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Cool roguelike! i see these sprites a lot, can you tell me where you got them if that is okay?

I think there should be an endless mode if you can develop that.

Cool game! a bit rough around the edges but pretty fun

So i was getting cancelled basically, and this was my last goodbye, everyone liked it

Path of adventure is great but if you put this mode either on the browser version or Mobile or both this would have a bit more replay value

The storm goes too fast when i spawn where the storm is going 90% of the time i get engulfed in the storm! before noticing it! it is so annoying! and the spaces it takes big chunks of the area and i get caught in it most of the time!

Just wondering

NO! A fortnite RL! 

Just kidding do whatever you want man!

i found a glitch in the game the ring engulf all of the game instantly and it just passed the first wave

also i have an idea for this game

- An difficulty section

 (H)ard difficulty (200 players)

 (N)ormal Difficulty (100 Players)

 (E)asy Difficulty (50 Players)

 - And Also can we have names? Cause the names are just numbers

  I would like some Names like


  And Some exaggerated ones like


  You know like those

 We need a way to continue the game In case someone wants to see who   wins

Some cool daily events would be cool Like Some might have a faster ring 

Or collect stuff with infinate respawns

a zombie mode where you and a group of 4 try to fight zombies and other playes

Speaking of groups of 4 can we have squads or duos Or solo slection?

or 8's If you want!

Really cool game! Dungeon rankers was paid so this was the next best thing

I dont like Ascii Format much but im starting to understand it a little better!

its cool there is a sequel but games like this usally never gets sequels i dont like demos cause of their lack of replaybility 

uh windows version...

Oh is there any games like it that ARE still in development

Please Keep updating the game plus can you help me i can't get 8 characters i CAN SEE the limit is 8 why cant i recruit more than one?

i Want this game To Be Good Make me Proud

Cool i will stay tuned for that

No i mean characters you can switch to

Maybe We should have it team based (idk just a suggestion)

yeah u missed alo

It automatically says not responding i tried compatibility settings but no avail

looks cool but can there be an option for permadeath? I would like it better that way :D

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i know how to get that game for FREE without Crashing And Also its The Steam version i 100% Trust This Website i downloaded left 4 dead Soccer manager and More! And it didn't give me one Virus                    

hey is it possible you can give me the cracked ver. to?

i have an Problem everytime i play this game no matter how much i turn down the graphics it keeps Crashing Can you Make a patch for the game. Because it gets Very!!! Annoying