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I am sure you get this question a lot, and if you do, I apologize. But, will your new game coming out "Modern Warfare" Be:

1. Like Ancient warfare, where you give us a demo first?

2. Do you plan on it being free?

Thx! With all the love in my gaming heart!


There are no plans for the release at the moment, because the development hasn't fully started.

Once I will start to develop the spin-off, I will notify all of you. We are currently creating a timeline for the development.

Okay, thanks!

also for the Spin-off, can you try to add bayonet combat? Like the Hoplites, when they get too close to an enemy, they can use their bayonets.

If we wil ladd bayonets, yes. But at the moment, we haven't planned a wepon with a bayonet.

Okay, sounds great

well, if you wanna play a modern warfare version play Ravenfield for the time being

Im too mad. The steam version will be paid. (Ik im a butthurt little bitch, but I an't buying that game. I just bought Men of War Assualt Squad 2, and it was way too much.