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Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs Sticky

A topic by JNI created Jul 22, 2017 Views: 10,332 Replies: 216
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Developer (1 edit) (+8)

You have a great idea for the game or would like to see something in the game? Post it here and it might be added to the game.

Bugs can be posted here, too.


You should make armoured vehicles like APC's and tanks.


It´s already planned to make Vehicles but we will make it in a later update.

Will we have the option to change the material of our armor? Or is that already in the game.


Maybe some air units (Helicopters, Planes, etc) would be nice. To counter it, some AA guns.


It's not sure that air units will be added. There will be a vehicles in later updates.


you maybe could add hot air balloons it will fit the game better


you maybe could add hot air balloons it will fit the game better


That's a good idea!


You should put in warships and the USS forrestall from vietnam also put in a vietnam category, i want this because the forrestall was named after my uncle he was a commander or general or somthing like that in the navy this would mean alot to me plzzz do this!!!!


that does mean he has to add aircraft AND a ship


Napoleonic Era of Wars, with Muskets, Ships (with better dynamic), cannons, and Sabres, and Police/Robbers Theme, with Police cars, Helicopters, and Muscle cars, and more Building Styles


Add in Coat of arms so players can desighn shields and post them for other players to use or maybe there could be a tab "armoury" where players edit the weapons (Sword could be grip,handle or material) Etc. :D and your games r rly cool


That's a cool idea. I will investigate my options to implement a workshop.


Add more modern objects, to build military bases!  And planes/heclicopters, but it would be hard.


And please, make option to make colors less saturated. This acid green in Ancient Warfare 2 was hurting my eyes <_<


You will be able to choose another time of day. That will change the colors. But the colors aren't as bright than in AW2


Would be good to model viewfinders in an upcoming update, for those who would like weapons without a viewfinder you could make a category without a viewfinder and a with viewfinder.


You should make custom units, maps, and maybe a mission maker(That May not be possible) But all of that should be steam workshopable


i've watched some youtubers and one of them said there warent ant mortars and such any more so could you please add them in the release please. btw keep on making great games


Siege weapons will be in the first release. And I'm trying to finish the new castle building system, too.




Maybe, make something like roll, to dodge from enemies and "cooldown" to not abuse it? I think it would be good.


put on windows


What do you mean? You should be more precise


I think it would be pretty cool for there to be different types of scopes for the guns.

(1 edit) (+4)(-1)

My Ideas

 1. Add Dinos they can attack the enemy and rideable!

2.  Animals and they will be rideable!

3. A way to delete a unit... we need this i don't know its in the game cause i only know undo..

4.  Fantasy Units Like Wizards , Fairy ,  Orges , Dragons and Giants .

5. Make Lightsabers block bullets/arrows.

6. Option on Making the units smart cause they are dumb and just walk up into a trap.

7. Structures that units can go in it and fight.

8. Swordsman can block attacks with there swords

9. Shields man IDK if there is in the game but it blocks attack like arrows 

10 .Custom Terrain I know we can make it but can we save them and but them in a place where other peoples Maps are in and you can play them.

Where are the ocean terrain and the boats?

you can delete something by clicking on them or draggings the box on them. with nothing equipped.

press "delete" to get rid of the unit that you have equiped


Thanks for your ideas! I'm sure some of them will be added to the game. 2, 3, 5 are already in game.


add infinite ammo option

(1 edit) (+3)(-1)


1. A wizard unit or something

2. Cavemen


4. Submarines

5. Army trucks

6. Knights

7.  Army ranks e.g general, captain, lieutnent, corporal

8. Muskets and/or bayonets

9. Elite units

10. banner men/flagmen (carries banners/flags that boosts nearby units)

11. longbow men

12. Vikings (not lord of Vikings)

13. Ninjas

14. Trebuchets

15. wall miners

16. battering rams

17. Terrorrists


Thank you for sharing your ideas! I think most of your ideas will be added to the game in future updates. I don't know if it's ok to add terrorists, because it's a difficult topic. But idea itself is interesting.


