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You can still make tons of money from free games. Look at a game like TF 2. Free, and very profitable to this day. I know that AW 3 and TF 2 are incredibly different but the idea is that free games can get you lots of money if you play your cards right. You cold find a way to implement some microtransactions and DLCs  and a make the game free. That I think would make some people happy as long as its not pay to win. I'm not begging you to make it free 2 play or something but as I see thing, even if this is a very good franchise that I've been with since the original, I would still rather be buying the latest AAA big hit and maybe its season pass and I think that some of those kids that want free games could just be older and they see things like me.  But its Ancient Warfare 3. It cant be bad, so I guess the price is fair.

What about some steampunk units(like steampunk robots and guys with those type of weapons) and maybe some far future units(guys with big bad mechs and very advanced armor and weapons), some superhero units would be awesome(guys in fancy suits with a lot of health and very cool abilities), and maybe apocalyptic guys cold be very cool(I will be direct: I want Fallout 4 type units). And pls ad some spells (like short range teleportation and fireballs)that you can equip outside you're primary and secondary weapons. Thanks for reading :) 

The game is really nice so far. In a future version, can you add gore and maybe a better way to hit specific body parts?  Also, cant wait for more weapons (of total DEATH!!) and maybe body armor with special effect on your character (like ninja pants that give you a speed boost). 

This game is really cool and very well made. Can't whait for more levels.  Also pls remove the need of points to unlock new levels. Its a bit annoing. And for people who want to try it, its not very easy(or I just suck).

Its great to hear that many of my ideas where already in your mind(I mean great for me)! I understand that as the developer, you chose where your game will go, but just consider a separate gamemode where you are evil. Its good to be evil (:< ! Also I'd like to know if this game will be some sort of sandbox. I love sandbox games (and open world games).

This game is really awesome so far. Its not perfect at all, but I am sure that in the future it will be incredible. I have some sugestions that I think that really need to be added. First, a tutorial pls. Than, this game's story could be like: you are a mad scientist and you live in a lab in a normal neighbourhood. As you are bored, you decide to make some zombies and do experiments with them. Around the house, there are other houses and people. You can kidnap your neighbours and turn them in to zombies in your lab. You should be able to make the poisons out of different ingredients (with the ingredients you can also cook food, that some zombies will love or absolutely hate it) that you can buy from the local market. You should also be able to mix thiese poisons. With the ingredients you can also change your zombies. Make them a different colour, make them bigger, stronger, less aggressive or more aggressive, than you should be able to realise them in the neighbourhood. If things get to heated, and your minions eat everyone, you can always call the army and clear the neighbourhood and let new neighbours come. And don't forget about a day and night cycle and a weather system.

The problem its not with my pc. I have a really good computer. I don't know what's wrong. Thanks for responding to so many comments.

The biggest problem of this game is the lag when there are more that 100 units. I've tried EVERITHING to fix this as a player. JNI should really put 60% of his huge efforts in fixing this problem. Maybe switch to another engine would help. I'm not sure how this kind of stuff works. Apart from that, this game is really good. A must try if you enjoy indie games.

press c

The harpoon idea is an awesome idea! I hope that JNI will add this :)

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JNI, could you pls add some more lord? I would like to see a pirate lord/capitan(sorry for bad grammar). And also some Viking and samurai units. We have a Viking lord and a Samurai lord already. Why not give them their own factions (katana dudes and axe dudes aren't enouth for me)? Also, pls find a way to make the 3rd person view more usable. And as my last suggestion, I would love to see a way to make custom units. That's all (for now).

You don't right now. You just watch.

Interesting simulation. I understand that this is not 100% a game, but I would like to alow the player to have an impact on the creatures. The comment below contains some great ideas. Also I want to see more advanced creatures with arms, legs, and other stuff. Maybe a bigger world would be cool. Also add a way so the creatures can evolve into civilisations! I would LOVE to see that. Keep updating this project please. So far you are doing a great job :D

This game is super fun! I also love the in game feedback feature. I cant wait for more classes. Also, can you add more eras? Like a medieval one, or a sci-fi one pls?

Please make this game free o steam. I know that you worked hard in making this game and you probably need money for developing or just for living but I just love this game too much. Its AWSOME just how it is now. That trailer on steam impressed me a lot :))))


Thanks for a quick response! I also have some more tips for the game. Make it so you aim with your mouse(not with w and s). Make the rocket launcher be explosive and also make blocks fly. And the problem with the AI is still not 100% fixed. I hope that this game will be great :)

I want to see more classes. Also add a way to move those blocks. When a structure falls,its game over. Some land vehicles would be cool too. And the most important things: improve the controls and the AI. The game is ok.

Really fun but sometimes is strange (10 years old child lost his wedding ring). But its still great. I love it :)