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well, if you wanna play a modern warfare version play Ravenfield for the time being

ocean with no boat units?

needs to slow down time. It goees by too quick and no one can keep up or see it complete. Tbh this is a bit ironic with the review on this game lol

What date does BETA 6 release?

There is kind of a modern spin off but a standalone that has no relation to this game, its called 'Ravenfield'

They arent hidden spots lmfao, they are explots. fucking stupid video

needs command console so we can mod and fuck about on it to our hearts content, it would be super appreciated.

Can i request Sandbox mode?

Or choose what flags belong to what on the map before starting?

Console commands?

These would be a great asset!

The Helicopter can be made alot easier to handle if you use 'Yaw' and drop the sensitivity to low and only use mouse for directions and A & D to steer.

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Great game! i recommend green light on Steam! Would love to see the following features:

More Teams

Spectate mode

Cheat mode

Permanent death mode

Free for all

attack & defense (which is kinda like assault mode but with forts instead)


Vehicle warfare


shared respawn

Survival mode (free for all with permenant death)

Zombie mode (with survivor bot count as well as zombie count)

Alien mode (same as zombie mode)

Medieval mode (melee only)

Would love to hear about the next update. This game has a huge amount of potential to show to its customers! This is GreenLight material