can i has pre-view



What about some steampunk units(like steampunk robots and guys with those type of weapons) and maybe some far future units(guys with big bad mechs and very advanced armor and weapons), some superhero units would be awesome(guys in fancy suits with a lot of health and very cool abilities), and maybe apocalyptic guys cold be very cool(I will be direct: I want Fallout 4 type units). And pls ad some spells (like short range teleportation and fireballs)that you can equip outside you're primary and secondary weapons. Thanks for reading :) 


You should make trenches and  bunkers


you can adjust the terrain to make the trenches and stuff


Yes, you can change the height and dig rivers.


add commanding like planning at the beggining you can set tacticks or commant troops o the go and also stealth troops


I'd love to see the return of naval combat, which was one of my favorite things about Ancient Warfare 2,  and with Ancient Warfare 3, with the addition of ww1,ww2, and modern eras, I think it would be cool to see some battleships or the pirate/viking ships, and possibly sea mines in the future.

Deleted 3 years ago

It’ll be really great

JNI, I want to know what I need to make computer games because I want to make my own. i'll be learning ICT next year so I think i'll be able to figure out how to use the hardware after a few classes


You should start to learn a programming language first. After that you should learn the engine you want to use and how to create the art for your game. You can learn all of this in the internet or in books.

(1 edit)

I have a cool idea for a hero unit for the modern faction, kinda like the lords from Ancient Warfare 2, in which they are better than the normal units and they have special armor, but the units would be like the S.A.S. and Navy Seals. Where the S.A.S. have gas masks giving them the ability to breath in mustard gas and Navy Seals would have more range at night or something like that.


I really like the idea. I think that I will add those kind of units to the game.


could you add reinforcement feature meaning you can add units in any team in the middle of the fight it will be cool adding it

if i have a key how do i use it?


If you buy the game you won't get a key, it will be added to your account. If you get a key, it is a link which will link the game to your account

hey JNI remember me? i used to comment a lot on AW2 but you banned me on there so i learned my lesson not to get banned no more but i got a good idea you should add the da vinci tank made by leonardo da vinci so the tank would have 8 cannons on it and the tank would have a crew of 3 so crew number 1 would be you the driver but you can only use the front cannon crew number 2 would use all cannons but can,t use the front cannon and crew number 3 same thing as crew number 2 but can,t use the same cannon crew number 2 is using and the tank would have like 1000 hit points.
fire and bombs do most damage because the tank is made of wood but the cannons are metal and yes you can get out of the tank if you like because
there is a hole in the top of the tank to let you get out so do you like my idea or what


that is  taking totally accurate battle simulators idea

Deleted 87 days ago

look i did not take it off TABS it,s just that this tank could fit well into a game like this

Deleted 88 days ago

you have made your point it would be cool sorry


Hi giantboss10, I hope you have learned your lesson and try to keep calm in the forum.

The idea is good, but I habe to think about it, because tabs.

(4 edits) (+2)

Make aiming in first person available.

Options to create objects.

Spawn guns as objects.

Option to drop your shield.

Bring back the classic grassland.

Decorations objects like campfire and ladder that was exists in AW2, and add a modern ladder.

Option to create King Of The Hill and Conquest style slots, What will be the type of weapons the bots will use: WWI, Modern, Stone Age.

Custom trees and stone mode/custom biomes editor.

Environment tab in custom battle to create villages, caves, cities, future cities, farms, also will include castles, roads, paths, trails, tunnels, trains tracks, farmlands, modern biome: (concrete landscape. Grass = bricks, cardboards, garbage bags. Boulders = trash cans, mailboxes, fire hoses. Trees = traffic lights, street lights, traffic signs).

Make punching and fighting without weapons available, also unarmed units.

Trigger mode for units, this mode will make the unit to guard until enemy triggering them and then the unit start to attack like default mode.

Escaping mode for units. this mode make units to run away from the enemy team.

Quick battle game mode, from AW2.

War game mode, playable with the AI or with a friend (Not an internet multiplayer), to earn money for building castles, and placing units, the winner get more money.

