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Lol if that's the case then I wouldn't take this stupid shit for making an edgy comment. Thanks for wasting your time, as you can see I waited 239 days to reply. 

You aren't a true gamer, just a shitty SJW.

A good game isn't (Or as agreed by many, shouldn't) revolve around things like the sexuality, or race of a character, it's how they contribute to the story, WHICH could be used as a good part of the plot, but the creator clearly doesn't see it that way. I could compare this to feminist frequency in stupidity and surface level thoughts. I must also ask, how the hell did it make no sense?

This is why i hate the new generation. Stop making the sexuality of the characters a big thing. Just make the damned game. 

I'm having that same problem! Have you found a solution?

Thank you! I didnt get the demo, you actually sent me a download link a while ago

Hello! I was given ancient warfare 3 free off, and i was wondering how to get the steam key. I can't find the button to get emailed a key, so i was wondering if you could help

Thank you!


I love it!

It wont download

It says there is an error launching it :(

Other dude. My apologies.

Shut up. You're pissed because it costs money, you spoiled brat.

XD Best thing ever. I agree 100%

Dude, not even 1% donated, he needs these funds. Do you understand how rude you're being? He worked SO hard to help us, but all you do is whine. Shut up. Just shut up. Get a steam giftcard at walmart or something, and get the steam release. 

Any ides on release date of new game?

I caaaannnnnnttttttt wait for the spinoff, i love seeing awesome creators like you, make stuff like that. I love to see you grow and grow!

Any estimates on the modern version's release date?

I have a bug! All of the units get in a massive ball! It makes ranged battles boring :( Please fix!

Thanks! ~Sean


No yet :(

Just google it, it'll show UTC time! :D

I'm gonna stay up all night to wait lol

It should be up rn, right?


You don't need to in the next update, but sometime, will you add IronClads? And older subs like the Hunley? And, there is a kind of torpedo called a spar torpedo (The weapon on the Hunley) and it rams ships, and explodes! Can you try to add these?

Okay, sounds great

also for the Spin-off, can you try to add bayonet combat? Like the Hoplites, when they get too close to an enemy, they can use their bayonets.

Im too mad. The steam version will be paid. (Ik im a butthurt little bitch, but I an't buying that game. I just bought Men of War Assualt Squad 2, and it was way too much.



Okay, thanks!

(1 edit)

I am sure you get this question a lot, and if you do, I apologize. But, will your new game coming out "Modern Warfare" Be:

1. Like Ancient warfare, where you give us a demo first?

2. Do you plan on it being free?

Thx! With all the love in my gaming heart!


Please make it free! From what I see, if you make it paid, you'll lose a lot of fans!

Ok! Thx So much!!! Bu, when do you plan on releasing it?

When the modern version comes out, I have a great idea for a video. But I need your permission because it's controversial. I will use riflemen, make battles, and add German military marches. I am asking for permission because I don't want your company (If it is one) to be tarnished by the videos. Thx! ~Sean

Will you still update it here on

In the modern Version of the game, will you add tanks

I LOVE this game! And I love you guys! If I could I would donate atleast $75. And, this game is better than TABS!

It won't let me download it.. :(

Okay! Thanks