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It's such a cool and cute game! ;D

There is some bugs but nothing to worry about.

I Just Loved Playing It!I Got Super Strong At The End And Killed The Final Boss In Just Some Seconds And Then Started Laughing.
I Came To Play The Game Because I Saw That It Was Lumpy Touch's Pixel Arts In The Game.

I played every game of the LONELY WOLF TREAT series,and in my opinion,this was the one that had more sadness in it,the other games where a lot more about focusing on the world and the characters to see how it worked,but Mochi in Frosting makes you feel bad for the characters having such a nice day and then almost everything getting destroyed by some jerk...But i must say,thinking about (Spoiler ahead.) Mochi and Moxie getting to know Treat's parents,makes you really want to wait for the next game of the series.

*Loads Shotgun Maliciously.*
I guess it's time to Bunny Hunting!(Except for the good Bunnies,of course.)

I don't remember everything,sorry.

I loved the game,it's so fast and fun to play! <3

I just loved the game and all the story of it,it's so good to see how every character is.<3
This was the first game of Nami that i have played,and it will not be the last one.

I literally did all the endings,it was so cool to see how the game changes when you try to do the other endings,i just loved to play and wish there was more of the game.

I was trying to do the Psychopath ending and instead of me getting 15/15 kills,i did 16/15,it was a weird bug.

This game made me start thinking about my future...I Liked the game.

This is literally one of the best rpg games that i've ever played in my life,please make more.I just loved it.

You gave me happiness,fear and sadness,exactly in that order.

I'm Gonna Drop My Love For The Game And The History Here Too! <3

I Finished The Game Yesterday And Can't Stop Thinking About It.

The Game Have a Lot Of Potential And It's Very Good,The Only Problem Is That It Has a Lot Of Bugs That Can Kill Your Run,I Was Playing And Got a Item That Made Me Fly And Then I Just Got Bugged In The Ground,Being Stuck In a Room And Then The Only Thing I Could Do Is Quit Of The Game.

This Made Me Get Happy In A Lot Of Ways.