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Update ideas.

A topic by Elvic created Apr 09, 2017 Views: 200 Replies: 3
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This game is really awesome so far. Its not perfect at all, but I am sure that in the future it will be incredible. I have some sugestions that I think that really need to be added. First, a tutorial pls. Than, this game's story could be like: you are a mad scientist and you live in a lab in a normal neighbourhood. As you are bored, you decide to make some zombies and do experiments with them. Around the house, there are other houses and people. You can kidnap your neighbours and turn them in to zombies in your lab. You should be able to make the poisons out of different ingredients (with the ingredients you can also cook food, that some zombies will love or absolutely hate it) that you can buy from the local market. You should also be able to mix thiese poisons. With the ingredients you can also change your zombies. Make them a different colour, make them bigger, stronger, less aggressive or more aggressive, than you should be able to realise them in the neighbourhood. If things get to heated, and your minions eat everyone, you can always call the army and clear the neighbourhood and let new neighbours come. And don't forget about a day and night cycle and a weather system.


Hey, thanks for the suggestions! Many of what you mentioned is already planned, only thing that differs is that you mention you being an evil scientist lol. In this game it planned to be that you are the scientist that finds a cure for the zombie outbreak, but I guess having the ability to turn humans into zombies seems like a great idea too.

Its great to hear that many of my ideas where already in your mind(I mean great for me)! I understand that as the developer, you chose where your game will go, but just consider a separate gamemode where you are evil. Its good to be evil (:< ! Also I'd like to know if this game will be some sort of sandbox. I love sandbox games (and open world games).


Yeah, the gameplay is definitely sandbox-like. It's kinda open world, very similar to Slime Rancher ( http://store.steampowered.com/app/433340/ ), as that was a big inspiration.