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Hi there, thanks for offering to translate it! Please message me on either my twitter or tumblr (which are on my profile page) so I can send you more details!

Your comment makes no sense because the sexuality of the characters drives the plot in a meaningful way. Play the game before making an ass of yourself next time

It sounds like you might be trying to play the game without unzipping the .zip it comes in. Make sure to unzip it into a separate folder first! Let me know if you still can't open it! 

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Hey guys, the old Mac version of Pom Gets Wi-Fi no longer works on newer OSes! There's a Mac-compatible port of the game in progress right now, you can play a mostly-complete version of it here. It's not totally polished yet, so please let me know if you run into any problems with it! 

It sounds like you might be trying to play the game without unzipping the .zip it comes in. Make sure to unzip it into a separate folder by right clicking -> Archive Utility! Let me know if you still can't open it! 

Sorry for this ultra late response! If you're playing the game on Mac, can you try the first answer listed on here?

I'm planning to sell a little Pom Gets Wi-Fi merch on an online shop in the next one or two months! 

“‘Oblige’ Review” Review

Unfortunately, the review was so long and boring that I didn’t make it to the end. The amateurish writing style read more like someone talking to himself for than an actual review. This indie game reviewer has somehow has never heard of IndieCade, a major, well known indie games festival, and instead of googling it like a regular person with common sense, he called it “full of shit,” demonstrating that he is incapable of doing the basic research required to be a game reviewer. This combined with other uninformed opinions including his belief that Unity is an abysmal engine (a common myth believed by normies with no background in game development) suggests that he’s a...a normie. Oh no... 

Yet another major turn-off in the review was his section equating expressing gratitude toward critique to being a “mainstream shill” instead of a sign that a person actively listens to feedback and strives to improve. It’s clear through the review’s quality that this bizarre mindset has stunted the reviewer’s growth as a writer and as a human being. 

Overall the review is unappealing, unnecessarily long,  and lacks even images to make the experience more bearable for potential readers. I’m unsure why “Kratzen” was so proud to present this (as proclaimed at the top of the review) because I would have been truly embarrassed to be associated with such an uneducated,  diarrhea-like stream of consciousness.  I hope the author learns to do research, discovers how to write more concisely, and realizes that if he ever wants to write anything worth reading, he should drastically alter his way of thinking.

Sorry to hear you're running into this, this is caused by older/outdated graphics card drivers! Check if your graphics card drivers are up to date! Also, certain older graphics cards like the Intel HD Graphics Family card won’t be able to display those parts of the game. If you’re using that, you’ll have to play on another computer :(

You can message me on my Tumblr or Twitter (they're both on my profile page)! 

Yikes! Yeah, I've seen people have this issue on other renpy games before. Could you try this? 
1) Delete the game folder
2) Delete your saves (they are usually in your /user/ folder)
3) Re-Extract the game into a new folder

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I haven't seen this suggestion before, so just in case people are unaware: 
Because Tumblr only allows certain whitelisted sites to be shown in Tumblr's tag searches, linking to games in posts currently causes that post to become unsearchable. 

Patreon, AO3, Etsy, and some other sites have been whitelisted so that they are linkable, but isn't one of them. This makes it harder to promote games. For example, if I were to post "Kentucky Route Zero is on sale here! ( link)" and tag it with Kentucky Route Zero, if you search  Kentucky Route Zero tag on tumblr, the post has a very high change of not showing up.  Plus, a lot of fans will include the game link on their fanart because they want to spread the word, only for their art to never show up in the tag and not get seen by people. 

Some more detailed posts explaining this:

I've gotten around this with redirect shenanigans, but almost no one knows about this! 

A lot of content creators have been calling out Tumblr on this hurting them, but nothing's changed. It would help game devs a lot if someone with more weight could talk to Tumblr and get them to add! 

That's really odd, what does the error say? Could you check if it's a permission problem? If the user is using a guest account or something that doesn't have write permission to wherever the save directory is located something like this might happen. 

