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You can still make tons of money from free games. Look at a game like TF 2. Free, and very profitable to this day. I know that AW 3 and TF 2 are incredibly different but the idea is that free games can get you lots of money if you play your cards right. You cold find a way to implement some microtransactions and DLCs  and a make the game free. That I think would make some people happy as long as its not pay to win. I'm not begging you to make it free 2 play or something but as I see thing, even if this is a very good franchise that I've been with since the original, I would still rather be buying the latest AAA big hit and maybe its season pass and I think that some of those kids that want free games could just be older and they see things like me.  But its Ancient Warfare 3. It cant be bad, so I guess the price is fair.

yeah I can agree, Id rather be paying money for AAA games rather than some sandbox game Ill play prob 5hrs a week compared to Payday 2 which quite some people spend like 5 hrs a day (im just using this cause it has become free)


Thanks for sharing your opinion.

That was a very difficult decision. I think it isn't fair to release the game and say if you want to play with this content, you have to pay. I don't like the dlc's and microtransactions. 7 bucks is the price for everything that is going to be added to the game. All future updates should be inclusive.

I think I agree on that strongly