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Its A Funny Little Comic, Sorta Small For Fast Readers, But Funny.

I saw ancient warfare two at first and i thought, its a tabs rip-off,but i looked into it, and decided to try it out because it had the one thing tabs didnt, customizable buildings and traps, i played through most of the modes, and one day, i though, this isnt a tabs rip-off,its better in some ways!

And seeing the 3rd game out, makes me glad you're still going, and yes i Don't like prices, I understand how the world we live on works.So congrats on EVEN keeping it at a low price, and that screen image looks dope.

Thats really Sad, A 6$ game got cracked because people didnt want to use a small amount of money/Didn't have it.Is Humanity Really dipping that low?


w.d. gaster