Options for maps sizes small as current, medium 4 time bigger than small and large 9 time bigger than small.


Thank you for sharing all those great ideas. Most of them will be implemented in future updates.


Grate thanks!

add a flamethrower in the world war 1/world war 2 faction please.


Flamethrowers are on the content list and will be added soon.

hello JNI i am here to say that i played the demo of AW3 there was not much to do and you can only use two new guns but you did do a great job at making a 3rd game and which you once or more said that there was not going to be a 3rd game but i guess a 3rd game was made and as always keep up the good work hope to see more updates and hope you add back ocean battles because they where always fun to play but now you got modern stuff into this there could be vehicle battles or a good chance of air battles or am i just getting ravenfield mixed up with this game but hope this game gets more fame then AW2 so have good day try not to let the nasty reds get into your house ok and as always byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye

WOW you 're talking so much,But I am talking more than you :)

Add an option to have custom units on horses.

In the second update my cursor doesn't show up on the color select page, so I can't play, but the first update runs perfectly fine. Is there a way to fix this or should I wait for #3?

yo JNI got sweet ideas for you so my idea is that you should add stuff from the napoleonic wars like muskets but here are unit ideas from that era
1. British musket man (uses the musket)

2. British officer (uses the flint lock)

3. British sword man (uses the sword)

4. British cavalry (uses the saber)

5. French musket man (uses the musket)

6. French officer (uses the flint lock)

7. French sword man (uses the sword)

8. French cavalry (uses the saber)

9. Austrian musket man (uses the musket)

10. Austrian officer (uses the flint lock)

11. Austrian sword man (uses the sword)

12. Austrian cavalry (uses the saber)

so do you like my ideas? hope you do because this is stuff that can fit will into a game like this.

a few bugs i have noticed is that when you change the terrain or add an object ex sand bags they will just walk through it and not around or over it so its a bit weird but either than that amazing game

Ran into some issues with the newly added tanks, they... couldn't really move too well outside of a "flat" world unfortunately.  I know vids belong over in the YouTube sticky, but I figured video is probably the best medium to showcase the issue, feel free to delete my post if it's a problem!

Skip to ~6:53

croc wait until JNI adds ww1 tanks and ww2 tanks then it will be even more awesome

I'm stoked!  Hope we can drive em :)


Yes, the problem is that they are very large units. Too large for the navigation system. I will try to fix that in the next update.


Awesome!  Figured I'd mention it :)  Still super stoked on em!  Will we be able to drive them in the future?


I will try to add the ability to drive vehicles in the next update, but I can't code at the moment, because I had a hardware failture...

Ah damn, that's too bad man.  Had a scare myself recently, hope that works out well for ya.

It appears that Campaign is not yet implemented, Is this true? I also cant seem to find the tanks in custom battle

Deleted 87 days ago

Yea, the itch launcher wont let me DL it for some reason, i manually patched in the files so im allguds

Deleted 87 days ago

a suggestion i have is that when you make a custom unit you can edit their size and make their health be able to go past 500 so people can make bosses

on the AT mine it says it wont explore if units touch it i think that may be a spelling error lol but either than that i love this update 10/10


Oh, the word I wanted to write is explode.

lol i know i just found it funny and thought i should bring it up to u before it goes on steam lol

and one thing that still happens is that the just walk through anything and if there is a hole the fly over it so yea


There are some problems with the pathfinding height and movement which will finally be fixed in the next update.

JNI you should add some napoleonic units like you know the muskets and also this would fit pretty will into a game like this eh?

steam game

the extended map option that would be fun to have again 

I find this bug on conquest.Units dont attacks and THIS THING HAPPENS,Very funny bug.I love this game so much.And I am mixed zb4 and nailbat


Thank you for your report. I will check that tomorrow and release a hotfix


I tried to play conquest, but all was working fine. Could you please describe how that happened and how you have set up the battle.

(1 edit)

i cant get the full game on but steam is free

I see units only move and dont attack to red units.When I take flag,I killed blue units to try what happens.They respawned in flag.They did not move

+JNI+ conquest bug still remains.Just try play conquest on custom battle editor.


