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Man, you really should evolve it from 7DRL to a full roguelike. I love the idea behind it, and the game was ULTIMATELY fun! From suggestions:

- Add some kind of animation for shooting, so it's more understandable when AI shot you, or hit you.

- I never missed when shot something, and NPC never missed me. Add a miss chance, please.

- It will be more classic to have 100 participants instead of 200.

- Reduce medkit gen chance. It's really frequent when medkits are generated and you can abuse them to heal your hp fully.

- Add grenades, and maybe, some other kind of weapons?

- Make "level of weapons" like there's level of shields. Instead of just SMG, for example, make ak-47, scar-l, etc. that will have different effects.

- Improve mapgen. Seriously, these corridors don't look so good. It would be cool to have something pubg-like with fields with some cover, villages, and big cities!

That's all needed to turn this game into full-fledged PUBG-rl. Thank you for this work, and I'm really waiting for your other game, and even more, for developing this game in a full one!

Thanks for the great feedback! A new Mapgen and animation support are my top 2 priorities right now before I move on to flesh out the gameplay some more. So hopefully it won't take too long to have something a bit more in depth to play with.

NO! A fortnite RL! 

Just kidding do whatever you want man!