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I have a cool idea for a hero unit for the modern faction, kinda like the lords from Ancient Warfare 2, in which they are better than the normal units and they have special armor, but the units would be like the S.A.S. and Navy Seals. Where the S.A.S. have gas masks giving them the ability to breath in mustard gas and Navy Seals would have more range at night or something like that.

I think it would be pretty cool for there to be different types of scopes for the guns.

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Few ideas and a question, what is the point of the viking ship, and I feel like you should add Romans, gladiators and Spartans, and if your feeling extra special maybe even a create your own unite, kinda like the player except you cant control the unit and maybe add a beach map so the viking ship can land and assault the troops on the beach, also love the ships, keep up the good work :)

For some reason when I have lots of hand cannons fighting against each other they either wont stop walking and never shoot at each other, or the walk past each other and shoot each other, then continue to walk, and so on. Also what's the difference between a camel and a horse, because they seem to act very similar.

I like scifi so these suggestions will be based upon them, also sorry it took me a while for these suggestions, have been having inter

Star wars:

Storm trooper: will have a blaster rifle with medium damage, medium fire rate and range with lowish health

Rebel: will have blaster rifle with more range then storm trooper, with medium damage and medium fire rate with low health

Scout trooper: has a long ranged blaster rifle with heavy damage and long range and low fire rate with low health

Rebel sniper: same as scout trooper

Shadow trooper: blaster rifle medium damage, medium fire rate, but medium health (same as rebel)

Shock trooper: blaster rifle close range, fast fire rate, low damage heavy health(same as rebel)

Rocket rebel: Anti-vehicle (same with storm trooper type units)

AT-AT: heavy damage with splash damage, slow moving, heavy health

Speeder bike: fast, medium damage, medium fire rate

AT-ST: medium speed, medium health(compared to AT-AT) and medium damage(also compared to AT-AT) splash damage(smaller compared to AT-AT)



Marine: has assault rifle lowish health, medium damage with BR,DMR,and shotgun variants

ODST: has silenced smg, assault rifle, BR, and DMR, variants and shotgun+sniper(isn't silenced)

Spartan: has shield with lowish health, and armor with heavy health, has access to all previously named weapons and spartan laser and rocket launcher

Warthog: fast speed, chaingun with fast fire rate and medium damage, heavy armor(more than spartan)


Grunt low health has plasma pistol or needler

Jackal: has beam rifle or plasma pistol

Brute: heavy health about as much as a spartan has brute plasma rifle or gravity hammer

Brute Chieftain: heavy health (more than brute) has gravity hammer

Elite: has shield with medium health armor with medium health has access to all previously named weapons except brute ones, and covenant carbine and energy sword

Hunter: HEAVY health(if you don't know what this is just google "halo hunter")

Ghost: fast speed, medium damage

Brute chopper: low health, heavy damage, fast

Halo weapons:

low damage: smg(has fast fire rate, close range), brute plasma rifle(fast fire rate, close range), plasma pistol(medium range, single shot)

medium damage: assault rifle(medium range), BR(medium range, 3-round burst), DMR (long range, single shot), neelder(medium range), and covenant carbine (medium range, single shot)

Heavy damage: Shotgun(close range), sniper rifle(long range), beam rifle(long range, covenant sniper), gravity hammer(melee), energy sword(melee)


Ok you said that tropicanwars is right, thanks for the clarification, but he said that there might be a future one, idk if you confirmed that there will be one or just agreeing to the other ones he said, but if you would tell me if there is going to be a future type game that would be great, and if so, i have a few question on it, and suggestions. Thanks a ton if you respond, but if not, i understand you're probably working very hard on this game, so keep up the good work.

Small question, how far into time will you go, like nothing past musket weapons, or will you at one point go into a WW1 type of units. Just wondering, thanks

I was thinking that you could add a musket, and if you do you could have a musket as its own unit, and a troop with the musket with the bayonet, but can only fire the musket once, then rush the enemy with the bayonet.