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Escaped Chasm

​A small little RPGmaker game about a lonely girl with a connection to another world that she sees in her dreams. · By temmie

Love and Support!

A topic by SevroTheGoblin1 created 47 days ago Views: 388 Replies: 10
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Looks like we have a little gem hidden in the randomness of the web, with work done by none other then Temmie! I hope anyone who finds this little piece of cool can give a little support, even if its not monetary. Great Experience Tem!

Plz  post your lv. below!

I'll throw in some 'love and support' as well.  Loving the aesthetic and characters/story.  If the creator has a Discord server then do feel free to share the link :)


Gonna drop some love and support here too because I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and Need to talk about it

This is probably the best "RPG Maker Test Game" I've ever seen? Even beyond Temmie's already well-proven artistic skill, the emotional buildup for this little game was just wonderful. It was so easy to step into the protagonist's shoes, I really loved it. I hope Temmie continues delving into game-making if this is the level of quality we're getting!


More love and support! Had a lot of fun trying out all the different endings. Really pulled me in for a short test game. Really hope to play that other game you mentioned, Tem! I wanna meet Yoki and see where it all goes! Chipped in a little donation too <3


Just wow, this test game was actually way more enjoyable than most serious games some ppl make on RM! I enjoyed the story, the characters, the tileset design, all the cutscenes... It was a very impressive experience, honestly, even though it was short. Found a few minor bugs regarding tiles passability, but nothing game-breaking. Also loved Escape Chasm 2 at the extras section, please make the sequel, I can't wait for it!


Really lovely game!  Keep at it <3

Need to bump this thread back up; seems to have been buried under the usual types of threads.
I've been following Temmie and many others back from 'before they were famous' ;)
Much love to you Temmie!  Please feel free to reach out to your wonderful fans and enjoy the positivity <3
Many of us (myself included) have RPGMaker experience and wouldn't mind dropping hints and tips on improving this game and future games.  Small bits like proper WASD support, gamepad support, etc ;)


I'm Gonna Drop My Love For The Game And The History Here Too! <3

I Finished The Game Yesterday And Can't Stop Thinking About It.


This game made me cry so much. I love it. I have so much love and support for Temmie and I hope she can make the full game.


Great art! But the story disrturbed me a little for I thought it would be a highly psychological interactive novel but end up being a "fantasy" game? I have seen some analysis of the story so I won't complain yet, I will wait until the full game comes out then judge about it.


Hey temmie! really love the game and the ending was beautiful you have so much skill in art you truly are inspiring! The game was short but that doesn't bother me you have incredible skills and i eagerly wait for a sequel of sorts (if you do that would be awesome ^-^). I hope you continue in a game making career as you can really tell a story that gets people attention. Overall thank you so much for creating this short but absolutely beautiful and incredible game 10/10 :3.