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and so then how would I get the demo version?

cool so we can try to make the coolest battle and record it, that would be quite a idea 

if I where to have the game I wouldnt like that it doesnt fit the surroundings

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oh yeah, if you are planning to do that then it might be a good idea, anyone with windows 10 can record vids for free too. Btw what does the demo verison include? 

making the coolest battle means you have to own the game what is the point of a giveaway if yiu have to buy the product to do it


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idk what kind of contest you are talking of but anything that would require live action in a couple of hrs is not the best, I could be at the library studying, some people live in different countries, and so forth

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XD, UEB is trash for $16, never even paid much attention

also by all mean you could just link the link inti a pinned topic

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saying that "he spent hours and days making this for us" simply states all of you are then donating for his work not because you want the game, not saying that he doesnt deserve it but it is not a valid excuse

alot of people seem to use websites like just dont do the giveaway in a form of livestreaming or like picking from discord cause some people just cant do that

I was so hyped too only to find out I cant play this game anymore

Ancient Warfare 3 community · Created a new topic GIVEAWAY?

now that all our hopes of a awesome F2P game is gone how are you going to do the giveaways JNI? Its our last straw for those of us who dotn have money

will ancient warfare 3 ever be free?

when you have money....

you know this game will probably do about the same or worst than ravenfield, that game lost a shit load of players after the game became published on steam but since ravenfield was another one of those infinity possibility game it survived, IDK this and ravenfield where both occupied by alot of people like me, (Ive been loving ravenfield since I got it from a giveaway some time ago) poor but looking for some non competitive fun sandbox games

wow this topic is popular, I guess it makes sense

Honestly I think Ill just forget about it unless something happens like I get a key from a giveaway, because I just cant do much, I love this game alot but if its going to be like this Im not gonna be crying all over the place, Ill just find a better one

to be honest, same. I dont think ill really look back, JNI has just been posting excuses, because in that terms how would ever other game developer who are making games for free live?! For a game like this (although I lovw it hardcore) I just cant spend my $10 on steam earned by selling stupid items for 1¢

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To be honest I think Im just disappointed that one of my favorite game is becoming a pay to play and that I cant play it anymore, seriously though I was so excited to make some of my own intense firefights when suddenly BAM it costs money and now I kind of have to forget about the game

yeah, how

so true Ive barely seen enough videos compared to other EA games

I like how youtubers don't play it anymore

you have to be a youtuber with like 500,000 subs or something

" I will create another project which has nothing to do with Ancient Warfare" that generally means quitting the current game and making a brand new one

does this mean after the steam release you arent gonna support the game?

that does mean he has to add aircraft AND a ship

yeah I can agree, Id rather be paying money for AAA games rather than some sandbox game Ill play prob 5hrs a week compared to Payday 2 which quite some people spend like 5 hrs a day (im just using this cause it has become free)

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you know I understand that alot. You guys have a life and such, but I must say even though I'd get a steam key once it is released there, Im not gonna pay $7 in I have a suggestion, you should just have the base game br like this one, modern and medival factions, then add other stuff like ww2 faction ww1 faction and such as like $3~5 DLCs. I raged on Ravenfield a lot about this stuff, comparing to other games (in steam) the cost seems too much, for simple fun sandbox game. Lets be honest here, Im not saying the game is bad, Ive loved it since the first release of ancient warfare 2, but nobody here will be playing this game as much as CSGO or heck even stuff like TF2 or hell Ive seen 7000hr unturned players. In that case no, it doesnt seem worth it for a game like this to cost money starting from the beginning stage, I dont know how you are going to change this game, but for right now, a exclusive non steam, blocky, (I like it but some people enjoy more professional looking people, maybe add a option) sandbox game in its EA stage shouldnt be costing $7. I wonder how many people actually bought it... To clearify, im not saying $7 is a bad price, its acually quite cheap compared to other steam PAID games, Im just saying paying $7 for a game in which you have no idea of the future is just harsh, and alpha, beta, EA they are all meant for testing, what people like and such, why limit it to youtubers with like 1mill subs and people who $7.