Thanks for your report, I will check it out again.

I would totally like to see a new color for awesome three way wars. Yellow?

A small thought- for the medieval section, I think there could be a flag waver, a trumpet, and drummer unit. For objects, a flag that you could add designs to (Creating flags for forts, trenches etc.)


Those kind of units and decorations are going to be added for sure.

I don't know if this is already in the game but is there a deselect unit in the custom battle? like when you place it down but i want to edit an another unit but it still in the placing mode.Also, if there already is can you tell me? Thx

btw how do you deselect units in the "control unit mode" in spectate?


Press escape to open the pause menu and click on the spectate button.


Just press the escape button to cancel the unit placement.


Tank T-14 ARMATA




An idea: In custom mode you would be able to add weapons to the map, like a gun in the corner of an arena

Developer (1 edit)

That is already planned and will be added very soon.

(1 edit)

yeah i purchased the game no more whining .

however i have some ideas here you go.

1. update the AI so they can be better at battles.

2. Add campaigns like campaigns from WW2, the US and Japanese, soviet union vs. Germany.

3. Add battle tactics before the start of each battle where you can choose either you make a tactic or no.

4. Update the names of weapons because they are really confusing because iam very familiar with WW2 weapons and know their names but the game has other names which really confuses me.

5. This is just a tip to make your work faster you can add all the medivale units from ancient warfare 2 to ancient warfare 3, and all the gunpowder age units to ancient warfare 3. It's just a tip so you don't have to recreate all these units.

6. Add models to characters and clothes so it can be fully customizable. 

7. Add something were you can customize your very own gun or something like that.

And that's it for now if you are not able to do it i don't really care because i know you really do a hard job in this game.  



There will be campaigns which will be added with level bundles.

What kind tactics do you mean? Do you want to give instructions to the AI, like first you have to move there, then you move to that point?

I can't just update the names. The names are fictional because the weapons are licensed and I'm not allowed to use their names...

There will be more medieval and gunpowder units, some have to be recreated and some of them can be used again.

I can add cloths to the player(like the armor).

Custom guns, armor and more will be added after the steam release. I want to implement the steam workshop to do that kind of things.

By tactics i mean you can do formations and as you said move here then move here and yeah that's it.

and for the weapons there will be no problem i will try to learn the names.

and that;s it thanks very much for replaying.

If i were to create a campaign could i upload it as a level bundle of something?


At the moment that's not possible. Maybe I will add that functionality later, after the game is nearly finished, because at the moment it can happen that old save files won't work with a new version.

(1 edit)

Custom battle doesnt seem to be working, ill click play ant it will just sit there for all eternity, it only appears to happen when i have castles

Edit: its only happening with he map that has a giant castle :/


Hi, can you send me the map please? Email:


Add New models in update 6 please.I am bored from block guys

(1 edit)

1.  Carryable corpses(Optional)

2. Insertable images/content in the Customization tab

3. Spectator abilities(For example, selecting units to instantly kill them or smite them)

4. Weather options in the Custom Battle Editor

5. Workshop(I've seen you are planning on adding it.)

6. Faster units

7.  More armour/clothing


9. Better unit models(Like the models in Ravenfield(idk if that's possible)

10. Add animals(Cows especially)

Great game, btw


yes,JNI please add models like Ravenfield

are u going to make randomly generated bases and men in zombie mode because im too lazy to do it XD.


I can't climb ladders it's like they are too short and I go inside the object


Thanks for reporting the problem, I will fix it asap

No problem thanks and good game


units like greman units to ww1 and 2 i love you guys


for some reason i can ride dead animals


Thank you for reporting that bug. I will fix it in the next update

Ideas List:

1. Add the option to rotate the walls when you connecting them or turns and ladders to the opposite side.

2. Add a third of a wall to complete the wall more nicely.

Nice game JNI 


Thanks for sharing your ideas! You can rotate a wall while connecting if you press q or e.

