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A good game isn't (Or as agreed by many, shouldn't) revolve around things like the sexuality, or race of a character, it's how they contribute to the story, WHICH could be used as a good part of the plot, but the creator clearly doesn't see it that way. I could compare this to feminist frequency in stupidity and surface level thoughts. I must also ask, how the hell did it make no sense?


Your comment makes no sense because the sexuality of the characters drives the plot in a meaningful way. Play the game before making an ass of yourself next time





also this is suppose to represent crowds that dont get as much support as others. the aisan community in america is very small, so shes just helping out. and if you havent noticed yet, being gay is not something people accept as much as they would accept you being straight. if i were straight, or even remotely cuz im a lesbean, yum, i wouldnt have to come out to anyone. id be morally accepted by all, and life would be easier, not having to deal with peoples bullshit like yours. but instead I have to come out to anyone i care about, like, oh i dont know, my parents, friend, teachers, etc. i can tell by the way you chose to fight the creator on this wonderful choice, that you dont have to deal with the hardships others like myself do. which is a gift and a curse to you. a gift that you dont have to deal with the dissapointed looks of your peers, and a curse that you will never get to be as strong as someone who lives with that kind of pain and comes out stronger such as myself and others. so please. before you choose to speak your mind, which I fully encourage, try to see the point of view of those you are choosing to side against. 

Thanks mate



Lol if that's the case then I wouldn't take this stupid shit for making an edgy comment. Thanks for wasting your time, as you can see I waited 239 days to reply.