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How about post a update log whenever you update the game? I get informed every time but never know what has been changed

Would you try to make it more controller friendly in the future? For now the skill casting on controller is very frustrating and I can't aim some skills, also you should add tutorial for controller. 

There are also some bugs with equipment system. Sometimes equipments found in chest just disappear, like the first ribborn and a knight rune(?) found by Arcana before the battle with necromancer. And there is some text bug with the red knight's( sorry for not remembering her name) armor. Speaking of her, with you try to redesign her battle style? Seems like she is the hardest to use and I never get far in boss fight with her.

不对,我应该这样回复:Nice game, but I didn't see any horses  in this game, nor did I realize the connection between horses and mud and grass. So what's the meaning of this title?


Does the blocked end means the end of alpha? Also you could change the key output like using Z, X, C V etc instead of Ctrl, Alt and Shift cuz there are quite some distance between each other so it's kinda frustrating to use. Still a great game and hopefully could see its full release!

It takes some time but beat the final boss nevertheless, would be better if there are some collectable items to increase the HP. Still a great game anyway!

When will the option to switch languages come out?

Really like the part when the "narrator" messed up with main character and player, hope you can keep it in your other projects!

Good concept, hope it could be longer if possible.

Another point is about the price of units, I'm playing the Soviet campaign, the early Soviet models are pretty cost-effective, but the late models are more expensive but worse in performance than German units, could you balance the unit price a bit?

I think the tutorial is just too basic, no instruction on armor versus armor battle nor air land battle/ air to air battle etcs. The displayed evacuated damage number is not that accurate. But I will just ask about one thing about game mechanic for now, does attacking armored units from side or rear do more damage? It seemed to be true by my experience but I can't just confirm it.

Find more bugs, which mostly are map  issues, how could I send the pictures to you?  And is the Apocalypse being disabled after Celeste turned back into half-angel?

Great game so far! But I do encounteted a bug that when escaped from the jail and choose to go through the swamp camp, I teleported to the tower rest and do the 3rd floor side quest, the sword guy (sorry for not remembering his name) in my party went missing.

Great art! But the story disrturbed me a little for I thought it would be a highly psychological interactive novel but end up being a "fantasy" game? I have seen some analysis of the story so I won't complain yet, I will wait until the full game comes out then judge about it.

The section between core and frotz, if you don't go another way to get the item in the cystal section( sorry for not remember the name of it ), you are stuck there unless commit suicide.

You need to get better in map design, one of the most important principle of metroidvania is impossible to get stuck in certain areas!

The mechanic is interseting, but destroy the same kind of enemy again and again really bored me, perhaps add more kinds of enemys?

Generally, in this kind of games, the odds for players to come across positive events  is similar to  the negative ones. So let's just look into the most common events. You will need 5 hours to gain meat, and then 8 hours to turn the meat into 5 tokens, so you need 13 hours to get 5 tokens. And you need to sleep every 4 days minimally( maybe that's not precise enough though). So you need to get 300 tokens in 24 days, that's 12.5 per day, but you can only get 9.2 tokens a day in average. So if you are not super lucky, you are bound to lose. Viable solutions are increasing the basic revenue to 6 or 7 tokens, decrease the time needed for sleep will be good too( I presume that 8 hours work time won't be changed). Maybe you can also make the game play longer, there are some interesting events I would like to come across( like dueling with the samurai and eventually get his sword), but due to my lacking of time, they become negative events for me actually. If I can get more time to play( like the game goal is to survive 3 months and you need to pay 300 tokens at the end of each months), those events won't cause great financial problems. (plus, nerf the "sleep on clients" event! It ruins an entire game run!)

This game is too hard and not balanced. In fact, if you don't experience any both positive and negative events, you are still going to lose, even if you don't need to sleep.

the pagedown key is embarassing for laptop, maybe add a key bidding feature or change to another key?

Hi, I meet some bugs with the random generator. It sometimes generate the portal on a indestructible obstacle so I can't go back, sometimes I am spawned in a completely isolate chamber. Those are really annoying.

And I still get one Mantra and Virtue missing( Seriously, what else Mantras do I ever need after I have got Aether?) .Don't feel like playing it again after four times for reaching an ending.

Got the good ending but still don't understand what's going on :D. Good job there though!

Any possibilities to put it on steam?

Well, it is a multi-ending game? I would like it to have a happier ending.

Can you increse the blast radius of the explosive charge? I want to build some suicide ships with it

It will be hard for me to get USDs,so I will wait for the steam release and decide whether to buy it.Anyway I think I can pay for a game as long as it is really good.

I will feel bad that some great game developers don't accept donation,because it makes me feel that the good games aren't being rewarded properly.

In my opinion,a game is just like a piece of artwork including books and movies and so on.So it is natural to pay the game for creator's hard work,just like when you pay for a book or a movie ticket.

Ok,one more question.What will happen if the progress bar right upper is filled?

Hey,I'd like to ask if something more will happen when you defeat the first boss or the last boss.

It is the first scene after choosing difficulty.I tried pressing return button and left click,but it won't work.

It's so strange that a unit can't go pass a friendly unit.And will there be navy or air force in the future or even be like the Advance War?

And I can't pass the dialogue in the chapter2…………

It can be a great game in the future.Here I find a bug that you can cross the wall and wander in the black area in the zone 2.

After knowing that the qualities are linked to all aspect of the game,I start to feel allodoxaphobia and thrilled.But I do think it is a great idea and the game could be epic when it comes out.l

Well,my computer is using win10 32-bit system with 2GB memory.And the crash usually appear to make the computer laggy then shut down the game,sometimes the game screen go black with error report.

It could be an Epic game once it gets better graphics and less crash.Also,I think the ability to skip a turn during battle is necessary.(btw,I wonder how does this pixel game drain so much memory of my computer)

Great game since there aren't many RPG like this one recent days!