TNX i didn't know that

What if you add more teams like Green and White team?

can you make flame thrower

the zombie mode is cool and all but add a zombie slection in the custum battle maybe add some left 4 dead stuff too like witch, tank, and more

could you maybe make it multiplayer so that you could vs a friend or team against the ai


also add heli carriers so you can transport troops over the map

that you can drive

and a wave survival thing would be cool and you can collect material's to build forts

(10 edits)

Village Objects Ideas

 Boulder larger than the regular rocks (Gray almost every biome, Sandstone desert, Mossy conifer forest)


Ladder Wood

 Ladder Metal




 Larger house (Both stone and logs, Maybe even a planks one)

 Planks cabin (Planks buildings the rectangle shape of cutted wood nailed together to a bigger shape of cabin or a house)


 Field (No crops only the soil)

 Seeds field (The same as wheat field, but smaller crops and they green)

 Train (Engine, passengers seats, animals car)

 Fence (Logs, stone, planks)

 Gate (Logs, stone, planks)

 3x Fence (Logs, stone, planks. Three times bigger than regular piece of fence)


 Stone bridge (Small, Medium, Large. Like an arch)

 Logs bridge (Small, Medium, Large. 4 Logs tied together horizontal)

 Right side sign

 Empty  waggon

 Hay waggon


 Rice bed

 Wrecked waggon, also a wrecked train car.

 Apple tree

Unnecessary Village Object Ideas

Wooden boat (Can't sail in it)

Orange tree

 Cherry tree

 Hazelnut tree 

 Date tree (It's a palm tree, Or just creating any other palm tree)

 Rose bush

 Flower bush

 Berry bush



 Watermelon waggon

 Flowers waggon

 Pumpkin waggon

 Cabbage waggon

 Donkey (I know donkey is not an object but i have to include it in this list)

 Cow (I know cow is not an object but i have to include it in this list)

 Chicken (I know chicken is not an object but i have to include it in this list)

 Sheep (I know sheep is not an object but i have to include it in this list)

 Tomato garden

 Eggplant garden




Some From AW2

 Fighting without a weapon (Punching)



 Spawner (But this time you can to destroy it)



 Ocean biome

 Pirates and battle ships

Other Random Ideas

 A wreck objects of all tanks/vehicles that exists in the game and going to be added in the future, Also WWII & WWI & Modern airplanes jets  ect.

 Jungle biome

 Tent both ancient and the modern military, maybe even an apocalypse survivor tent.

 Cave to stone age era

 Metal modern fence with wire on the top

 WWI french sword (In the very beginning of the war the French army used classic swords, check in the internet for picture)

 Wild West era (I understand if will be ignored)

 Civilian modern chest armor

 Ancient Rome warrior helmet (Maybe even an Ancient Rome era but also i understand if the eras will be ignored)

 Can defend with a shield while moving, (Not on a horse, Probably a bug or it's just not in-game feature)

Hope this will help to improve the object tab and some other tabs


Thanks for sharing all the ideas. Looks like I have much things to do now!

Could You plz make armoured cars for ww1.

make the container's connectable

3 things:

a mode were it is a free for all like a battle royale

bots that have nothing and can pick up weapons

bots can shoot you from further away


That's on the todo list, but it's delayed, because maybe I will add this mode with multiplayer functionality.

i wanna play iiiitt

Download The Demo or The full game

Try the demo version and then decide whether to buy the full game, after all it's the idea of a demo version

I found this strange bug: Stone spear/bone allowing shield

Thanks for reporting that bug. I will fix in in the next update.

I found another bug: If their are too many patrol units more then 2 in a battle, The game will be unable to load the battle and to be playable.


Are you sure that you are using the latest update? Because I have fixed that bug 2-3 version ago and I could replicate the bug.

(4 edits)

Update 7 version 9 from the 64bit

And I redownload the game and the bug is still exists.

By the way the game is not crashing, What happening is the game not loading the battle and stuck on a random percent less then 50%

Developer (2 edits)

Could you send me the map file please? Email:

EDIT: I've found the bug. Thank you for report!

