I'm not a musican, so I can't do that.

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If you are using your browser, you can just redownload the game to get the newest version. If you are using the itch.io app, the game should always be up to date. If not, you can try to reinstall the game. Don't worry, you don't have to rebuy it, because it's linked to your itch.io account.

That's not the only problem. Steam will take up to 30 days to check my data and I don't have much time at the moment, because I'm preparing a change of house.

The estimated release is at the beginning of November.

No, once you have bought the game, it is linked to your itch.io account and you can download it as often as you want to.

If you are using the itch.io app, updates should be installed if one is available. If you are using your browser, you can just redownlosd the files to get the newest version.

Just in case that you are using the app, I would suggest to reinstsll the game.

At the moment that's not possible. Maybe I will add that functionality later, after the game is nearly finished, because at the moment it can happen that old save files won't work with a new version.

Hi, can you send me the map please? Email: janniknickel.info@gmail.com

There will be campaigns which will be added with level bundles.

What kind tactics do you mean? Do you want to give instructions to the AI, like first you have to move there, then you move to that point?

I can't just update the names. The names are fictional because the weapons are licensed and I'm not allowed to use their names...

There will be more medieval and gunpowder units, some have to be recreated and some of them can be used again.

I can add cloths to the player(like the armor).

Custom guns, armor and more will be added after the steam release. I want to implement the steam workshop to do that kind of things.

I will think about it.

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That is already planned and will be added very soon.

Press escape to open the pause menu and click on the spectate button.

Just press the escape button to cancel the unit placement.