Sorry to hear you're running into this, this is caused by older/outdated graphics card drivers! Could you check if your graphics card drivers are up to date? Also, certain older graphics cards like the Intel HD Graphics Family card won't be able to display those parts of the game. If you're using that, you'll have to play on another computer :( 

Thanks for the suggestion! I will try that. 

Several people have reported that they're unable to buy my game, even after trying multiple times on different days. The error looks like this: 

This is a very vague message, so I'm not sure what's causing this -- Some people are able to buy my game, this is only affecting a few people. If anyone could shed some light on this I'd really appreciate it! 

Thanks so much for going out of your way to post this, reading comments like these mean a lot to me!! I'm so glad you connected with the themes and enjoyed it!! 

I'm glad I was able to make a difference and inspire you!! You're very welcome, thank you for commenting and playing my game!!! 

OH GOD 5 am..I'm so glad you don't regret it!! Thanks for playing!!

You're welcome! I'm glad you liked it!!!!!

Thanks for the kind words! ^^

You're welcome, I'm glad I improved your month!! 

Yesss I'm glad you liked it so much!!! Thanks for passing it on to other friends TT_TT

I'm glad it was so relatable!! You're welcome, thank you for the kind comment!

Hey, I'm sorry to hear you're running into this! Could you try re-downloading the zip file from the website? If it still doesn't work, if you're using WinZip to extract the file, you may want to try using 7-Zip instead. Also, which version of the game are you trying to extract (PC, Linux, Mac)?

You're welcome, I'm glad it improved your year, even by a bit!! I'll do my best!!

I love seeing people stream and do LPs of my games!! I hope you like the rest of it!!

It was my pleasure!! I'm glad you enjoyed it!!!

you're welcome, and THANKS FOR SUPPORTING ME AND BETA TESTING!! I'm so so glad u liked the final version!! TT_TT

THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT!! I really have no confidence in myself either, even after making Pom Gets Wi-Fi I was terrified beyond belief releasing Butterfly Soup because I didn't think it was very good.  I'm glad this inspires you -- If I can do it, so can you!!! The camera pan script I found online, and the chat format was a HUGE PAIN for me to figure out and took an entire day. If you like I can send you the scripts for them! 

I already DMed you but I'd just like to say I REALLY appreciate your enthusiasm, thank you so much!!! 

I'm so glad it's relatable and thank you for the compliment!! If there's enough demand for a sequel, I may try to launch a Kickstarter for it someday to raise funds! 

you're welcome!! I'm so glad you found it relatable and heartwarming, those were, like, my two goals!!!

You're welcome!! Thank you for playing and writing this comment!!!

You're welcome, I'm so glad you liked it! And thank you for offering to translate, I'll DM you!!!  

PHEW I'm so glad updating it worked!!! I hope you enjoy it! 

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Yikes, I've had a friend on Windows 7 (also 64 bit) run into a similar issue before, except along with the menu/text messages not showing up, the side images (like sprites of Diya) also wouldn't show up! I think certain graphics cards for some reason interpret the way the game is displayed differently :( Could you check if your graphics card drivers are up to date? 

If you close the game and access the menu through the main title, are you able to see the text then? Also, does it make a difference whether you're in windowed mode or fullscreen? I'm really sorry again for the inconvenience! 

Gah I'm sorry you ran into this!! The font for the text messages is the same as the regular dialogue, so it's a mystery problem right now...Are you able to see the text in the history window? Also, what operating system are you playing the game on (Windows 7, etc.)?  

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Thanks so much for the offer, I'm super excited thinking about releasing it with multilanguage support!! Since doesn't have messaging yet, please contact me thru twitter/tumblr  :>

I'm really honored you have such high hopes for it!! I'd love for the game to be available in multiple languages, but since I don't have a translation team or budget,  it's currently only coming out in English. All translations of my previous game were done by kind volunteers after its release, so it's hard to say if the same will happen with this one. If you or anyone else would like to help out with translating, please let me know, I'd be happy to help out however I can!