Deleted 3 years ago

heres a poll i made about guns

add more custom battle option like infinite ammo, and pls make bouncing bullets. also what happened to the days when if you don't have an item you could just punch


You should add humvees


add night vision


Will be added in the next update.

(3 edits) (+1)

Thank you

(3 edits)

An ammo crate object can be functional too

And i found a bug the guard towers are undestroyable

Also custom units not works properly when you killing them they are still alive and can harm you or any other unit until all of their limbs and the head cut off and then they can no longer harm you or any other unit

Add in-game maps pls

(Castles, towns)

(sorry for my bad english)

I can not play because the camera walks alone to the left and the same thing happens when I control a unit


Could you send me the output_log.txt, which is lpcated in the Ancient Warfare 3 Data directory please.



Developer (1 edit)

Thank you. The output_log doesn't show any problems. Which version are you trying to use(OS and demo)?


I'd like to be able to choose zombies as spawnable units from a spawner. Also, could you make it easier to choose unit types in the spawner interface? Thanks. Great game!

Developer (1 edit)

I will add both of your suggestions in the next update.

Edit: Zombies can't be added to spawners at the moment, because they are attacking all kind of buildings. They would just destroy their own spawner

(1 edit)

A Bug?

I try to drop the shield but the character put it back on his back instead of dropping it, I'm not sure if this a bug or not.

In case it's not a bug could you change it so the character will drop it again please?


you should add submarines


add star wars units

You added custom units to the demo. yet we can't use them in custom battle

(2 edits) (-1)

1.Add tanks as object

2.Add tactical shotgun

3.Add weapon switch animations

4.Add bow draw animation

5.Add BETTER (Like pull the trigger,pull weapon barrel and etc.)gun animations

6.Add crouch and prone

7.Change MG249 in WW2 tanks with MG42

8.Add flash hider attachment

9.Add Unit models(In-game and custom)

10.Add Apache helicopter

11.Add WW2 Ship

12.Add WW2 cargo plane armed with AA-guns,Bomb slot and Cargo slot.You can drop bullet box for give bullets to AI

13.Add Spells

Please reply my comment

you can add tower?

can you make Gauntlets. Like making your fist attacks stronger Eg: knuckle dusters, or fire guantlets

(1 edit)

You need to and a trench digging tool for ww1 and barbed wire and a newer mortar 

THIS GAME NEEDS Muzzle flash


Can you add fractions of flying units such as angels, dragons, demons, planes,

duel wielding. by pressing something like the O key the two weapons you hold go to each  hand and when you right click the weapon in you right hand shoot or stabs ect and if you left click you left hand weapon shoots to disengage and go back to normal press O again


Being able to make troop formations like in AW2


I'd like it if you made more units in the furture category like laser guns or laser tanks. 

Btw i love your games there relly cool.

(1 edit)

some things that I would love to see are landing crafts and better water. possibly bring boats back and add them for all the categories (WW2, medieval etc.)

PS gun AI dont attack until they are very close even on attack range 4X


I think only siege units should be able to destroy walls. And melee units should be able to climb ladders so they do not destroy a whole wall to kill a archer. It is really anoying when you make a army to attack a castle and all of your units die because they try to kill units on walls. Melee units should be able to destroy gates and focus on them more.

Great idea


That's a very good idea. I will think about a solution to improve the unit decisions.

What happened to formation shapes & placement options? They were a huge help in AW2 and without them it makes creating battles much more difficult. They might already be in the game, but I am not sure, and if they aren't in the new game yet, I think it'd make creating battles much easier.


God I wish I lived in America or England the turkish currency is so low that with one dollar you can buy 5 bottles of water in turkey so if something is 4 dollars in turkey its 16 liras (turkish currency) but anyways I hope you that you will be very succesful old friend

ps: I will still try to give you new ideas as far as I can try (from people that can have the game)

your ideaman


pls add war ships, planes and submarines


It keeps saying that I'm in the demo version even though I already payed for it.


