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Make it free

A topic by Mordored created Jul 31, 2017 Views: 4,864 Replies: 91
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why in the world would you make this game for money this isn't good it's an awesome game and every day i have been checking when it is going to come out and then i find this why? like seriously why would you do this to it expect that someone have no money and all the games now are being with money we can't download them anymore please please don't make me hate my favourite series. please respond because I was shocked when i saw the Buy It word Please i beg you make it free it will be shocking for everyone.

i have and idea. why don't you make it free and make people donate to just like the other game please accept. please.


I agree

Like why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ive waited nine days and now its money thx allot


If you read the posts the creator confirmed that it would cost money.


Dude, not even 1% donated, he needs these funds. Do you understand how rude you're being? He worked SO hard to help us, but all you do is whine. Shut up. Just shut up. Get a steam giftcard at walmart or something, and get the steam release. 

Is there a reason you clicked reply on my account? I really don't need your hate in my inbox. Please I want to know was it on purpose or were you replying to the other guy and decided to reply to me so he would see it...?

Other dude. My apologies.

Ah thanks for clearing that up man.


I agree so hard, I was thinking of all sorts of battles and shit, so hyped then I check the website and its like "fuck your self" Ive been waiting for guns and all that shit since ancient warfare 2 and now this?! Disappointed man. 


would you work verry hard the whole day on a game and then give it away for free i mean.. its a quick way to get bankrupt


I've been wondering why it cost money. The creator must not have the funds to create another game and needs to take an easier course of action to earn the funds in this case making the game cost money.


yeah but what about if he make the game with donations?


He must of not been making enough money off of just donations. Which brings me back to my point. He needs funds so he had to make it cost money.


i think that's it it won't be free again why does this happens? i can't see a game new game now without coasting money


Perhaps if an ancient warfare 4 is added to the series this one will be made free.


we don't know what is going to happen. this may be the last game in the series because it have units of all ages.


You never know. There are still many things the creator could add to the series. But only time will tell


i really lost hope. what happend to the old times


to be honest, same. I dont think ill really look back, JNI has just been posting excuses, because in that terms how would ever other game developer who are making games for free live?! For a game like this (although I lovw it hardcore) I just cant spend my $10 on steam earned by selling stupid items for 1¢

Most developers who sell games for free don't do it full time. Jannik needs the money because he spends most of his time awake coding and he is probably going through a programmer's burnout. You don't see the your window cleaner come round and leave without getting paid.


What do you guys expect? Do you survive without money? Game development

will take several hours each day to complete a game and in the next
months I will continue the work on the game. The development process
cost money. There is the hardware, assets, software and at the end there
is me who is working 7-8 hours each day on the game  for free?!
Honestly I have to buy food, pay my education and bills. At the end you
are complaining about 7 bucks to play a game? That's life, if you want
to consume something, you have to pay for it. The money which I don't
need for the development, will be used for my next project, which will
be even more expensive, because I will have to buy more hardware like



Ancient Warfare 2 was free - and there's many kids, that don't have money to pay for games.  That's why they're want free game. But as i think, 6$ - pretty fair price for game like this :)
(But fights are still not better tbh, just a crowd that goes in one big stain, and fighting with another stain. I would pay even more for better AI and animations! :c)


I understand their problem, but I can't change it. They can either ask their parents to buy the game, or try to get free keys from giveaways.(I will do some of them, too)

The AI isn't final and has some problems, like the crowd building. That will be fixed soon.

I dont think any youtubers are doing any videos, there is only a couple from projectjamesfi and baronvongamez, non of them feature give aways

so true Ive barely seen enough videos compared to other EA games


I'm in contact with both of them and Project Jamesify got keys for a giveaway yesterday.

how would I enter giveaways? Im sorta desperate..XD

yeah, how

plus when will it be released on steam?


Steam release will be at the end of early access. People who bought it here will get an email with a free steam key after the release.

i'll buy it from steam

and is ancient warfare2 not going to be updated anymore?

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probably, it will be left to people like me...Im poor, my parent dont allow a single cent to go into games

Maybe think positive.When you grow up and Make your own money,If you buy ancient warfare 3 you can see ANCIENT WARFARE 3 is VERY GOOD.Because after 10 year...Ancient Warfare 3 version 9148.;-)


You can still make tons of money from free games. Look at a game like TF 2. Free, and very profitable to this day. I know that AW 3 and TF 2 are incredibly different but the idea is that free games can get you lots of money if you play your cards right. You cold find a way to implement some microtransactions and DLCs  and a make the game free. That I think would make some people happy as long as its not pay to win. I'm not begging you to make it free 2 play or something but as I see thing, even if this is a very good franchise that I've been with since the original, I would still rather be buying the latest AAA big hit and maybe its season pass and I think that some of those kids that want free games could just be older and they see things like me.  But its Ancient Warfare 3. It cant be bad, so I guess the price is fair.

yeah I can agree, Id rather be paying money for AAA games rather than some sandbox game Ill play prob 5hrs a week compared to Payday 2 which quite some people spend like 5 hrs a day (im just using this cause it has become free)


Thanks for sharing your opinion.

