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Character models

A topic by FooeyDog created Aug 04, 2017 Views: 378 Replies: 7
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are the character models a place holder for better models?


I had already implemented other models, but they didn't look very good, because they didn't fit the style of the game. Maybe I will change the models some day, but at the moment, I think that will continue with the block guys.

Experimental unit model

This is how they look like

if I where to have the game I wouldnt like that it doesnt fit the surroundings

Please add this model

IMO, problem is only head, make it smaller <_<
In other, i think that this is great model, haha
But blocky guys is good tho

JNI I have been following your games for quiet a while I think that this model is better than the block models. You can do what ever you want with the game and I think the community will support you.

I like that, maybe an option to choose between the two. Either way it's still a great game thanks for the reply keep up the good work.

yeah i like this model can you add it?