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Game got pirated...

A topic by fenos created Aug 08, 2017 Views: 452 Replies: 8
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Game is cracked. How can i pm you, JNI?

There is no CR@CK out for this game... Don't be stupid it's impossible

I would show you, but someone can download it then xd
this is why i want pm to jni


@fenos thanks for messaging me. Can you please pm me on twitter( or via email adress( I don't know how I can contact you.

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Sended on mail.

yep the game got cracked i saw it on a piracy website 

Yeah it has on igg games!

sure as hell does

Thats really Sad, A 6$ game got cracked because people didnt want to use a small amount of money/Didn't have it.Is Humanity Really dipping that low?

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