That was a very difficult decision. I think it isn't fair to release the game and say if you want to play with this content, you have to pay. I don't like the dlc's and microtransactions. 7 bucks is the price for everything that is going to be added to the game. All future updates should be inclusive.

I think I agree on that strongly

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you know I understand that alot. You guys have a life and such, but I must say even though I'd get a steam key once it is released there, Im not gonna pay $7 in I have a suggestion, you should just have the base game br like this one, modern and medival factions, then add other stuff like ww2 faction ww1 faction and such as like $3~5 DLCs. I raged on Ravenfield a lot about this stuff, comparing to other games (in steam) the cost seems too much, for simple fun sandbox game. Lets be honest here, Im not saying the game is bad, Ive loved it since the first release of ancient warfare 2, but nobody here will be playing this game as much as CSGO or heck even stuff like TF2 or hell Ive seen 7000hr unturned players. In that case no, it doesnt seem worth it for a game like this to cost money starting from the beginning stage, I dont know how you are going to change this game, but for right now, a exclusive non steam, blocky, (I like it but some people enjoy more professional looking people, maybe add a option) sandbox game in its EA stage shouldnt be costing $7. I wonder how many people actually bought it... To clearify, im not saying $7 is a bad price, its acually quite cheap compared to other steam PAID games, Im just saying paying $7 for a game in which you have no idea of the future is just harsh, and alpha, beta, EA they are all meant for testing, what people like and such, why limit it to youtubers with like 1mill subs and people who $7.


I hate dlc's, that's something really bad for the players. The content will be added in weekly updates instead. That's the price and if people don't want to play it during early access to help the development, they can wait until the full release.


And I had to make it paid for early access, because I can't finish the devlopment otherwise. That's the main problem. I wanted to make it free, but I can't development it for free.

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Hate the fact that its P2P but true though :p

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XD Best thing ever. I agree 100%


In my opinion,a game is just like a piece of artwork including books and movies and so on.So it is natural to pay the game for creator's hard work,just like when you pay for a book or a movie ticket.

I will feel bad that some great game developers don't accept donation,because it makes me feel that the good games aren't being rewarded properly.

its just how it is if the game feels awesome to 10% of the people and it cost $20 the other 90% wont even look at it


That's a good comparison. I accepted donations for Ancient Warfare 2, but the main problem is that most people don't donate. Not even 0,2% of the players of Ancient Warfare 2 donated money...

It will be hard for me to get USDs,so I will wait for the steam release and decide whether to buy it.Anyway I think I can pay for a game as long as it is really good.


Unfortunately the payment method I use on only allows USD. I would prefer another currency, too.

Thats very true.  If 0,2% of the players who downloaded my game(right now it's shitty) donated me 1 dollar,  i would already have ... 1 dollar. hahaha! it's 0 btw.

its similar but different, books and movies arent price competitive, you base reading a book or not on it's contents and how much you like the story, for a games it is all about price competition, you need to make the most appealing game that is also extremely price friendly

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To be honest I think Im just disappointed that one of my favorite game is becoming a pay to play and that I cant play it anymore, seriously though I was so excited to make some of my own intense firefights when suddenly BAM it costs money and now I kind of have to forget about the game

u can always play ancient warfare 2

To be honest here how many people acually play this game right now? By the looks of it isnt rated good at all

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To be honest here how many people acually play this game right now? By the looks of it isnt rated good at all. Look at some of those youtube videos, they don't have much of any videos, compare the view count and such to many other games, it quite low 125k for 1 week for a major youtuber like baronvongamez, compared to a ravenfield video 2 days ago has like 136k, and now you are getting rid of more testers and more players by making it P2P


Listen here. He had to make it cost money. Game development isn't free. Also you most likely don't understand that because you are comparing a battle simulator game to a FPS please get a perspective. This game is amazing looking so how about you wait before you judge it when it was JUST RELEASED.  You can't look at ratings and then say "Oh this game sucks because this video got more views then this one!"

