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It'll be paid from release or on "early access" time it will be free?

A topic by fenos created Jul 29, 2017 Views: 330 Replies: 13
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Just you mentioned that game will come to steam after early access here. So, early access version will be paid too, or this will be free some time?


The early access versions will be paid, too, but buyers will get a free steam key after the steam release

how do i get early access

u take a dump on your steam acount

Will there be an ancient warfare 4? If so will ancient warfare 3 be made free or will continue at the price it is at currently once ancient warfare 4 is created? Thanks in advance


Ancient Warfare 4 is not planned. My plan is to create everything what I have ever planned for Ancient Warfare in the third part. After that, I will create another project which has nothing to do with Ancient Warfare. At least that's the plan at the moment. Ancient Warfare 3 will continue at it's price.

does this mean after the steam release you arent gonna support the game?


The end of early access doesn't mean the end of the development. There will still be content updates, like gamemodes, weapons, units and bug fixes.

" I will create another project which has nothing to do with Ancient Warfare" that generally means quitting the current game and making a brand new one


Of course I will create another project after I have finished this one... But int the near future there will be weekly updates for the next few months.

Could Ancient Warfare 4 be multiplayer, you would make quite a lot of money from it and it would be really fun

Thanks for the reply I greatly appreciate it and can't wait for the steam release! (I have a steam giftcard <-<) But anyways thanks love the series can't wait to see what games you make next!

when you have money....

will ancient warfare 3 ever be free?