You have to download the right  version. There are 8 versions to download. 4 demos, which have "demo" in their name and 4 full versions. If you download the right one, you have the full version.

i would like if you can command your troops to a lokation

more troops from the future now its only lightsabers...

more different timelines like after the medieval you had the musketeers and cannon fights and that shit


There will be more content for future and different timelines, but first I need to update some mechanical things.

forgot something please fix the thing that my units are always first taken ALL walls down and after that they kill the poeple inside the castle maybe they make a hole inside the wall and atack instead of just destroying all walls

your game is awesome

You might want to say it on a discussion on steam


I will update the Ai, but it will take some time, because the there are new engine technologies on the way in early 2018, which will offer new possibilities for the AI development

i would love ww1/ww2/modern planes and navy.(if its not already in it),maybe you could use bombers to drop paratroopers or something like that.


Air vehicles are planned and will be implemented in the near future.


Some things I want in the game

1. Maybe it being possible units jumping out of airplanes

2. Maybe adding air units.

3. Adding a whole unit class called space/ Aliens, Spaceships, Space map, and more

JUst saw you said adding air vechiles in other post.

(1 edit)

Can you add to game  

1 Fire and Ice Dragon

1  Centaur

3 Skeletons

4 Minotaur

5 Mage

6 Mega Spider

7 Kraken

8 Ghost

9 Elfs

10 Fairy

11 Demons

12 Gryfon

13 Goblin

14 Ksenomorph

15 Polish Basilisk

You can make a fantasy update!

(1 edit)

Ability to take control of any unit if player's troop dies. Ex- If I die, I go to spectator cam through which I can point and select an in-game troop to play as.


This feature is already available. There is a button in the upper toolbar of the spectate mode


We Could Collab. Im A Very Experienced Game Maker And I Have Done Lots Of Coding. I Have Helped The YT Brackeys In His Early Ages Learn Code And I Love The Format Of Your Game And I Think There Is Allot I Can Add And Helpout With. Your Games Got Potential You Just Have To Find It And Add It.


Hold left click and place unit continuously

(1 edit)

i found glitches


Thank you for reporting that problem, but I can't replicate it.

Could you send me the battle file please?


JNI, as what I've observed from the game's units, they're.. dumb for instance, they just follow an enemy in a certain location and shoot at it. I'd suggest you the following (please read every sentence so you would understand):

 First: Sensitivity

The units are so sensitive when it comes to enemies, example: An enemy is inside an area where no one can possibly see (in the point of view of the units) then the units are destroying the building without even sensing the enemy; the units should only kill enemies only when they see or hear them shooting. And another thing, the units are insensitive, example: I shot an enemy while another enemy is facing it then the ally of the killed enemy is still standing still not even panicking or making an alarm to give alert to his fellow soldiers. And lastly, they're insensitive even they're getting shot or their post is getting shot.

Second: Clearing the Path before Shooting

When a ranged unit is placed inside a building and an enemy is outside of it, make it look for a clear path to shoot at the enemy not just shooting the interior of the building then destroys it just to kill the enemy. Or make the ranged enemy go inside the building to kill the unit. 

Third: Taking Cover and Protecting Themselves

Ranged units aren't taking cover; they're out in the field while in a gunfight but there are lots of covering places around them but they aren't taking cover specially when they're in a forest. And if they "think" that there is only one enemy alive (they only think that it is true) and they are many, they can go to the field because they would think they're safe.

Fourth: Being Concerned with Their Fellow Teammates

They're too insensitive to their teammates, they don't care whether their teammates are dead or not and like the Second one, they don't care what they hit like the obstacle, and sometimes they kill their own teammates because they're in front you should make them avoid shooting through allies and obstacles except when they have low accuracy. And please make them heal their teammates when they have medkits or first aid kits.

My suggestions are only here and it is not for me, it is for your game and for your players. I hope you understand everything I said. Thank you


Hey Wrenchzzz,

I do agree with most of the things you suggested.

The thing I'm waiting for is the next engine version, which is planned to be released in april. There will be some changes to navmesh navigation and other things that will hopefully give the developers a bit more control about what will happen. I that new system doesn't work, I will write my own solution, but for now, implementing some of those behaviours would just kill the engine, because raycasts at runtime are quite expensive.