Which brings me back to my point  game development is not free JNI has a human life as well. A human needs shelter, food, water, and money to get all that. You obviously need to do some reading about game development.

Honestly I think Ill just forget about it unless something happens like I get a key from a giveaway, because I just cant do much, I love this game alot but if its going to be like this Im not gonna be crying all over the place, Ill just find a better one

wow this topic is popular, I guess it makes sense

you know this game will probably do about the same or worst than ravenfield, that game lost a shit load of players after the game became published on steam but since ravenfield was another one of those infinity possibility game it survived, IDK this and ravenfield where both occupied by alot of people like me, (Ive been loving ravenfield since I got it from a giveaway some time ago) poor but looking for some non competitive fun sandbox games

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Listen here. He had to make it cost money. Game development isn't free. Also you most likely don't understand that because you are comparing a battle simulator game to a FPS please get a perspective. This game is amazing looking so how about you wait before you judge it when it was JUST RELEASED.  You can't look at ratings and then say "Oh this game sucks because this video got more views then this one!"

Which brings me back to my point  game development is not free JNI has a human life as well. A human needs shelter, food, water, and money to get all that. You obviously need to do some reading about game development.

i may buy it but i swear that if that the updates and dlc's costs money iam going to get a cracked version of this game

JNI said all the updates will be free and that there will be no DLC's

so i will go to the bank and make a bloody card to buy the game i hope this makes you happy

you don't understand how much time JNI gave up to make the game, he has to BUY game development hardware which costs much more than $7. He need money, if he doesn't get money from it, he will run out of money


He spent hours / days doing this game, why it should be free. They are only 6 €

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saying that "he spent hours and days making this for us" simply states all of you are then donating for his work not because you want the game, not saying that he doesnt deserve it but it is not a valid excuse

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Excuse?  No this is no excuse game development takes weeks if not months. What I'm saying is that some of us actually want the game unlike you who thinks you can find a cheaper game then this  (Or a free game) that is better. You want a "Better" game you have to go on steam and pay sixteen dollars for UEBS. Now scoot on out of here and find your "Better" game. -SomeIdiotWhoLikesToArgue

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XD, UEB is trash for $16, never even paid much attention

Shut up. You're pissed because it costs money, you spoiled brat.

less than 0.5% of people who download free games donate

stop complaing guys we can't change anything we will have to buy it and shut up

I cant buy it :(...but i understand.You worked hard so you deserves funds



Thank you for your support!

i bought the full game too so much fun when update 3 comes out i might have a heart attack about how cool it will be!


Get a life man seriously. Game developers spend hours and hours every day trying to make their vision come true. The assets and hardware needed to make this game will be very expensive and he needs a budget to work with. If you don't have 7 quid, beat it and just watch youtubers play it and stop begging like a 3 year old on JNI's page. Also, all the people that have already bought it will feel ripped off if he suddenly made it free and kept their money. Beat it, kid. Stop whining.



Cant you delete the thread?


I don't want to delete it because new people might start a new discussion... Now they can read this thread instead of complaining in a new thread.


You can always make your own thread on why its not free and just pin it

yeah i understand now iam sorry about before i know that gaming development is hard and you have to earn money for it i did not understand how gaming development is hard  BUT you are wrong aboout the part where you say if i can't get it i will have to watch youtubers play it this is going to make me want it more 


I saw ancient warfare two at first and i thought, its a tabs rip-off,but i looked into it, and decided to try it out because it had the one thing tabs didnt, customizable buildings and traps, i played through most of the modes, and one day, i though, this isnt a tabs rip-off,its better in some ways!

And seeing the 3rd game out, makes me glad you're still going, and yes i Don't like prices, I understand how the world we live on works.So congrats on EVEN keeping it at a low price, and that screen image looks dope.

i understand the problem with making the game cost money but I want to ask if the game will be on steam as then I think more people will be able to download it there. 

(sry for bad english)

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Because ppl need money to Live and if he does this for a living it is totaly understandable that he requests money for the work that got into this game, Programming needs time and isn't free if you want to do it proffesionally. I personaly learnd C++ and I don't know every about it yet after like one year and I have a long way to go. so I can totaly understand why he did that


For anyone angry about the game costing money, stop whining and find another game, it's not hard just to be a good boy at school and then use mommy's credit card

hey, listen i can only buy stuff on steam or take free everywere, soo or u set it on steam, or make it free

Making games is not cheap, at least if you want high quality

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Sorry but I can't imagine that this is true... Btw zero star rating because the game isn't free isn't very clever ;)


i need the full game to be free

make the game free

mordored how did you get that profile