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In my opinion,a game is just like a piece of artwork including books and movies and so on.So it is natural to pay the game for creator's hard work,just like when you pay for a book or a movie ticket.

I will feel bad that some great game developers don't accept donation,because it makes me feel that the good games aren't being rewarded properly.

its just how it is if the game feels awesome to 10% of the people and it cost $20 the other 90% wont even look at it

That's a good comparison. I accepted donations for Ancient Warfare 2, but the main problem is that most people don't donate. Not even 0,2% of the players of Ancient Warfare 2 donated money...

It will be hard for me to get USDs,so I will wait for the steam release and decide whether to buy it.Anyway I think I can pay for a game as long as it is really good.

Unfortunately the payment method I use on only allows USD. I would prefer another currency, too.

Thats very true.  If 0,2% of the players who downloaded my game(right now it's shitty) donated me 1 dollar,  i would already have ... 1 dollar. hahaha! it's 0 btw.

its similar but different, books and movies arent price competitive, you base reading a book or not on it's contents and how much you like the story, for a games it is all about price competition, you need to make the most appealing game that is also extremely price friendly