Just imagine every unit has to "shoot" a ray at their target to make sure that nothing is between the unit and it's target. I would end up having like 50 to 100 raycast (worst case 100 in one frame). However there will be changes to raycast in the next engine version, too, so that the AI can be improved.

Next update will be all about vehicles and air vehicles, but after that, the new engine version should be stable and I can start working on the AI behaviour.

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idea : add Barbed Wire

edit : Destructible

I know this isn't an idea but will you still be going ahead with your "modern" warfare game cause I know you said you were thinking of it and also then all the ideas for modern and futuristic weapons and vehicles can be added

hey remember me? you probably don't, but I had a ton of ideas for AW2 that you put in. and im back for another round of ideas!

1. units really need to be able to shoot while parachuting and going down the rope because sometimes they get massacred before they touch the ground.

2. motorcycles and motorcycles with side cars would be cool. jeeps as well.

3.battleships and maybe even submarines.

4.more types of artillery. such as World War mortars, regular artillery guns, and maybe anti-tank guns.

5.animals like cows,chickens,goats,basically any kind of farm animals.

6. attack choppers,attack planes.

7. an option for the planes to drop bombs instead of people,or maybe be able to do both.

8. AA guns such as FLAK 88s,Bofors, Wirbelwinds, those kinda things.

9.crates with ammo and crates with health.people always seem to run out of ammo real quick. maybe even allow planes to drop the crates.

10. more rocket launchers such as the Stinger to take down air units and a Panzerschreck to destroy tanks.

that's all for now. hope you add some of them :D

You should make it easier to turn object when placing them

Q & E keys on the keyboard can help, did you try them?

I just bought the game, is it possible to edit the terrain?

Yes there is a button that look like a pile with a leaf on it that's edit terrain in custom battle

I will look, thank you

I mean sculpt the terrain

u can raise the terrain flat it smooth it and more, but if you want to create mount Rushmore u can't sorry

I found a bug in Gladiator Arena, the enemy units appear to be stuck unerground with just their heads showing. This makes them unkillable.

Why in version 23.2, custom units from older versions, can not attack me and allies. They come close and start shooting through me.

Oviusly this is a bag

Swat units that have extra walk speed and small bulletproof shields.

could you change a fire-burning grenade in such a way that the flame would settle for a while on the ground, similarly do a toxic grenade?

can someone help me i downloaded ancient warfare 3 newest versien and it has very weird colors and everithing is pink or black

did u tried to redownload?

Hi love the game and the evolution of the different games ancient warfare 3 is my favourite. 

I would love if you offer more options for the siege mode.

Choosing what the objective of the invaders and the defenders. 

example you can choose what the defenders focus on specifically such as the enemy infantry or their siege weapons like you have with the planes.

Example for the defenders ie pillage and burn or capture.

I would love to see more options for buildings depending on the different time period so you can build a really cool city and then you have to defend it. 

But most importantly I would like if you can choose what the enemy is able to destroy if its everything or just other soldiers this would make it soo that the only way you could have a siege is if you used siege weapons which would make it more immersive.

Lastly I would love to see more siege weapons and equipments even if its just a ladder for the infantry, plus broader city walls allowing for more dynamic fighting and stairs. Just some notes hope it finds you well.

Another thing that would be nice if when you use the battering ram it doesn't destroy the entire structure of a gate. It would be nice if you have the option to destroy an entire structure when you use a catapult but when its a battering ram it would be nice if it just destroyed the gate and thus the objective would be to clear a battlement not destroy it.


Hello Jni can you please make this game free to download on or just at least for money but on My parents wont let me get steam.

Hey I play a lot and I’m a really big fan of ww2 so I was thinking about making the different teams like Germans an Americans but the American have their tanks and the Germans have their own tank and it’ll be very cool if they added ww2 ships

my New gun ideas for Ancient Warfare 3:

-Ithaca 37 Shotgun


-M1887 Lever-action Shotgun

-IA2 Assault Rifle

-Garand Rifle